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Oh We Do TOO Have Hearts! (Organization XIII my way)Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 June 2009
12:24:45 AM (GMT)
Ok, well first off, its REALLY long because i'm to lazy to break it off into
chapters but I put the chapters down.
This story is basically me taking some of the Organization XIII characters and
putting them in this story.
The time line is 1930's when Hitler was in rule. Basically the main couple is Zexion
and Luxord. If you have a pairing you want me to write a story about then message
One Shots-10 kp
Short stories(meaning longer than a one shot but shorter than a story)- 15 kp
Stories (varies from maybe 70-200 pages long)- 20-25 kp

BTW Don't read my stories if:
-You don't like smut scenes
-If you don't have a lot of time
thanks :D

Word Count: 24,349

Enjoy! <3

Oh we do TO have hearts! 
{Zexion and Luxord}

March 16 1933:

A small boy sat in the corner of his bed. His thick dark blue hair covered most of
his face. His teeth were clenched. In his hands he held the Star of David. His pulse
was in his neck. He could feel it just but sitting still. He couldn't breath to
heavy. He was much to afraid. Next to him was his brother. He was fast asleep. He was
younger and more naive. But Zexion, he knew much more than a 17 year old should know
about the outside world. He peeked out of the window. He softly sang a song of hush
to himself to get himself to calm down. His biggest fear was to have a Nazi come into
his house and kill him, his father and his brother. He knew it wouldn't happen for a
while, but nothing eased him. Seeing the future is one of the worst things to see
when you close your eyes and wish for bliss.

Zexion's sapphire eyes scanned the room observantly and he noticed a twinkled. The
room was dimly lit but the window was opened. He turned to see his brother's blue
eyes sparkle in the lights from the lampposts outside.

"Demyx." Zexion whispered and crawled over to his bed which only was about 5 inches
away from his own. Demyx stretched slightly and sat up a bit. His smile was ignorant.
That was good. At least his mind wasn't as corrupt as Zexion's.

"Brother." Demyx groaned slightly as he woke up and clung to his brother. Zexion felt
Demyx's heartbeat on his arm. The two were strangely skinny.

"I'm here Demyx." Zexion whispered and kissed the top of Demyx's head. "I'm here."

Demyx soon slowly lulled back to sleep to the soft singing of Zexion. Still being
clutched onto, Zexion had no choice then to snuggle up with Demyx until the morning
came again.

"Boys wake up." Their father's voice was heard from the doorway. To keep a living in
these times they created the bottom half of their house into a restaurant. Demyx
slowly woke up but Zexion's eyes flashed awake. He was ready to protect anyone.

"Ok dad." Demyx said smiling as he climbed out of the bed. They both got changed and
walked downstairs. Breakfast was their busiest times. 

Demyx was the busboy and Zexion was the waiter. That's the way it's always been.
Demyx was to shy, especially when occasionally Nazi's came here to eat. It was one of
the best restaurants in town. So he was least seen, the busboy. Zexion however, could
speak to others, whether you could hear him or not was a different story.

"Officer Braig!" A Nazi chimed while walking in. He had spiky red hair and green
eyes. He had a simple uniform with a swastika on his arm. He was referring to the
elder male with long black and silver hair. Demyx and Zexion's father.

"Yes Axel?" Braig asked as he stood behind the counter. Axel took his seat at the bar

"How are you?" Axel asked smirking. 

Demyx whispered to Zexion.

"Why is dad talking to a Nazi?" He whispered quietly so Axel wouldn't turn around.
Zexion turned to his little brother.

"They fought in the war together. Remember, dad was an officer in that war." Zexion
replied nearly inaudible. Demyx nodded and nervously clutched the star of David that
hung from a chain that was extremely long around his fragile neck. Zexion put his
hand on Demyx's shoulder and gave him a weak smile.

"So dad's friends with the Nazis?" Demyx asked curiously and Zexion slightly

"Yeah. I guess so." He said, for no apparent reason pride filled him up. He was
basically untouchable. His father was one of the top ranks in the pervious war. The
Nazis owed him!

Soon the place started to get full. Demyx quickly cleaned tables and restacked napkin
holders and filled ketchup bottles as Zexion went from different tables asking for
their meals. Surprisingly Axel was still there. It's been a solid hour and the two
were still talking. Even with Braig behind the second counter that was the kitchen.
As he was cooking he talked to Axel through the mini window. The two seemed pretty

Two men walked in, blank stares. One had a lab coat on with long blonde hair and a
swastika was on his arm. The other was big and bulky, long black dreadlocks with
bright violet eyes. He had a Nazi uniform on. They sat near Axel. 

