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...Uh, hi?Category: My life.....
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
06:22:10 AM (GMT)

Dunno...I have been active in Kupika ever since K-net was created. XD (K-net is the
forum for Kupika, if ppuls don't know.) I have also bookmarked Kupika on FireFox and
I am always tempted to click it the moment I open the computer. XD

But anyway, that's not the reason why I wrote a diary. This is about...the
Canada-exchange student thing. (If that's how you call it.) While eating dinner about
10 minutes ago (yes, I eat fast. @_@), my grandpa handed me a brown envelope and when
I looked at the address, it was from ABE. (Ashoro Board of Education)

I wanted to read the letter but I can't seem to read it.

No matter how much I try to read the kanji, it's like my mind was totally blank at
the moment. And all I was thinking was to eat the delicious Udon in front of

Since my Dad is a Japanese and is a fast-reader, he was able to finish reading the
letter for about a minute. @_@ He then said that the letter said I can't go to
Canada. I skipped through the crappy greetings (the first lines of the letter was
about the weather, the season and some other crappy greetings that are only there to
suspense people. XD) and jumped to the part where it says their decision.

Since I don't know much kanji Like I said before, my mind was blank and I
can't read a thing, be it hiragana or kanji, that I wasn't able to digest what it
said. But since Dad repeated it/read it for me, it was confirmed that I can't go to

Well, I'm not saddened by it. (Well, ok, maybe a little.) I don't know what to feel
or what to say actually....(yet I'm able to write a diary entry @_@) I also know why
they haven't chosen me. Here are the reasons that I suspect are the reasons why they
didn't let me go:

1. Because my answers were stupid. = There is no doubt about this one. No
matter how good my English is, (well, not really that good but better than the
average Japanese Junior High School student) as long as I didn't have a decent
answer, I won't be able to go. (Please check this diary if you're interested:
http://kupika.com/diarypage.php?id=e4a0bdcf8823fbtj0sxh   I'm narrating the day of
the interview.)

2. Because I'll spoil  the fun? = Umm...50% of this one being one of the
reasons? I mean...if I can talk straight to the kids in Canada during the exchange
student thingy, it'll be quite...uninteresting to the Japanese ones. (Okay, I'm not
ditching them or anything.) 

3. I'm only half Japanese. = This is a little connected to reason number 2.
They're asking for Japanese Junior High School students, not
some randomer whose half-Japanese and came from the Philippines. @_@

Anyway, enough of the reasons thingy already. (When did I started to sound like a
certain someone anyway?! Ughh...>_< ) I'm sure that my rival in school is gonna laugh
at my face because of this. >_< Heck, everything I do, she laughs about it and
continues judging me. (i.e. how ugly I am, how weird my fat leg is XD etc.)

Last edited: 27 May 2009

‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   27 May 2009   359369  
Its okay 
‹Luvvy♥› says:   27 May 2009   299851  
aww its fine...
at least you tried your hard...

and about the japanese and philippines thingy is true..
that is just mean...
your still japanese tho..
‹.............................› says:   27 May 2009   731886  
Awww its okay
and your diarys are NOT stupid!!!!!!!
And i am being honest okay
Oroborus21 says:   27 May 2009   588677  
well i think that sucks.... they would have had a much better
experience with you and you would have been a really good

but maybe you can apply again next time and do better on your
interview and if not dont worry about it. you will probably travel a
lot when you are older.
Oroborus21 says:   27 May 2009   865877  
btw i t just occurred to me that one of the reasons for the trip is
to help students to learn english better so maybe your excellent
command of english was actually a detriment and they would rather give
your spot to someone that would benefit in learning more. if you do
getto apply again next year, say that your english isnt too bad but
that it could use improving and downplay how well you know english a
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   28 May 2009   893412  
Thank you guys for all your comments. Hopefully, the result doesn't
me bother that much and it didn't affect my...everyday routine. XD

To Eddie:
Well....I don't know. But I sure don't think that that is one of the
reasons. The Canadian kids surely didn't go to Japan to be able to
learn Japanese, right? XD And it also says in the paper:

The students of Ashoro Junior High School and High School would
"homestay" to Ashoro's sister city, Wetaskiwin in the Alberta state
(?). The purpose of this trip is to widen the students' knowledge of
other countries' culture and have a great experience.

Blah, blah, blah. That's what it says.

And I've also noticed that the school principal has to "nominate" or
vote for me to have a better..."influence" on the people deciding who
will go and will not. And because the school principal is a new one, I
doubt he nominated me. XD But if it were the same principal last year
(he knew that I came from the Philippines and stuff), he WOULD HAVE
nominated me. >_<

Long comment is long.
Oroborus21 says :   29 May 2009   754342  
ugh.... oh well... it sucks a bit but you will have your own great
travels in the future dont worry


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