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Monday, 17 May 2010
03:22:10 PM (GMT)
Hailey Brock. The most, wonderful, estatic, lovely, caring, carefree ...ect soul
i've yet to meet. She's the most wonderful girlfriend. 
she makes me feel... well words can't really describe it but i'll do my best to try.
she makes me feel... loved, genuinely happy, and like my life is actually worth
she is the one who makes me put away the razors, dry my tears, and get back out and
truley live again. 
I can't believe i waited as long as i did to ask her out, but the reason i did wait,
i guess is because i had only been truely in love once.
with a man, no excuse me a young boy named ..... kris allen. 
And that relationship only ended in devastation and heartache. ( perhaps your basic
breakup multiplied about 100 times )
so naturally, i was just afraid. but kris did teach me one thing that still to this
day he reminds me of. 
"Chey, you can't be a chicken shit the rest of your life!"
I realised he was right so I asked Hailey out. and so far, I think it's the best
decision i've ever made!
We really connect on an emotional and physical level. 
It's almost as if it was ment to be. I cannot seem to go two minutes without
thinking, seeing, 
wanting to see her. Hailey Brock is my burning desire! ( hint hint ) because 
that's what she is to me! ........
And then there was the very first "I love you!" moment! 
it was a mixture at first, passion, emotion, bitterness, hurt, and tears. 
now i know what your thinking so let me explain. 
-March 10, 2010 
I was dead sure of my feelings for Hailey so I had finally decided 
and gathered the courage to tell her how i felt about her. 
so i walked up to her at school that morning and hugged her as usual,
and then as i pulled away i looked her dead in the eyes, her beatiful, georgous eyes
and said "I love you Hailey"
well i thought she was going to say it back but what happened next was very
"okay, talk to you later." she said, hugged me and walked away!
i was stunned to say in the least and cried and cried thinking i had done wrong. 
i mean considering how i felt before and how we had had sex together, i thought...
i thought... 
but then ....
- March 17, 2010 
Hailey came up to me that morning and we greeted like usual, and 
then when my friend Kris ( yes kris allen mentioned above )
came up to say good morning to us she ignored him. very odd behavior for 
Hailey to ignore kris. So as i was standing there trying to figure out what was going
she grabbed me ( re-gaining my attention ) looked me dead in the eyes 
and said 
"Chey, i'm sorry for how i acted the other day, i was just shocked, 
i love you too! "
"i love you too!"  the four words i'd been wanting to hear her say since i first met
i couldn't believe it!!! i was happy all over again!
Hailey and I are still very together and happy i think she's the one for me but
some people have a very hard time accepting the way we love, and the feelings we have
for each other,
but somehow i know we will make it through this. 

~those are my thoughts feel free to love, hate, whatever.

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