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Sex is a Sin Chapter FiveCategory: (general)
Saturday, 20 February 2010
01:07:04 PM (GMT)
Jace POV

I had to leave her drunk. I had what's-her-face sitting at home waiting for me. I
can't be bothered to learn names when I'm just going to from hoe to hoe. Excuse my
language, slutty girl to slutty girl. Have to watch what I say, otherwise the girls
won't sleep with me.
  Underneath me, the girl--really? why bother to learn names? I think it's just a
waste of damn time--moaned and groaned, sounding like a pig getting surgery. And, on
top of her, I was not the least bit horny. Why? Because I had my mind on a
certain druken girl about five miles away. I glanced at the clock. I only had to
suffer through this for the next....oh, hour and a half. She moaned again.
  I can't do this. "I'm taking you home. Get dressed." I threw the covers back and
started to yank on some clothes. It's bad when I back down from sex. That's like, a
no-no for me. The ultimate wimp thing. Jeez. I rolled my eyes as the girl bantered
playfully with me, begging, pouting...what is she? A puppy? No, those sounds were
ultimately piggy.
  I ran to my car in a hurry to get to Nyl. She was alone. Sebastian was....wherever
he was. Prolly drunk and partying still, or sleeping with some girl. It was no
surprise the boy was a father. He had told nobody but me. Nyl didn't know, nor did
she need to know. He took care of his son.
  I dropped the girl off at her house. Before she had slammed the door, I was pulling
off, hasty to get to Nyl. Was she okay? I hoped so. I pulled into her driveway and
banged on the door. It flew open to reveal a stark-naked Nyl. Well, at least I'm
horny now.
  She flung me into the house, her eyes wild and wide. She slammed the door and
hugged me. Her lips met mine and I was lost  in ectasy. 
  But she was drunk. Some part of me, deep down inside of me, didn't want to have sex
with her. As crazy as that is. 
  I pulled away. "Look, Nyl, maybe you should go shower--"
  "If you come with me," she purred, trying to kiss me again. "Look, I know all about
your stupid Game. You wanna sleep with me? Let's do it. I'm ready." Her words were
slightly slurred. "I want this. I can't resist your charm forever, and it's already
takin' everythang I have not to fall down to your feet and give you a blow job. Just,
I know what I'm doin'." She looked up at me with her wide eyes, pleading.
  It was hard to believe she wasn't drunk....I wanted to acknowledge her wishes,
grant them, become her naked genie in a bottle, but, I couldn't. Cuz that damn one
good spot left in my heart would not let me take advantage of a drunk girl. Not to
mention the fact that she would prolly hate that I did that to her in the morning.
Andandand, I kind of wanted her sober.
   But she sounded so damn sober! I swore. "Only if you shower and eat something
first," I told her. At least, that'll make her a little more sober, the food. And,
it'll give me time to think about what to do next.
  She sighed, kissed me once more, and went upstairs, swaying a bit. 
  Yeah, she was drunk.
  And, yeah, I was pretty close to breaking any promise I had with her and not
sleeping with her.
  And what the hell was she doing naked?
  I fixed her two sandwhiches, some water, and a slice of cake. She came back
downstairs still naked. I frowned. Wonderful. All my brain cells just flew out the
damn window!
  "Go put some clothes on," I commanded her.
  "Why? I'm gunna shed them anyway," she pouted, biting her lip, looking so sexy. DAMMIT! Focus, Jace, focus.
  "Make it kinkier, more fun?" I said warily. 
  She sighed and trudged back upstairs.
  I moaned. She just reminded me of the fact that I promised to sleep with her...and
she knows about the Game. How? Oh, yeah. Girls talk. Damn bints. Ugh. I took a sip of
the beer left in the house and leaned against the counter. How in the hell am I
supposed to....? I know she doesn't want to sleep with's the alcohol. I told
them not to put gin, vodka, Jack Daniels, and some of that smoking stuff in there.
  She came back downstairs in a clinging, curve showing night gown. She sat down to
  Mama did say a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts.
  I made my decision.

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