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PFFT. I'LL SUCK HIS **** ALL I WANT.Category: (general)
Monday, 30 November 2009
05:54:57 PM (GMT)
These are all REAL people and they are all from my school. I am THIRTEEN, as are the
rest except BRANDY, who is 14. I am in 7th grade, and yes I DID give a 15 year old
boy named Cory a BJ+HJ e.e


Alexis Tomallo
  i hate her soooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch! you dont even know!

Kasey Sierra
whoo and y?

Alexis Ann Colantuono
about an hour ago

Kasey Sierra
eww i hate her llo eww!!!
about an hour ago

Alexis Ann Colantuono
about an hour ago

Alexis Tomallo
she sucked my ex-boyfriends cock!
about an hour ago

Alexis Tomallo
 i hate her and cory sooo muchh!
44 minutes ago

Rina RadioActivity
Why would you care if I did or not?
42 minutes ago · Delete

Alexis Tomallo
uhm bc hes my ex, and thats nasty! espically bc he went from em, to you! im not mad
at you or anything. well i kinda am! just more madd at him! dont take this in offence
to you!
41 minutes ago

Skyler Nicole
Skyler Nicole
im sorry thats still kinda gross.
39 minutes ago

Alexis Tomallo
Alexis Tomallo
kindaa? hes 15! my ex! im pissed!
38 minutes ago

Rina RadioActivity
Rina RadioActivity
Hun, it shouldn't be your business what I'm doing with him either way. Its not like
I'm even dating him. I'd love for us NOT to be arguing because right now my life
sucks as is. I do not want anything more that could make me feel like shit on my
mind. -.- And besides, all the rest of the people who hate me have no reason to hate
me. I've never even talked to these people. Beside Cory, What REASON do you have to
hate me? What the HELL did I ever do to you?

Alexis Tomallo
Alexis Tomallo
marina i dont hate you! cory is a dooche and thats still nasty!
no im not dating him but ive been around the cory block and hes an uglyass 15 year
old who cant get a girl his own age! to be honest i think hes gay anyways! and i
sorta hate you bc a.) the mackenzi thingy. B.) bc you sucked my ex boyfriends cock,
said that you got in his pants to my face! and then went around school bragging about
it! whoa long message!(:

Rina RadioActivity
Okay. I didn't brag about it. My friend CHRIS was doing that. And your the stupid,
slow type that falls for a person due to merely a look. I like him for WHO HE IS.
He's by far the nicest guy I've ever met. And I said I AM NOT DATING HIM. Learn how
to read. And does it MATTER if he can't get a girl his own age? I've never managed to
get a date all ... See Moremy life. And learn to revise what you say because you
sound like your retarded. "I don't hate you," then you say "I sorta hate you". And
you spelled how many things wrong? What the hell? Get an education and learn to
accept people for who they are and not their style and looks. Thats the most annoying
thing I could ever see in a person. The ugliest thing. And beside, why the fuck did
you date him if you said hes ugly? 

Alexis Tomallo
hahahahahahaahahah at least i can get a date sweetie. and no im not a whore if thats
what your implying. i liked him for who he is too! except who is, is gayass, fagget
who rides his bike everywhere! get you shit straight before you start talking honey!
or should i not call you that, you might think i like you, dont worry im no lesbo!

Rina RadioActivity
Rina RadioActivity
Grow up. Who even needs a date? Its because of my style. No one likes a 'goth' or
'emo'. And I didn't say you were a whore. And I am NOT a fucking lesbian. And whats
it matter if I am? If I was a LESBIAN why would I even THINK about giving that boy
head? -.- You should get your facts straight. Lesbians don't do shit with guys. Whats
the POINT of ... See Morethis argument? Alexis is just pissed off and needs someone
to blame so she blames Cory and me and tries to act smart when shes no smarter than a
frog with down syndrome.



Rina RadioActivity
Rina RadioActivity
Mk Yah, This Is Her Friend Brandy Err.. The One That Got Hit By The Car But
Anywayss.. And Also Im Corys Ex, I Mean Yeah That Shits Nasty But Dude, Its A Way Of
Life, Im A Freshman ANd You'll Hear It Happen Almost Every Day, Get Over It. Its A
Way Of Life, Damnn. n____n; Little Children Gotta Make A Big Deal Out Of Everything.
I Mean Dude, Its ... See MorePathetic If You Keep Going Around Like This Going "OMG
Pick A Fight But Still, Im Just Trying To Settle This So Dont Try Pulling Shit ON Me
BEcause I Get Pissed Easily; So DONT PUSH IT e__e;

jamesrgrimes says:   30 November 2009   717868  
woow wtf ahhh
‹windofdusk› says :   30 November 2009   414684  
Why do you even bother?

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