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How my life was changed (in a good way) Chapter 1Category: (general)
Saturday, 19 June 2010
03:33:49 PM (GMT)
Good or not? Commenttt (= There is going to be some swearing I hope you don't mindd.

I walked into school as usual and went to my locker. Let me tell you a little about
myself. My name is Makayla DeMarco and I'm in 8th grade. I'm a nerd/geek/loser or
whatever you want to call me. I have no friends. Yes, I said it. It's the god for
saken truth and i'm not going to lie. Ever since 5th grade (when people start
changing) no one has talked to me unless they're bullying me. I used to go to a
regular public school but now I got to an all-girl's school because before I used to
get bullied by the BOYS. And the principal never did anything about it except give
them detention which never stopped them from doing anything the next day. I think
public school was better then this. There's the "Queen Bee" as everyone calls her.
Her name is Destiny. She's really popular,pretty,and smart. Her and her "posse"
always bully me. I've never told my parents though. They pay $14,000 a year for me to
go here and they think it's going great. I don't want to let them down. Every day I
come home and my mom asks "Any plans tonight?" And I always say, "Not tonight but if
(place someone I'd like to be friends with name here) mom says yes we might go to the
movies this weekend" Then when it comes to the weekend I say they had a family thing
or there mom is just strict. I know I should tell her but she was so excited when I
came home the first day and I ACTUALLY made one friend but the next day a rumour went
around saying I wore diapers, which I DON'T. So I don't enjoy school at all. This day
wasn't any better. "Hey, Makayla." Destiny came from her locker smacking her gum and
smirking at me. "Hi." I said simply and went back to getting my books. I noticed she
had an OPEN water bottle in her hand. She pretended to trip and split it all over my
FRONT. "Hahan everyone look! Makayla had another accident! You know Mak, your mother
really should potty train you." She said laughing. So was everyone else. She did this
EVERYDAY. I wasn't taking this today, not after fighting with my sisters this
morning. "You know what Destiny?" I said and took the rest of her water bottle and
dumped it on her. I smiled. This was the best day I've had since 4th grade. "AHHH! My
hair! YOU WHORE." She screamed. "I'm the whore? Says the ones wearing hoops the size
of your head." I said. "At least I'm not a geek." She said. "Is that the best you can
do "Queen Bee"? I've been called that so many times I kinda think it's funny." I said
closing my locker. "You really wanna go?" She asked. "You. Me. Outside. 3:00." She
said and stormed off. This is where mom's self defense classes are going to pay off.
She got me them last year when I got bullied but I never used the moves. Today i was
going too. 
              Finally, 3pm came. I raced out of class and nonchalantly walked to the
back of the school. "Ready to get your ass kicked?" She asked putting a fist up. "Are
YOU ready to get YOUR ass kicked?" I asked her. Just then she threw the first punch
which I dodged. Her face got red. I threw my first punch this side of her face which
she was too shocked by me doging her punch, I got her. She kicked me in the shin.
"Your all talk aren't you, loser?" I asked her. Everyone started to laugh at her. I
threw another punch to her stomach. She fell to the ground. Just then we knew it was
over so everyone just walked away. "Don't mess with me anymore, or the next fight
will be worse." She got up and punched me. I was shocked that she got up and furious
and I completly tackled her and punched her at least 5 times. I then got up and
walked off.

????Like itt????
Last edited: 19 June 2010

‹Kairos› says:   19 June 2010   824542  
love it x) lol i tackle guys whjo bully me evry day. theyre like my
practice punchin bag. but it tease for us. sorry bout your bullying
prob. but kudos to the fight.

youo like my new hero x)
‹♥LifeMakesLoveLookHard♥› says:   19 June 2010   586316  
This isn't about me :P haha I just made it uppp. 
‹Kairos› whispers:   19 June 2010   540633  
i feel like an idiot LOL...
‹♥LifeMakesLoveLookHard♥› says :   19 June 2010   294972  
Haha it's alrighttt :P! 

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