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Tuesday, 24 November 2009
10:55:13 PM (GMT)
I mentioned falling in love.

But... She's a girl... When girls fall in love with girls, it's not a matter of
working up the courage to talk to them, because they may not be able to like you. And
that hurts. Any romantic move people make in homosexual relationships is made with
the idea this is probably going to hurt me, but how can I go on without

But I don't really like love. I find the whole thing rather stupid. That whole thing
in bold sounds corny to me, and not worth it at all. Not to mention all the setbacks
to me talking to her, like getting sick. I decided it was fate.
So I had given up on Emily.

You have received a FaceBook IM.

Wow, I thought, it's Emily. If I still really had a crush on her this would make me
so happy. I wish this made me happy...

Emily and I had a conversation about movies, since we were both watching movies while
talking. She was watching Sixth Sense, and I was watching Shrek 3.

The covo was something like this.
Emily: Oh, this little boy character is so adorable! I could just adopt him.

Janet: I just love cute kids ^^

Emily: It sucks when boys grow up an stop being sweet.

Janet: I know!

Emily: I love it when guys act young and cute. I like a snuggle.
AT this point when telling Jess about that conversation, Jess stopped me and said
"Janet- PuhLEASE tell me you didn't say 'I'd like to snuggle YOU'"
To any who wondered this... Nonononono! Nothing like that!
Janet: I kinda like it when boys are pretty.

Emily: Nonono! That's bad.

Janet: What? But when their big and manly it's gross...

Emily: Gay boys I like, but pretty boys?

Janet: Gay boys are fun to hang out with, but you can't date them.
Looking back, I think Emily may have been testing the waters to see how I felt about
Emily: I like girls, too.

Janet: O.O I was going to ask you out this weekend but I got sick...

Emily: That sucks...

Janet: It's not a lie though.

Emily: I know 

Janet: Would you want to go out some time?

Emily: Yeah!

... Oh. Oh! Um... Oh! It... Oh!! She said yes! And the conversation just moved on
after that. We were talking for like three hours. My date is tommorrow.


Emily is very pretty, I think. Blonde hair, very short. She's taller then me with the
most amazingly femine voice. She doesn't talk much, but what she says is always
something she's thought about.

As for me... Well, you've seen pictures. I consider myself "Quite pretty" and "pretty
enough". You know those horrible ratings boys give girls? "Are you from Tennese,
because your the only ten-I-see"? stuff like that?

I think I'm a low eight. I Like being a low eight. If I'm a low eight, then no one
bothers me, looking for dates, but if I like someone, I have a chance.

Mostly, I like not being bothered.

Love isn't my thing, but I'm going on a date.


I asked her out in facebook, but she's the one who asked me to the movies... I think.
Or, maybe it was... Oh I don't know. I asked her if she'd like to go out online, and
she asked if I had plans tommorrow before global, and I asked if she'd brave entering
a mall a mere fifty hours before black friday, and she laughed and said yes would I
like to see a movie.

Um... Traditionally, a boy asks a girl out, and he pays. I had planned to just play
the boy part in that, but she beat me to it... Partially... 

Oh course, I think part of the reason for me freaking out like this is becaudse I
think I'm supposed to be freaking out for some reason, and I'm not, and that
isn't very normal, so I'm trying to act more like a human with typical human emotions
by freaking out.

Ho hum, what a bother, fuddeling out my feelings.

The point is, I like Emily. Being with her makes me happy. And I think I make her
happy to, who knows how, so I'm going to go on this date.

Wish me luck?

lunasan says:   24 November 2009   207475  
Luck wishied!!

Though that reminds me, someone- who I can't imagine doesn't knwo I'm
made the following comment today, right behing me: (this is close, not
exact) "I hate all gays and lesbians. Unless they're hot lesbians."
I almost beat the pulp out of him before fifth period... I plan on
talking his ears off before school tomorrow :3

Anyyway, back on track: yoiu don't have to freak out!
and yay!
and it's normal o feel however it is you feel, cause yoiu're abnormal
and yourSELF!
and yay!
and also,  YAY!
and BTW... that hari is kewl x3
Sanyu says:   24 November 2009   966878  
Good luck C:
Kirti says:   25 November 2009   272097  
Homophobes really suck. I hate it when people decide how okay they
are with gays based on how pretty they are.

Thanks Luna, thanks Sanyu.
BooRadley says:   25 November 2009   951700  
Yaaaaay :D I'm so happy for you (even if you're cheating on me now)
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   25 November 2009   518612  
Have a great time with Emily, and good luck :D
‹Panda  Bear› says:   25 November 2009   752920  
Homophobes really suck (2)
‹Jessii♥™› says:   25 November 2009   789093  
That's a cute story. ^^
Well done.
‹♥♥♥_Mint_kitten_♥♥♥› says:   25 November 2009   355379  
luck luck luck
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   25 November 2009   797310  
I don't see any reason in freaking out. Good luck!
Kirti says:   25 November 2009   451340  
Thank you all! (sorry wifey:3 your other spouces will be ashamed of

I'll be leaving in a few minutes...
‹goodfornothing› says:   25 November 2009   873976  
stranger. x] 

I'm happy for you, and good luck (:
eeyoredreams says:   25 November 2009   846539  
Good luck partner :D
Kirti says:   25 November 2009   353978  
Thanks! The date went well!
‹Jessii♥™› says:   26 November 2009   967474  
Did it go well? :3
Kirti says:   26 November 2009   156947  
Yup. I'm tempted to asctually write about it on Kupika now...
BooRadley says:   26 November 2009   489725  
‹ruthie .› says:   26 November 2009   388832  
That's great! I'm really happy for you :3  
And i'm glad it went good :D
‹Jessii♥™› says:   26 November 2009   258143  
Kirti says:   27 November 2009   156776  
I'll write a summery of the date in a bit, I promise.
tiggerlemon101 says:   27 November 2009   856901  
I'd say good luck, but this apparently already happened so... good
luck next time!

I think I'm a low eight. I Like being a low eight. If I'm a low
eight, then no one
bothers me, looking for dates, but if I like someone, I have a
chance.  Haha.  I like this... kinda sounds like me.
Kirti says:   29 November 2009   300324  
I hope there is a next time. (I think she had fun though.)
‹<DaisyPetals>› says :   29 November 2009   392539  
<33 Glad she said yes! and -verylate- good luck.  (haha, I need to
get online more that way I can see this stuff faster.)

^_^ And it's good your date went well. :D


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