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Thursday, 28 May 2009
06:25:49 PM (GMT)
I am 6, My mom has recently met this new man, He has leather jacket and an ear stud, he is scary, mom said not to be scared and be kind, Yh right I am very little, He says 'Hi im Dave! whats your little girl' I reply, 'Megan' and run away, Mom and i sleep over at his house every weekend, We live in wolverhampton, And Dave lives in westbromwich, Then when i turn 7 mom decides, well dave and mom decide that me and mom move in, I have my own room, which is great, but we dont have the money to decorate it, so i have to wait! When i get to know dave, he seems nice, he took out his ear stud and started wearing proper clothes jeans and t-shirts! ************* I remember my REAL dad, Loi, My mom and him split up when i was little, I see him every weekend, He doesnt know where i live now, So he my mom normaly takes me with her in HER car to lydls, a shop, and parks in the car-park and wait for him to pick me up there, i get excited all the time, he takes me to these wonderful places, everywhere, Star City, Cinemas, Bowling, Expensive restraunts, and Merry hill! I loved it, Then one night after coming home to bed, out with my dad, i started crying when i was in bed, my mom and dave came running up wondering whats the matter,I said ' I miss my daaaad!' And they rang my dad and he spoke to me, saying ' Whats the matter meggy'I replyed, 'I miss you' he said, ' Dont worry meggy ill see you again' and from then on my dad saw me everyweekend, when it was the holidays (6 weeks) I used to go and sleep over at my dads for a week or 2, then me, dave and mom would go on holiday, not every summer holiday but we went to spain when i was 8. ************* When i turned 9 the seeing my dad slowy stopped, but he still saw me but not as much, because my mom was pregnant, With my little brother Josh, So, i couldnt see him, but he still bought me presents for every event, and i was very happy and hugged him all the time, then when i turned 10, my dad had found a new girlfriend, I was out to see him, now he knew where i lived he picked me up, and when i climbed into his red car i saw na girl sitting in the front, she said nothing at first, then my dad said 'Say hi to aunty janice' i said hi, shyly, and then i realized it wasnt just anyone it was his NEW girlfriend!, I was shocked, since i was only little, i thought he still loved my mom, but then mum explained, that thats the reason people divorce because they dont love each other anymore!, i was very sad, she was kind to me at first, but then i think she realized she didnt like me, so, i think she told my dad not to see me again, he did in the end but with HER again, we went to Star City, it was fun, but not with her, He stopped seeing me for ages after that, I thought he loved her more than me, igot very upset and dave, (i call him dad now), supported me about it! ************* I had a phone from my uncle his old one, and he had 5 pound on it, i asked my mom for my dads phone number so i could text him, i did, but then there came a reply, ' Dont text me again, i am very busy' i replyed ' Ok dad, love you x' He replyed ' good ok' i then knew that when i texted my dad, somtimes his girlfriend read it, and text horrible texts back, i realized it was my fault i sent horrible ones back, my dad, rang and asked if i had been horrible, i said no and explained he said ok, and never siad i love you, i was really sad then...and she even called my mom a BITCH!, She was evil, but still, my dad is stupid, choosing not to see me, i turned 11 not long after and he never saw me, it was nearly over an year when he finaly saw me again, and it was in 2009, when i was about to turn 12, i was happy, he took me to the cinemas, and then to eat, and then bowling, it was the best! It was in january i think.... ************* And since then i havent seen him since, hes been too 'BUSY' probably has, but i dont care no more, he doesnt obviously so..there you go! THIS IS TRUE BY THE WAY, IT IS, I NEVER MADE IT UP, I AM A GOOD STORY WRITER BUT TRUST ME ITS TRUE!

‹Luvvy♥› says :   28 May 2009   337741  
 I can't believe your dad did that to you...
but i hope that your happy with your mom...


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