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Wednesday, 17 February 2010
02:41:12 PM (GMT)
"The period is idealized as a time in history where difficult to treat or
untreatable STDs had not achieved wide public notice. "

     A loud rustling. The sound of arrows being drawn from a sheath, followed by
strings being pulled. "Don't come any closer," Lindie said, her voice shaking. "I
swear, I'll-- I'll kill you!"
     "With a measly arrow?" The rustling continued, and the shadow moved to another
treetop. "Is all this hero business getting to your head? You're not strong enough to
find the Key." 
     "You're wrong," Lindie said, though doubt filled her words. "James and I--"
     "James?" Soft laughter. "Where is James, Lindie?"
     Lindie pulled on the strings of her bow, though they dug into her shaking
fingers. "I'm warning you. Take one step closer and I will kill you. I will."
     The shadow appeared in front of Lindie, though the darkness faded from it's
skin. No, 'it' wasn't the right word -- it was another girl. Lindie gasped, dropping
her weaponry. The girl had ivory skin and dark hair that was cut short around her
ears. Her eyes were dark, like chestnuts, and looked at her mockingly. Her nose was
narrow, her cheekbones high. Her lips parted into a smile. "What's wrong, Lindie? Not
what you expected?" Mockery strung through her voice, and the smell of mint leaves
drifted through the air.
     She shook her head in honesty. Lindie looked into the girl's eyes. "Who are
you?" She asked.
      "My name is Ana," the girl said. "And I'm telling you this right now, Lindie, I
am not on your side." Lindie held Ana's eyes for a split second, then reached down
for her bow and arrows. At the same time Ana withdrew her sword, holding it to the
back of Lindie's neck. "Move," Ana said, "and I kill you."
     "James!' Lindie screamed. The boy, sleeping on the muddy bank, woke quickly, and
was on his feet even faster.
     "Let her go." He said, sword unsheathed.
     "How heroic, the prince coming to save the damsel in distress." Lindie felt the
blade on her neck being removed. She took the bow and arrow from the ground,

Pastry says :   17 February 2010   629225  
"The period is idealized as a time in history where difficult to
treat or
untreatable STDs had not achieved wide public notice. "



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