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Monday, 7 June 2010
06:11:19 PM (GMT)
So I'm going to start writing a story, since I'm kind of ashamed by how little
serious writing I've been doing lately.

I want to write a story with a strong master to loyal servant relationship.

I want to learn to be less of a wuss about letting characters die.

And most importantly, I want to incorporate complex sociopolitical issues!

But first thing's first, and that's the setting. To create a setting, I am going to
make sure whatever this place is fits the 7 requisites for civilization.

Education In the lower classes women are educated more thoroughly then men,
not because it is matriarchal, but because men are out doing physical work. Women
hire themselves out to teach history or philosophy to young girls while the girls are
doing stationary chores. (Mending, milking, spinning, ect.) In higher classes both
genders are taught together, because the genders of the heirs to high ranks are
unknown until their tutoring is complete. The only people allowed to teach the
children of nobles are scientists, priests, historians or philosophers who have made
some sort of remarkable discovery. Being able to teach them is an honor- like the
Noble Prize, but more practical for the running of the country. At the start of
puberty children of rank are generally removed from the care of the people who had
been raising them so that they can devote themselves thoroughly to their studies.

Social classes The country is recovering from centuries of apartheid between
people born able to learn magic, which is slightly under half the population, and
people who lack this trait. It was long thought that the ability to use magic made
you specially chosen by the Gods. This attitude is slowly reversing thanks to
historians tracing ancestry back and discovery that magic users are descended from
primitive people who needed it to survive, and later began interbreeding with a more
intelligent non magic group of people. Apart from that, it's not easy to rise above
the peasant rank if your born low (unless you become an academic), but it's a piece
of cake to fall from glory if you're born high. Side note- though within the ruling
class, magic vs. non magic isn't as much a concern, it is now generally accepted that
using magic means you don't work hard, which is a problem because (See Below).

Economy It's a "worth based" economy. Simple concept really. Want good pay, do
good work. In practice, it tends to lead to corruption. Still, people who are jipped
enough to become impoverished are in luck, since beggars are paid according to how
much people think they're suffering. If you can't find a way to work for your money,
you can starve for it. Really though, nobody in this kind of market likes a cheap
skate, and you'll have trouble buying things if words gets out that you won't pay up.
And if society thinks that you're lazy, don't except a lot of cash to be coming your

Government Here's a long one! It's essentially a Monarchy, but one designed to
ease tensions between age groups, status*, and class. Some brainiach realized that
there were loads of parents and children killing each other for the throne, peasants
kept on having uprisings, and during the apartheid people kept trying non violent
protest (which didn't achieve anything but interfere with the economy.) So it was
decided that Nobles don't have the right to control their families. High class
couples can only attempt to make children one night a year which is important for the
men because (See Below), and noblemen can't be with their wives during pregnancy.
Since they're all conceive on the same day, the heirs are born within the same week
(this is a festival week). The children are named by a guild of midwives who then
scramble the babies so that no high ranking woman is sure who her child really is.
For this reason they are raised communally and educated equally, so that if something
happens to the prince or princess there are others able to take up the position.
Everyone who isn't high class is free to have and raise children as they
please. At puberty they are removed from their caretakers for several years to finish
their studies, and upon their return their actual parents are identified and they are
adults. The age at which the new rulers are considered their parents equals is the
age of legal adulthood for all young people of that generation, so it's usually
somewhere between fifteen and nineteen. There are no official legal counsels to the
king or queen, but on a practical level they were raised as equals with every duke
duchess and baron their age, so asking for advice from any of them is fine.

*Status is the shorthand term for your magic or non magic status.
Religion Religion is less powerful then it was when people still thought your
Status determined how pure your soul was, but it's still a pretty big deal. Religion
is the reason why it's a Patriarchal (male dominated) society. The commonly held
belief is that if a woman is pregnant with your child at the time of your death, you
will be reborn as that child. The suicide rate for old men who manage to get their
wife pregnant? Pretty frackin' high. And noblemen are most likely not going to get
more then one shot at life, sucks to be them. If by some fluke two women are both
pregnant with your children at the time of your death, the younger one is thought to
be you. If it's twins, the younger one is still you, unless the elder is male and the
younger is female. As soon as one of these weird father/son children reach adulthood
they run the household, regardless of elder siblings they have.

The only way a woman is ever reincarnated is if she dies during child birth with a
girl that isn't already an incarnation of her husband. Sorry ladies, our chances
aren't great.

Writing system They have a phonetic system of writing, but the literacy rate
is only 30%. If you can read, it's a big deal.

Art and Architecture ________________________ ... Uh...
_______________________ Help meeeeeeeee! ________

Can anyone offer critique, ideas, suggestions, anything?

Last edited: 7 June 2010

lunasan says:   7 June 2010   465078  
Well, by the sounds of it...
you know how in the American society, artists and musicians and things
are thought to be people who don't work hard sometimes?
That sounds like your magic people. So it seems they'd mostly be the
artists, portraying magicy things.
Architecture should tell the reader what technology your people have,
i.e. roman columns and white marble for stuff close to roman times,
smooth silvery buildings with windows for tech that's close to ours
(or tech that does the same things we have, like teles and things)
Kirti says:   7 June 2010   724263  
I know what architecture means, I'm just having trouble coming
up with something original for it. This isn't supposed to be from
Earth, so the buildings and art shouldn't be comprable to what's

And as to the artists... That's not the effect I was going for. Art is
something learned, which can be done as a career or in free time.
Magic is something your born with that some people use to help them in
everything they do. 
Kirti says:   7 June 2010   621978  
Hopefully though that sort of thing will be worked out when I start
really writing the thing. But what do I have down that really needs to
be changed? Is anything too vague? Did I add too much detail to some
things? And how am I supposed to make original building styles >.<
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   8 June 2010   964355  
Well, I think you have a very good start on a cool world. I like it
so far. :D

Aaaaaaand, for art/architecture... Well, don't try and make everything
COMPLETELY up. You can borrow ideas from ancient culture too. Are
there any ancient civilizations you're into?
Kirti says :   8 June 2010   700783  
... No. Except Japan of course, but in ancient Japan they just copied
Chinese architecture. Towards the end of... I think it was the Ching
Dynasty, when one of China's golden ages was wrapping up Japan was
like "Okay, we don't need anything else." And went into four centuries
of isolation during which they modified the Chinese style to create
unique structures.

Crap, the real world is still more detailed then the one I made! I
couldn't have come up with something like ^that^...

Uh, anyway I have a design in mine for what building look like in a
neighboring country... But maybe for the main place I should just
steal shamlessly for the legends of Camelot? 


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