Braig was simply talking to them like they were old friend. Then, suddenly motioned
for Demyx and Zexion to meet the two.

"These are my sons. Demyx and Zexion." Braig introduced and the scientist examined

"They have blue eyes and you have gold. How'd that happen?" He asked and Xigbar

"My ex wife." He said like it was a really stupid question to ask. "This is Professor
Even, Axel and Xaldin." Zexion nodded slightly but really didn't make any sudden
movements. He was prepared for them to pounce as if they were wild animals. His nose
twitched slightly. He could SMELL  Demyx's fear. 

"Hello." Zexion said finally, swallowing hard.

"H-hi." Demyx said nervously and stealthily latched onto Zexion's arm. 

"It's ok." Zexion whispered and kissed Demyx's temple lightly. Demyx winced but
nodded. Another man walked in with a grin. Obviously a Nazi. He was stumbling
everywhere. Zexion walked around the counter and stood there watching him stumble
over his two feet.

"Wow Luxord. You really got hammered." Axel said smirking. Luxord tripped and Zexion
quickly moved his arm out and caught him before he hit the floor. It took more force
since he was a lot smaller but he managed to bring him back to his feet.

"M-m'names Luxord." He stumbled out with a drunken giggle.

"Zexion." Zexion said quietly and Xaldin let out a deep chuckle.

"Nice kid. It's like you knew it was gonna happen." He said and Zexion shrugged. 

"Zexion can sometimes tell things like that." Braig said smugly. 

"That's pretty amazing." Vexen said leaning in to Zexion slightly as Zexion single
handedly tried to get the drunken man into a chair successfully. Demyx shyly came to
help out and they finally got Luxord to stop moving like an idiot.

"Somehow he always manages to get drunk AND THEN find us. When he's sober, he can't
find us." Xaldin said chuckling again.

"We should really keep him sober." Axel joked and Braig smirked.

"You were always a swell fellow." He said sarcastically in a joking way. Axel's
eyebrow perked up slightly.

"You saying I'm mean?" He asked and Braig shook his head.

"No I'm just joking around." Braig said and Axel shrugged and looked over and Luxord
was practically snoring on the bar.

The chatter amongst the people stopped the second the door opened. It was dead

"That's where you are." A deep voice called into the small room. Then he was in view.
Not exactly Hitler, but definitely someone close.  

"Ah. Xemnas." Axel said and turned on his seat. Vexen glared up at him, not meaning
to. He just seemed like a very... Non cheerful person. Xaldin smirked. 

"What brings you here?" He asked and Xemnas fully walked in. His white hair trailed
behind him like a snowfall. He had the most wicked smile that anyone could ever give.

"I just was wondering what you were doing associating with Jews." He replied harshly.

"Well, This was one of the Generals in the war. He fought with the Dutch a few years
back." Axel explained simply and Zexion and Demyx just quietly observed from the

"Ah." Xemnas said and Braig chuckled light heartedly.

"That's how I got this." He said and pointed to his cheek as he leaned over the
opposite part of the bar table with his opposite hand cupping his face. He stood up
straight and stuck out his hand. "Xemnas. You were a General too?" He asked and
Xemnas just glared at his hand.

"Yes." He said and looked at Luxord then looked at Zexion. "Tend to him boy." He
snapped and Zexion's heart skipped. He turned to his father nervously for some aid.
Braig nodded and Zexion walked over slowly and Demyx helped him get Luxord up. They
brought him to the back and laid him on the couch. Zexion bit his lip and collapsed
by the couch and held in his tears. He never feared his life so much. That man was
pure evil he could feel it. Just by looking at him he heard the screams of innocent
lives. It made him sick to his stomach. Quickly he ran to a garbage can and relieved
himself from the acid. 

"What's wrong brother?" Demyx asked and he shook his head.

"Nothing Demyx. Just... I don't feel to well. You should go clean some of the tables
off for more customers. I'll get him settled and I'll be right there." Zexion said
and Demyx nodded slowly. Not being sure what a drunken Nazi would do if he woke up.
Demyx trudged out of the room and Zexion hesitantly walked over to the passed out man
and gulped. He wet a rag and wiped his face. He examined him closely not really
WANTING to but HAVING to. His face was pale. He had short blonde hair and facial hair
that outline his mouth. His breath reeked of alcohol. Zexion spat his tongue out in
disgust as he looked around not really knowing exactly WHAT to do with a drunk guy
passed out on the spare couch. He stood up and walked to the door. He peeked his head
out and saw the strange man was still there so closed the door and sighed. He heard a
gasp come from behind him and the drunk guy on the couch was sitting up looking like
he just had a nightmare. 

