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What Is Your High School Stereotype???????Category: Quizes
Wednesday, 10 June 2009
04:05:05 PM (GMT)
What Is Your High School Stereotype???
I have had to try to make this as boy/girl friendly as possible, but bear with me!

Q1. What would be your ideal weekend????

a) Hanging out with my mates at the mall/pitch.
b) Studying, reading, or spending extra time at school.
c) In my room. Listening to music. Ignoring/Annoying my parents.
d) Drawing, writing, climbing up trees.
e) Annoying everyone. Hanging about at the park.
f)  . . . . . .

Q2. Where do you like to hang out????

a) The pitch/mall
b) The library
c) My room/skatepark
d) Up a tree 
e) Everywhere
f) . . . . . . .

Q3. Describe yourself in 5 words????

a) Sporty, fit, good looking + popular
b) Nerdy, smart, glasses, loner, geeky
c) Gothic, black, depressed, grieving, loud
d) Individual, unique, tree climber, deep
e) Hyper, hyper, loud, hyper, + hyper!!! 
f) . . . . . . . 

Q4. What are you faveourite colours????

a) Red, pink, blue/team colours.
b) Brown, blue, white, grey.
c) Black, navy, dark purple.
d) Green, orange, bright purple.
e) Blue/pink.
f) . . . . . . .

Q5. What are you favourite subjects at school?

a) PE, Art, Lunch
b) English, Maths, Science
c) None
d) English, Art, Modern Studies
e) odern Studies, Art, Science
f) . . . . . . . .


If you answered mostly . . . . . 

A)s, you are a jock/cheerleader
                                                 You are quite sporty, and worry more
about how you look and act than the person inside you. You need to live your precious
life while you can, or someday it might be too late.

B)s, you are a nerd
                              You quite like school, but your social life isn't too
great.  You focus a lot on your studies, which is good, but you SERISOULY need to get
out more!!!! As in cheerleader/jock, you need to live your life, and love every
minute of it.

C)s, you are an emo/goth
                                          You see very dark, and locked up to
yourself.  You need to live a little, and learn to appreciate life as you know it.
Loosen up a bit, and live life!!!!!!

D)s, you are an individual
                                        You like to be fun, and life loving. You are
like a modern day hippy. You love life, and enjoy almost every minute of it. You need
to show your other side though, and let out some emotion.

E)s, you are a first year
                                     You love life, and enjoy being hyper and
annoying people. My only advice to you is . . . . keep loving life like you do!!!

F)s, you are a . . . . . .
                                   . . . . . . . . need I say more????

‹branches› says:   10 June 2009   329915  
Wtballs? I refuse to be called a hippie.
This is prejudiced.
I will not stand for this.
Ocean_JL shouts:   10 June 2009   725379  
Ok, I didn't mean you were an EXACT hippy. Like a cool modern day
one. Very nice one. I didn't mean to be offensive, and I don't see how
it is predjudice. I'm  genuinely sorry if I offended anyone.
Naro says :   13 June 2009   742517  
C) yay emo.
ssigh . . . . . . . . . . . . ..


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