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An Attempt At Action/Horror/Drama/DeathCategory: Drama
Friday, 5 February 2010
10:49:39 PM (GMT)
Ok, This Isn't My First Attempt At Action/Horror/Drama/Death But I Wrote This The
Other Day, If I Told You The Last Part Was Actually Orginally At The Beginning (It'd
Actually Be The Last Page) I Bet You Wouldn't Believe That, Lol.

P.S This Is Being Turned Into A Book XD

Attempt, Death Will Seek You Out And Bite:

The old ware house stood before me, blocking my way, he would catch up to me now. I
was ashamed that I had forgotten that this ware house was in the forest, if I had
remembered, I would have used it in my get away plan, but now, it was going to be one
of the reasons I would die tonight. 
	I heard the swish of the tall dark green pine trees, they swayed in the night of the
dark sky, well, at least it would be a nice night for the night I died, it would of
been warm and beautiful, and then he came, hands in his pockets, his eyes flickering
as he stepped out of the shadows of the trees. 
He stood there laughing, his eyes going from green to sliver, shining in the low
light of the door outside the ware house, taking the moon, the stars and the navy
blue, black like sky, and reflecting them back at me.
“Nowhere to run Emilie, Nowhere to hide, no use in the words you say, you see, you
have caught me at a bad time, I am starving, actually, more like dying for a dine of
your lush blood.” He said, his mouth had two canines like teeth in them, pointy,
sharp, scary, and seriously white, I couldn’t believe they were in the mouth I had
kissed, stared at for hours, watched as they moved when he talked. This wasn’t
right; it was downright wrong and creepy!
And that’s when I grabbed the ware house’s doorknob from behind me, and fell
backwards as the door opened, my hand pulling me with it, I knew he would follow, but
I was going to try, try to get away from him. Even if I had to push my fear down,
while thinking fear was only an illusion.
My hands grasped railings, it was like I was moving, but I couldn’t see, as I ran
up the stairs to another level in the ware house, trying to lose him, trying to hide,
to seek truth. But he was like an uber vampire and followed, especially fast tonight,
he was the speed of lighting, the god of movement, my hunter, and he had me caught in
a trap, trap of the mind, the heart, and life.
I kept running though, leaving that room and entering more and more, until I reached
one full of pipes, and I was only standing on a metal bridge, and then I remembered,
this was a pipes ware house, it would be dangerous in here because of the pipes, I
started to run again, when he gripped my wrist and yanked, I screamed and reached out
to grab the bridge’s railing, failing, and getting my head smashed into the tiny
metal spikes on the bridge, I screamed again as they dug in as he pulled me back,
pulling off skin, making me bleed, making his hunger wilder.
I finally succeed in grabbing something, it was the railing’s pole, and I clung to
it as I lashed back out at him with my feet, screaming my head off, until he let go.
“You will not get away so easily! You are mine!” He yelled, looking directly at
me, I could feel his stare as I got up to run again; I didn’t want to die here, not
now, not ever, would a prayer work?
“I was never yours! You claimed me without my knowing!” I yelled back, not
bothering to look back until I heard the whoosh of something passing in the air near
me, it was a pipe, a loose one, and it smashed into the pipes in the walls, the
strength of his throw, causing the pipes to burst open, I shuddered and hid my face.
The pipes blasted, water escaping them, and I moved back in slow motion, avoiding the
spurts of water and led pipe as they all came loose and came crashing down on us, my
breathing was hard, and my favourite gray school shirt was getting drenched.  
	My eyes flew up to look at him, his face was searching, looking, trying to see
through the water to me, but I still couldn’t help the pain in my heart, the guy I
had grown to love, was now hunting me, I was his prey, heck I had always been, I had
just been claimed, but not known it, before I had found out, I hadn’t known that he
had snuck into my room once every two weeks to suck my blood as I slept, in a
peaceful slumber, while I was defenceless, but I also had to remind myself, this
wasn’t the guy I had grown to love, it wasn’t, the one I had grown to love, was
not a vampire, but the opposite.
A vision flashed before my eyes as the water kept running, it was of the dream I had,
the one I had every time he visited, I was rising in the air in the stream of silver,
gold, blue and white light, once near the middle of the room, the light exploded and
I was thrusted back, my legs jerking, my arms going limp, my eyes still shut closed,
my hair falling out all around me, and he was there, on the ground, looking up in
amazement, shock and horror, and then my eyes flew open, and I was no longer human,
but evil. The vision disappeared again, going as fast as it had come. 
I then gave one last look to him, before I decided to run, to get to safety,
someplace better than this, a place where I could escape him and the pipes, maybe a