"W-where am I?" He asked and just now Zexion actually saw that he was BRITISH. His
accent was thick. Zexion just thought that he was being drunk and stupid but this guy
was actually British!

"Your in my fathers restaurant." Zexion mumbled but hopefully loud enough for Luxord
to hear.

"Axel.. Vexen.. Xaldin?" He asked and Zexion nodded slowly.

"They're out there... With.. Xemnas?" He stumbled on Xemnas' name like he didn't want
to get it wrong. Luxord made a face. Like he just chugged 3 gallons of lemon juice.
Zexion couldn't help but smirk slightly.

"Ew.. Whas he doin' here?" Luxord slurred and Zexion shrugged.

"Beats me." Zexion said and Luxord turned to him shocked.

"Well thas a HORRIBLE thing to do to a lil kid!" He exclaimed and Zexion took a
minute to actually get what Luxord was babbling about. He then had a grin spread on
his lips.

"No. Not like that. I don't know why he's here." Zexion said and Luxord shrugged and
stood up. He was stumbling but not as bad as before. He seemed at least a bit more

"Oh god... I jus remembered... I dun wanna see him." Luxord said and plopped down on
the couch. "If he asks... I... I got alcohol poisoning and died.. Idunno, your
Jewish, you hate me, I'm half Dutch, make something up. I'm sure you could come up
wiff vile things to do." Luxord said and giggled like a drunken idiot.

"Well.. As pleasant as that is... No I'm not faking your whole death. He's going to
want to see you and then I'm going to get in trouble for not being a doctor." Zexion

"Ah, well... Can ya get me some water luv?" He asked and laughed and Zexion blinked a
few times. Luv? What the hell was this guy drinking?

"Uh.. Sure but Xemnas will know your up.." Zexion said and Luxord huffed.

"Oh bugger. Your right." Luxord sighed and laid down on the couch. "Um.. Whatever."

Normally Zexion had a fear of Nazi's. But Luxord... Seemed harmless. He'd probably
kill an ant because he tripped on it while he was drunk.

"Are you... Always like this?" Zexion asked slowly and repositioned himself since his
legs were getting tired.

"Always like what luv?" He mumbled while turning to Zexion.

"Drunk." Zexion replied bluntly.

"Oh.. That... Actually.. No. I'm not. I jus.. Idunno. I need something to..
Intoxicate me." Luxord said putting an extra emphasis on the 'TOX' in intoxicate. 

"Why?" Zexion asked not caring if he'd be in trouble for questioning a Nazi.

"Cas. Jus.. Things not working out so wonderfull...y.." Luxord said slowly.

"How?" Zexion asked getting intrigued into Luxord's personal life.

"Well... My wife is divorcing me." Luxord said and gave a cheesy grin. "Ain't that a
bugger? And my daughter chose her over me... Somethin bout me bein' a Nazi or
something. Dun blame her really. I dun wanna be a Nazi." Luxord said and laid back
down. Zexion felt a hint of sorrow for Luxord.

"...W--" He was cut off by Luxord laughing.

"Aren't you full of questions bloke?" He said cutely and sat up straight. "I dun want
to kill anyone... To much work." Luxord said and Zexion rolled his eyes.

"Well that's kind of lazy." Zexion retorted and the door was opened.

"Oh Luxord." Xemnas said venomously and Luxord gave him a cheesy grin.

"Oh.. You.. How's the Mrs.?" Luxord asked innocently and Xemnas raised an eyebrow.

"I was never married." He replied bluntly and Luxord tapped his chin in thought.

"Well... Then that means my question was illiterate." Luxord said and Xemnas crossed
his arms.

"That's not even used in the correct context." Xemnas said and Luxord rubbed his
small beard.

"Oh bugger." He mumbled. Xemnas turned to Zexion and eyed him angrily.

"Don't tell me you were being nice to the Jew." He said and Zexion clutched his fists
angrily but his face didn't show any anger. It hid all emotions.

"Pfftttt!! Nice to a Jew? No!.. I was jus... Teachin him.. How to hold a... tea cup?"
Luxord said and if Zexion wasn't so angry he'd probably smack his forehead.

"You and your stereotypical jokes." Xemnas groaned and Luxord flashed him a pearly
white smile.

"I know luv." He said and Xemnas glared at him.

"Call me love one more time." He snapped and Luxord shrugged.

"Sorry." He said and Xemnas rolled his eyes and left the room. "Well that was a jolly
good show ol' chap!"

"Your... Strange." Zexion said and Luxord rose from the couch.

