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chat wit vincent!Category: School Days!
Saturday, 12 December 2009
12:17:52 AM (GMT)
[20:38] minaskate: vinnnnnnnnnnCEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNttttttttttttt!!!
[20:38] Vincent: hi
[20:38] minaskate: hi!!
[20:39] minaskate: whats up? 
[20:39] Vincent: notin
[20:39] minaskate: ohh
[20:39] minaskate: 
[20:41] minaskate: Soo.... hows life?
[20:41] Vincent: good
[20:41] minaskate: anything neww?
[20:41] Vincent: i skate more with pot heads? jk
[20:41] minaskate:  LOL
[20:41] minaskate: my brother skates
[20:42] Vincent: kool
[20:42] minaskate: x]
[20:42] Vincent: is he good
[20:42] minaskate: hes kinda newby
[20:42] Vincent: wat could he do.
[20:42] minaskate: garrett tried to teach him something last year 
[20:42] minaskate: and he hurt himselrf
[20:42] Vincent: garret sux though...
[20:42] minaskate: LOL
[20:42] minaskate: its cause garrett wanted his board
[20:42] Vincent: he cant even do the basic trick
[20:43] Vincent: wow lol
[20:43] minaskate: yaa
[20:43] Vincent: garret has a forsted flacke board...
[20:43] minaskate: LOL
[20:43] Vincent: i dont get wat he dosent like
[20:43] Vincent: i want to get his boards
[20:43] Vincent: he dosent even skate anymore...i think
[20:43] minaskate: awww'
[20:43] minaskate: why!?!
[20:44] Vincent: cause we dont hang alot
[20:44] Vincent: anymore
[20:44] minaskate: oh....
[20:44] minaskate: i saw him at the park one day
[20:44] minaskate: with this one chickk
[20:44] Vincent: well he is always wtih his gf
[20:44] minaskate: yaaa
[20:44] Vincent: and indian...
[20:44] minaskate: YA
[20:44] minaskate: HERRR
[20:45] minaskate: shes nice xD
[20:45] Vincent: i think this is the longest relationship he had
[20:45] minaskate: longer than him ANDDD jb!?
[20:45] Vincent: about
[20:45] minaskate:  wowwwww!
[20:45] Vincent: they were together for like 2 months him and jb
[20:45] minaskate: oh
[20:45] minaskate: deng
[20:46] minaskate: it felt longer somehow
[20:46] Vincent: cause they made out so much we thought jb might get pregnant..
[20:46] minaskate: L
[20:46] minaskate: O
[20:46] minaskate: L
[20:46] Meebo Message: Could not IM buddy
[20:47] minaskate: then after garrett jb got with this
[20:47] minaskate: other dude
[20:47] minaskate: who was SUPER uglllyyy
[20:47] Vincent: never seen him
[20:47] minaskate: and garrett wasnt over jb and then 
[20:47] minaskate: jb and steven went to knotts and garrett was there
[20:47] minaskate: and he wanted to fight steven
[20:47] Vincent: was i there?
[20:47] minaskate: nope
[20:47] Vincent: when was this
[20:48] minaskate: likeee
[20:48] minaskate: in the summertime
[20:48] Vincent: o
[20:48] Vincent: i sseee
[20:48] minaskate: garrett went to knotts with his cousin
[20:48] Vincent: i dont think garret should fight steven
[20:48] minaskate: Nopee
[20:48] Vincent: not worth it
[20:48] minaskate: steven is a whole lot bigger too
[20:48] minaskate: but hes over jb now so yeaaa
[20:49] Vincent: is he doing anything this weekend?
[20:49] minaskate: Hmmmm
[20:49] minaskate: i dunno 
[20:49] minaskate: you never call him?
[20:49] Vincent: hung says he goes to his house on sunday
[20:49] Vincent: or someday
[20:49] minaskate: oo
[20:50] minaskate: i didnt know hung went to garretts on sundaysss
[20:50] Vincent: well i m just guessing
[20:50] minaskate: oh!
[20:50] Vincent: well he and keanu hang more so i dont know
[20:51] minaskate: ya mitch hung and keanu
[20:51] minaskate: hang out now
[20:51] Vincent: then its like me in the maybe
[20:51] Vincent: cuase i hang with so many dif goups
[20:51] minaskate: yaaa
[20:52] Vincent: i hang with asians. mexicans. blacks and ya..
[20:52] minaskate: LOL
[20:52] minaskate: mixed groups!
[20:52] Vincent: i just move from one to another..
[20:52] minaskate: yaa i can tell 
[20:52] Vincent: by way
[20:53] Vincent: by wat*
[20:53] minaskate: because!
[20:53] minaskate: everytime i see you youre always with a diff group
[20:53] minaskate: lol
[20:53] Vincent: really..
[20:53] minaskate: yaaa
[20:53] Vincent: how do u know im in dif groups
[20:53] minaskate: causee
[20:53] Meebo Message: Could not IM buddy
[20:53] minaskate: when you like go by
[20:53] minaskate: or if im with clare or something
[20:54] minaskate: youre always with different people
[20:54] Vincent: i just find ppl who i do know and then just hang with em
[20:54] minaskate: Oh
[20:54] minaskate: thats cool 
[20:55] Vincent: ya
[20:55] minaskate: :[ im so boreddd
[20:55] Vincent: ok
[20:55] minaskate: lol
[20:56] minaskate: do you take any language classes this year?
[20:56] Vincent: noe
[20:56] minaskate:  ohh
[20:56] minaskate: luckyy
[20:56] Vincent: hey wats garret new #
[20:56] minaskate: itss
[20:57] minaskate: XXX-XXX-XXXX
[20:57] Vincent: lol i have it
[20:57] minaskate: thats the new one 
[21:19] Vincent: gtg
[21:19] Vincent: byby
[21:19] Meebo Message: Vincent is offline

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