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Kiss Me Goodbye ((part two))Category: (general)
Monday, 21 December 2009
12:19:34 AM (GMT)
Jenny was too weak to walk the extra block to her house. She was heart broken. Matt
had taken her heart from her, crumbled it up in his plam and left the hundreds of
small pieces on the concrete sidewalk she stood on. 

She stood up, picking her phone up. The clouds quickly moved in. They were dark and
gray, matching her mood. Soon it had began to rain, heavily and hard. She walked
slow, letting the fresh cold rain from the sky drench her. She stagered each step,
still sobbing. Her eyeliner and maskara smeared all over her face. 

Soon she had arrived to her front door. She wipped her feet at the front matt and
then walked inside. It was warm. Her parents had greeted her but she ignored theyre
happiness and only concintrated on her depression. She dragged herself up the stairs
and into her room. She slammed the door loudly behind her and fell to her bed,
letting out her loudest cry. She stuffed her face into her pillow to quiet her cries,
but nothing in the world could stop her. She didnt care who heard. She didnt care who
worried. Jenny was a complete mess.

The night went by quickly. She only lied there, starring at her ceiling. Nothing
else. She fell asleep as the way she was when she walked in from the rain. 

That morning, she didnt bother to wake up or go to school. She lied in her bed, still
in the same position she was in once she walked into her room 8 hours ago. 
Her mom walked in.

"Jenny! Why arnt you at school?" She asked.
She only continued to stare up at the ceiling. Her mom recieved no answer.

Hour passed by. Then, at 5 in the afternoon, she sat up. She stood up, walked
downstairs and walked out the door. 
It was sunset, getting close to dark. She walked down the wet sidewalk. The smell of
wet grass and bark filled the cold air. She hummed a tune to herself.

She saw a boy from her school standing in the middle of the road. Jenny stopped in
her tracks and starred at him, wondering what he was doing. She tried to remember his
name, but nothing came to mind. He turned to her, starring back. They starred at
eachother for a long 15 seconds, then he walked over to her. 

"Why arnt there any cars coming by?" He asked her.
"Why?" She asked, confused.
"Answer my question." He said to her, calmly but forceful. 
"I dont know the answer to your dumb question!" She yelled to him. 

They were silent.

"Im sorry." He apologized quietly.
"Why were you standing in the middle of the road?" She asked him, with her hands
stuffed in her pockets. 
"Waiting for a car." He said, looking down to his feet.
"Why were you waiting for a car?" Jenny asked, stepping closer to him, confused.
"So it could run me over." He said quietly, still looking down to his shoes.
"Why do you want a car to run you over?" She began to ask more questions.
"Because I want to die." He answered harsh.
"Why do you want to die?" She asked, questionable.
"Because life sucks!" He said to her, as a final answer.
"Tell me about it." She answered, sitting down in the soft, wet, green grass near the
side walk. He sat next to her.
"Why does your life suck?" He asked. 
"Breakup." She answered quietly and softly.
"What happened?" The boy asked her.
"I was in love with him for 3 years, I thought he loved me back. He called me
yesterday saying he was in love with another girl." She explained to him. "You?" She
asked for his explenation.
"Same. Exactly what happened to me." He said to her. "I'm Adam." The boy introduced
himself, sticking out his hand.

Jenny starred at the hand, then up to his face. She took her hand and shook his. "I'm
Jenny." She cracked a small smile.

"Are you that new girl in the 10th grade?" He asked.
"Yup." She answered.
"I sit behind you in Math and English." He said, giggling. Jenny giggled to.

They sat on that patch of grass for two hours, getting to know eachother. 
Meeting Adam was a blessing in disguise to Jenny.

~Emily Michelle Berry~

‹Xilovehimx› says:   21 December 2009   733556  
Oh myy gossh emeily it's great :D
‹Hot Mess› says:   21 December 2009   941460  
Thank you! I LOVE YOU@Zega 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   21 December 2009   111046  
Wow I have been reading, and all I can type and think is wow, what's
‹Hot Mess› says :   21 December 2009   934314  
Thank you!! @Crescent_Darkness 


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