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Sunday, 14 March 2010
11:16:59 PM (GMT)
You: asl?
Stranger: no
Stranger: are you?
Stranger: female?
You: Yes.
Stranger: where are you from?
You: Isle of Man.
You: I use to have 7 girls chained to my throne they we're, scantily dressed clad
You: They give me sexual favors.
Stranger: oh ,very good
You: I pay them $100 a year.
Stranger: i love you 
You: Woot!
You: I would be impossible for someone to love me.
You: I evolved from a slug.
Stranger: why?
Stranger: i see you are a good girl
You: Us british girls, are evolved from slugs.
You: I proved this for a science project.
Stranger: very good
Stranger: you are so pide for this
You: The teacher, gave me an AA+ so it must be true.
You: Now I spend most of my time walking places.
You: Leaving slug slime.
You: How about you?
You: How is your life as a human?
Stranger: i'm a boy
Stranger: and i also have good ideas
Stranger: where are you now?
Stranger: you lab?
You: I am in school, sitting inside spelling class.
Stranger: do you know some new mechanism?
Stranger: also me
Stranger: me too 
Stranger: what's your school 's name 
You: But I am working on some technics for new theorys in my notebook.The name of my
school is Robinson Elementary School.
You: I'm in 8th grade.
Stranger: i'm postgraduate
You: Awesome, that means if you die you get 8 more lives to be reincarnated in.
Stranger: yes?
Stranger: i dont think so
You: For all you know you might become the second Michael Jackson only looking
different,dancing to J-Pop, and being a lot gayer.
You: Oh, and dressing in gay outfits.
Stranger: you?
Stranger: how old are you 
You: I am 15.
Stranger: do you kown Port Erin ?
You: I don't know her.
Stranger: its a school
You: O.O
You: That means....
You: I will be the second coming of Tom Cruise if I die!

Stranger: haha 
Stranger: it will be not true
Stranger: human have only one life ,little girl
You: Wtf?!
You: What about what my grandmother told me!
You: She told me she used to be Michael Jackson.
Stranger: your stess:245 East Street, Mansfield, MA 02048?
You: O.O...I don't understand english that is this advances.
Stranger: lie to you
You: O.O....Help me speak better english!What does cat mean?O.O
Stranger: The mission of the Robinson School Community is to inspire a love of
learning while promoting academic achievement, self-esteem and respect for all in a
caring, safe, nurturing environment. 

Stranger: familiar?
You: Yes.
You: Time to get the knife.T_T
Stranger: ?
You: I'm going to cut my balls off, I am a hemaphrodite.
Stranger: what are you doing?
You: I don't want a penis anymore.
You: I want to just be a girl.
Stranger: oh
Stranger: you are a stong girl?
You: Yes.
Stranger: how weigt are you 
You: I am 120 pounds.
Stranger: too heavy
You: Does this mean i'm fat?
You: I swear my mother keeps telling me i'm big boned.T_T
Stranger: yes
You: OMG.
Stranger: slit you
You: I am going to slit my throat.
You: First I will find someone who will fuck me.
Stranger: hah 
Stranger: yes?
Stranger: i want
Stranger: but wo are so far away
Stranger: you have boyfriend?
You:  No I can fly a plane to where you live have you fuck me, and than slit my
throat in the silent peace of a beach infront of little kids.
Stranger: ok ,i'm in beijing china 
Stranger: you can come here?
You: Yes.
You: I will get the plane tickets to go there.
Stranger: ok 
Stranger: i want to see you 
Stranger: i will take you to my home 
You: Okay, I am picking which knife to take.
You: I am taking my sharpest one.
Stranger: i dont want to die
Stranger: haha
You: I am going to slit my throat.
You: That's all I want to do.
Stranger: no 
Stranger: funy girl
You: Right after we fuck I will head to a beach and do that infront of little kids.
Stranger: no ,they will  be scared
You: That is my intention I want to scare them.
You: I want to traumatize them.
Stranger: why?
You: I want to traumatize them.
Stranger: you are so bad
You: I might go there, and also shove hotdogs down their throats.
Stranger: you dont have boyfriend ?
You: No.
You: I used to have girlfriend, but she went goth.
Stranger: gay?
You: I am bi.
Stranger: virgin?
You: I lost my virginity to a strap on dildo during lesbian rape.
Stranger: you can call me
You: What is your number?:O
You: I will give you mine first!:D
You:               201-367-1780         201-367-1780.
Stranger:               008613426085068         008613426085068
You: Yay!Now I can call you!:D
Stranger: my phone number
Stranger: my english is not very good
Stranger: what's your name
You: My name is Emma.
Stranger: ok
You: Now I need to get those tickets to China.
Stranger: life have only one time ,and cherish your self
Stranger: what time you will be here?
You: I will be there at 3:00pm.
Stranger: have fun with me?
Stranger: really?
You: Yes.
Stranger: you are having class and why you go to airport
You: Want me to bring my game consoles, and handhelds for you to have?
You: I have an xbox360,Nintendo,Wii, and Psp.
Stranger: ok ,thank you
You: Yay!:D
Stranger: so good
Stranger: i'll see my foreign girl friend 
You: Yup.^^
You: Woot!:D
Stranger: your parients know what you are doing?
You: Yes, they arn't taking me seriously though.
Stranger: oh ,so bad
You: Okay, now I am calling the air port.
Stranger: ok,do you have some other conect method ?
You: No.
Stranger: msn?
Stranger: QQ?
Stranger: or email
You: There is Twitter.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: you id
You: My username on Twitter is Lkooe.
Stranger: i foget mine ,but i can resign a new one 
Stranger: wait a minit
You: Okay.
Stranger: have  you called  the air port?
You: Yes.
You: I am going to be in China by tomorrow!:D
Stranger: ok ,and when you get here please call me
You: I will!:D
You: Okay bye, I will call when I get there.=)
Stranger: do you have myspace?
You: No I tried getting one but the email verification thing I never got it.-.-
Stranger: you dont have email ?
Stranger: you can call me by email
You: Okay,^^
Stranger: my twitter name is bgch
You: Alright!:D
Stranger: i'm very happy to talk to you
You: I'm happy to talk to you too,^^
Stranger: you can download a QQ software ,and we can talk to each other intime with
You: Okay I will download it.
You: Alright I downloaded it.
Stranger: and resign a number
Stranger: my mumber is279547475

‹SmileToConfuseStrangers› says:   28 March 2010   535046  
*wets myself with laughter* :D
That kicks ass. That is all.
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   28 March 2010   278441  
That's freakin hilarious! XD
fosrsnao says:   28 March 2010   803496  
This made my morning. C:
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   3 April 2010   462186  
You're a fucking genius. xD
This deserves two thumbs up. :]
Twilightsucks says:   3 April 2010   724340  
Thanks lol! 
‹xMetal_Headx› says :   19 April 2010   478152  
This made my day LMAO!

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