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Tuesday, 13 April 2010
09:33:31 PM (GMT)
It's okay, I perfectly understand.. How annoying I am~ And I realize people are fed up with this, complaining, and my lack of being on. So, I apologize for being absolutely annoying. So, here it goes, I will simply say this. I hate school. JUST because I don't try, DOES NOT mean I don't care. I also strongly dislike being single. And the people who rub it in. Also, sometimes you should talk to me. I DON'T WANT TO BE IGNORED, it really hurts my feelings. I don't ignore you, I'm not disrespectful, I answer your questions nicely, I don't sass. You people are really full of yourselves. May I also say, I'm not lesbian, or gay, or bisexual. I'm straight, I like guys, even though I've never been asked out before. One of th emost important things may I say though, is that you can all go die. Or, perhaps, if your lucky, you will be treated the way you have treated me, maybe when you talk someday, I'll simply turn my head and pretend that your not there, much like you do to me. I'm sorry for the random splurch there. But, just a little disappointed in myself. Buttt good. Aside from spending all week alone. Ahahahaah, also I ripped my last pair of pants, joy. I would be wearing my shorts, though it's snowing and minus four out~ Sooo, I am currently wearing pants ready to burst in the thighs. Yes, I did go shopping, though, nothing fit, I've gone up at least three sizes, and my thighs are way to large to fit into any regular sizes, without going into plus sizes. ;A; ~So sad;;~ What's also funny, supposed to get roughly twenty cm of snow tonight. ;o;

‹+ ⑨ Re + Mix + ⑨ +› says:   13 April 2010   411227  
 FDKHLSKH. ;-; The toppish part isn't me, right, right,

Oh so lucky. I'd be glad to change weather's with ya', Canada-suu.
It's been to hot here recently.

Also, about the bottom. If you really wanna go down sizes, go out and
do numerous excercises. I've been doing that lately with my sister.
It's bound to help. c:
alleygirl92 says:   13 April 2010   677951  
Sadly, yesIf only it wasn't?

Gosh, I'm jealous. I just really.. don't want snow right now. ;;

:3 Ohh, I do. Lately, I must be eating more, or, heavier weighted
foods maybe. It just isn't helping right now, but thanks Erika~
Good to hear from you. :'D 
‹??????› says:   14 April 2010   955027  
I can never be fed up with you. I don't find you annoying at all! I
respect your modesty and I really appreciate that we still message and
you listen to me instead of neglecting my messages. I should say that
perhaps I annoy [or bore] you.
I don't ignore you, I'm not disrespectful, I answer your questions nicely, I don't sass. You people are really full of yourselves.
How I must agree fully. And so understandable, too. :/ I have lost many of my acquaintances this way. Possibly because I'm not worthy of their oh-so self-centered-ness rep. I agrees with Erika, I had done that with my mom and it did great.
alleygirl92 says :   14 April 2010   578841  
No, no indeed you don't bore me at all. It's actually nice to speak to
nearly anyone, especially a friend like you. 

I suppose I'm really just fed up with it, and if I snap, like other
girls, then looks of disgust will follow to the lesbian rumor. 
Oh, how I know that feeling. And they speak to me when
people ignore them

Well, as soon as the snow melts, I probably will be doing so. Plenty
more than before, and if I can get ahold of her, Stephanie said before
she would very much like to do so everyday. 


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