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Chapter 5: The Stolen LightCategory: (general)
Sunday, 11 October 2009
01:46:19 PM (GMT)
Lucario: "So where do we find these light spirits?" Midna: "Here, there,
anywhere." Marth: "That doesn't really help us....... And is having link as a
wolf so bad? We could train him!" Whispers: "To catch fairies...." Link:
"Grrrr....." Marth: "Joking! Sheesh, grouchy mut." Link: "BARK!"
Lucario: "Ok, that's enough! Marth, cram it! Link, dont hurt him..... yet." Marth:
"Hey!" Lucario: "I meant as a brawl back in the brawling world!" Marth: "Oh..."
Zelda: "Can we stop wasting time! Link needs us to find the light spirit!" Marth:
"Mumble grumble......" Midna: "Oh, we don't need to worry about that."
Zelda: "What? Why not?! We need the light spirit to change him back!" Midna:
"He knows where one is already." Zelda: "Oh good! Is it close by?"
Midna: "Yes, it's in a lake near these woods." Link: *Sniff* *Sniff*
"Grrrrrr!" Lucario: "What?! Who's here?" Leafeon: "I believe he's talking
about those creatures." Midna: "The twilight monsters." -They
battle the monsters as music for sephiroth battle plays- Everyone: "MARTH!" Marth:
"What? It's a good battle song!" Link: "Grrroowwl... Lucario: "Yeah, but at
least he's a good rage vent." Link: *Snort* Zelda: "You can understand him?" Lucario:
"Sure. I'm part dog right? So since wolves are dog's ancestors, Link's technically my
ancestor." -The twilight monsters are killed- Marth: "LMAO! Link's your grandpa?!
Hahahaha!" Link: *Looks at Lucario* Lucario: "....Fine." Marth: "OUCH! Dude! You bit
my *** you ******* *******!!! Everyone: 0.0 Lucario: *Throws an aura sphere at marth*
"Dude, watch your language!" Marth: "But he bit my--Lucario: "It doesn't matter! You
deserved it anyway." Link: *Snickers* Marth: "Well, you're one to talk anyways
Lucario!" Lucario: "At least I don't do it during narration." Link: *Perks ears*
*Sniff sniff* "Hoowwwl!" Lucario: "Found the lake." They follow Link, who was
leading them along a path, until they reached the lake. Midna: "Hmmmm.......
Something's wrong..." Zelda: "What do you mean?" Link: *Whines* Lucario: "He says
the spirit should've come out by now..." Midna: "There's no trace of it's
light...... Twilight has conquered this place. Is it really that bad?" Zelda:
"But then how do we get link back to normal?! What about the other spirits?" Midna:
"Tee-hee! That's impossible now, I'm afraid." Zelda: "What do you mean?!"
Midna: "The spirit's are connected. Besides, it seems this one was conquored
decades ago. They would've already gotten to the other ones by now." Leafeon:
"Oh dear! Then how do we fix link?" Celebi: "It seems that we don't." Lucario:
"Then what do we do?" Celebi: "We move on to the next world."
Last edited: 11 October 2009

ZeldaXprincess12 says:   11 October 2009   493622  
omg....poor linkT.T i feel so srry for him....but marth was so
funny!! XD I like this one the best because what link did to marth XD
hehehe bit his butt
FlameFox says :   11 October 2009   725921  
^^ i hoped you'd like it


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