tower. And then I ran, full speed, slipping on the metal bridge as I ran towards the
next turn off from the bridge. Scraping my shoes into the metal bridge’s spikes,
and damn these were my favourite DC shoes too, but that didn’t matter, nothing
mattered except escaping.
“Emilie!” He roared through the thunder of the exploding pipes and flow of water
coming from the pipes, he could sense I was getting away, damn that nose of his! Damn
it all to hell! 
And then I heard the smooth swish of his black leather jacket that I had worn,
obsessed over after he first let me borrow it, the same leather jacket that had kept
me warm on the coldest of chilly nights, his pride, my joy. I shook my head; I must
stop thinking about us! It was over! And he was coming for me, still hunting me, with
that insane look on his face, I closed my eyes and shook out the noise, and took the
turn to find a gray walled room with more pipes, more pipes that were getting ready
to explode from the pressure in the room beside it, I took one look at the walls,
before I ran to the metal stairs in the room, and then all of a sudden, everything
went black and I couldn’t see until my eyes had adjusted enough.  
“Damn!” His voice spat from nearby, I gripped the railing I was holding onto and
whirled my head, I couldn’t see well in the dark, but he could see better than me,
and that, was a threat in itself. I whirled around, letting go of the railing and ran
down the stairs, ignoring the clanks my shoes made as I went. Just as long as I got
far away, far, far away from him, as long and far as possible, and then I felt the
ground from me disappear as I fell, and rolled the rest of my way down the stairs,
bashing my head against the spikes in the stairs, those tiny spikes sure saved your
shoes from slipping, but once you did slip, it hurt like hell on your head.
“Ow.” I muffled when I finally stopped rolling, I had hit a small closing, and if
it were like the others, it lead to a metal bridge.
	I pulled myself up, and felt the blood on the back of my head, I wiped some of it,
before I went through the small closing and stepped onto the metal bridge, this one
was shaky, and that made it all the more scary. 
But I heard his laughter, his deadly laughter. “I smell blood, sweet, sweet
Emilie’s blood.” He laughed. It shook me to the core. And I had an urge to look,
I just had to.
I turned back, it was like slow motion, so slow I thought I might trip on the hem of
my jeans, but then again I was in black skinny jeans, not quite wide enough to trip
on, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t trip over my own feet, or even one of the
thousands of pipes lying all around us, but I had to focus on his face for this
second, it didn’t look human, it looked terrifying, animal like, burning with a
desire that scared me to the bone, and the worst thing was, that I couldn’t scream,
it would be another way for him to find me easier, the black out in the pipes
warehouse was the only thing that was keeping him from catching up, he couldn’t see
well, but then again, neither could I. 
I saw my chance when I felt the turning point of a wall, if I was lucky he would just
pass me, not feeling the wall, and I would be safe, safe to run back the way we had
come. I clutched onto the wall, gripping it with my hands, and pulled my tie safely
back to my chest so he wouldn’t feel it as he went by.
	My heart sang Da-doom as it pounded and thumped harshly against my ribcage, wanting
to escape, to breathe, as I heard the smooth swish of his black leather jacket coming
down the hall I had just been in, a crack sounded as he stepped on one of the pipes,
this was it, I thought, maybe hiding here wasn’t a good plan, I’d need to move
onto my final plan.
	I moved, going to strike, to hit his head, to hurt him in some way to give me enough
time to escape him and his clutch of doom, he was my death, no longer my salvation,
but my doom. And I was his obsession, the one thing he would ever want to kill. 
	But as my fist went out to lash at him, it was stopped, and twisted behind my back,
I gave a gasp of surprise and tried not to wince in the pain it was causing me, still
having the fight in me, I snaked my other hand back, to grab some part of his flesh
and hurt him, but that hand was soon discovered and taken behind my back too, and
then his breathe was beside my neck.
	“I admire your will to try again and again, the will not to die, the will to live,
but hun, darling, Emilie, I am stronger, I am of the greater kind, I will always over
power you, I will always win.” He whispered in my ear, while running his nose down
my neck, taking in my scent, breathing me in.
	“That’s what you think.” I whispered, and I brought a leg up to kick him,
right in the shin, but before I could even strike, I gasped, and winced in pain as he
bit down hard on my neck, and began sucking as my world turned hazy, and I began
falling, falling ever so slowly to the ground, my knees crashing to the ground first,
him still holding onto me, falling with me as he continued to drink, and then as my
brain went blank, my whole world went pitch black right before me.

So this was death?
Last edited: 5 February 2010

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