"So I've been told." He said and walked out of the door with the slight(immense) help
of Zexion.

Demyx eyed Zexion carefully as he helped him. Suspicion overwhelmed him. Maybe Luxord
was going to try to hurt him. That was never good. He quickly walked over and helped
Zexion out. Zexion smiled at his little brother.

"Thanks." He mouthed and Demyx just gave him a slight smile. "Get the mop." Zexion
said and Demyx raised his eyebrow and Luxord tripped, fell out of their hands,
slammed into one of the customers and their drink crashed to the floor. "Get a mop."
Zexion repeated and pulled Luxord back to the bar.

"Bugger, I thought I was doing this right." Luxord muttered and sat down. "I don't
need your help anymore." Luxord said and Zexion eyed him as in saying 'yeah. OK' but
who was he to turn down helping out a Nazi?

Zexion walked behind the counter and stood on the direct side of Luxord but made sure
it didn't look like he was paying attention to him. In less than 10 seconds Zexion
practically flew over the counter and grabbed Luxord's arm to prevent him from
falling. Vexen's eyes lit up and he smirked.

"How did you know that was going to happen?" He asked intrigued and Zexion shook his

"I didn't.. Just.. Fast reflexes." He lied and Vexen stood up and leaned over the
counter and gave Zexion a hard look.

"Don't lie to me Jew." He said sternly and Zexion looked back at him.

"I'm not." Zexion said calmly then walked off to take orders. Vexen's stare grew

"Calm down dude." Axel said smiling and Vexen smirked evilly.

"Oh don't worry. I'm perfectly calm." Vexen said smoothly.

March 23 1933:

Zexion was standing behind the counter wiping it down. No one was there. It was just
him. Braig and Demyx went to the store to get something for the restaurant. There was
a knock at the door and Zexion sighed and walked to it.

"We're closed." Zexion said without opening it.

"I can read." A familiar British accent joked and Zexion raised his eyebrow and
opened the door. 

"..Luxord?" He questioned and Luxord was leaning on the door with a smirk.

"In the flesh." He said grinning.

"Your not... Drunk." Zexion said and Luxord nodded.

"Yeah. Me and my wife finally split. I'm a free man. Kind of... Happy? I don't know."
He said and Zexion smirked.

"Who knew you could actually speak a non-slurring sentence." He joked slyly and
Luxord flicked his nose smirking.

"Oh shut up." He said and chuckled then continued leaning on the doorframe.

"Um... Come in.." Zexion said and opened he door and Luxord flashed him a smile.

"Well thanks. My legs were getting quite tired." He said and Zexion rolled his eyes
and the two sat in a booth in the corner.

"Um.. Want something?" Zexion asked and Luxord's eyebrow perked up. "To.. Drink."
Zexion continued and Luxord chuckled.

"Is that a hidden joke?" He mused and Zexion smiled slightly and shook his head.

"No. Do you want anything to drink?" Zexion asked and Luxord shrugged.

"Maybe some whiskey." He smirked and Zexion blinked. "Fine. Water." He said and
Zexion nodded and got up and got 2 glasses of water and walked back placing them on
the table. They sat across from each other and didn't speak much. 

"Well... This is awkward?" Luxord said and Zexion looked at him.

"Well you’re a Nazi, I'm a Jew." Zexion said blankly and Luxord rolled his eyes.

"Sorry. I forgot." He said and stood up. "I should leave then--"

"No... I mean you don't have to." Zexion said and turned his head to the side, his
cheeks burning. Luxord laughed.

"Alright, I'll stay a bit longer then." He said and Zexion nodded. "How come you
don't... smile." Luxord asked and sat right in the seat and tilted his head only

"I do." Zexion said and faked a small smile.

"Oh that's just pathetic!" Luxord said and laughed.

"Well.. I just don't smile to much I guess." Zexion said and Luxord leaned in, not by
a lot just enough to show Zexion he was interested.

"Why?" Luxord asked and Zexion brushed his hair out of his face with his fingers. For
the first time Luxord saw Zexion's full face. His two perfectly bright blue eyes and
his pale skin and his lips that always seemed to be downwards in a frown or in no
emotion at all. His skin looked soft to the touch. Luxord leaned back and put his
hands in his lap to force himself to not do anything.

"Well.. My mom left us. I was.. 7. She left me and Demyx. And my father. She just
walked out. She didn't love us. I guess she has a family now that she loves. Maybe
she'll stay with them. Or maybe she made them attached to her just to leave them to
see them squirm." Zexion said softly.

"...Why would she do that to her sons and her husband?" Luxord asked interested and
Zexion peeked at him through the fallen strands of hair.
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