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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter Eight.Category: (general)
Monday, 18 May 2009
01:01:13 AM (GMT)
"We're almost here!" Aunt Marg finally said,as we passed a sign that said
     I stared out my window at all of the sights.Trees,trees,trees,Tim Hortons,a
convenience store,a huge ass mall,houses,houses,McDonald's(ouch...memories),more
houses,Wal-Mart,two churches,a playground,more houses,another playground,a bank,a
post office,a school,etc.It wasn't the biggest place I've been in,but it looked
friendly enough.Then again,I didn't start school until the week after,so who really
knew what to expect?
     After about twenty minutes,aunt Marg pulled up in a fancy looking driveway with
a fancy looking house right before us.
     "Is this our house!?" June gasped.
     "This is..Stephen's house," she laughed as Stephen opened his door and got
out."Thanks for everything.Bye,Stephen!"
     "No problem.Have fun in your new home,June and Avery.You'll like it;I
promise.See ya,guys!" he waved.We waved back.Stephen was cool.
     We drove a little further down the road,and aunt Marg pulled up again.This time
she drove up a driveway where the house looked not as nice as Stephen's house,but
decent.I liked it right away.
     "This is it,guys," she looked at our faces for reactions."You can leave your
stuff in the truck for now.We'll get that later.Come inside and take a look
    I hopped out of the truck,grabbing only my iPod,and ran up to get a better look
at the house.It was bright yellow with a navy blue front door.It looked like it had
two or three stories,and it looked much bigger than my old house.It had a flight of
about 13 wooden stairs leading to the front door.
     Aunt Marg stuck her key into the keyhole and twisted it around a little.I hated
the anxiety building up in me.It was like she was twisting the key in slow-mo.
     She finally hauled open the door,and wowee zowee!It was heaven.At least it
looked like heaven.As soon as I walked in,I saw a large hallway leading to what
looked like the kitchen.I also saw a dark staircase leading upstairs located directly
across from where I was standing.I kicked off my sneakers and ran down the hallway in
     Yep.I ran straight into the kitchen,which was 10 x the size of my old
kitchen.Attached to the kitchen was a living room and a bathroom.I ran into the
living room to find a little door.I guessed it was one of the bedrooms.
     "Computer room,Ave." Aunt Marg corrected me.Whoa.A computer room.I have never
had a "computer room" in my entire life.Mom just placed it in Brendan's bedroom,since
he was the oldest.
     "Come downstairs.I'll show you your room," she lead me to a random door in the
kitchen,and opened it.It was dark until she flicked on a light.Then the stairs lit
up,and I was so freaking excited,I actually let out a tiny squeal.Girlish,I know.But
that's me.
     Downstairs was a huge room with a big screen TV,two long couches,a pool
table,and a mini fridge.The walls were covered in abstract paintings(did I tell you
aunt Marg was an artist?),and I was amazed.Apparently,this room was the rec room.And
apparently,all of the basement was mine,because nobody really went to the rec
room.There was also a pink themed bathroom and of course,my bedroom.
     When aunt Marg opened up my bedroom door,I just about died.It was so big.Bigger
than any room I had ever lived in.There wasn't much in there at the time,because my
stuff was still in the truck,but oh.It WOULD look awesome once I was done with
     "The paint on the walls are just temporary.Some day next week,we're going to
Home Hardware to pick out some new colors," aunt Marg explained.YESSS.
     After I was done obsessing over my new room,she showed me upstairs.She told me I
wouldn't need to go up there very often,because it was just a bathroom and hers and
June's rooms.
     Once we were done with the little tour,I went to get my things out of the truck
and rearranged my new room.I put my guitar in the corner.I put my Spider-man
comforter on my new bed.Yes.I said Spider-man.I put my cd rack in another corner.I
put Lulu on the bed.I put my hair products and makeup on my nightstand.Yes.I said
hair products and makeup.Get over it.
When I was done with that,I went to the rec room and pulled a can of Dr.Pepper out of
the mini fridge.I sprawled out on the couch,and flicked on the television.Welcome
to the good life,Ave.Welcome to the good life.


This is a diagram of where he lives.And yes.I DID get bored.Leave me alone.I want the
readers to have a good idea.God.


beast_of_burden says:   18 May 2009   774577  
I like how the legend looks wrote by hand. :3
‹karissaatethem› says:   18 May 2009   583866  
It is wrote by hand. xD I was sitting there when she did it on paint
‹Kyliebear has quit› says:   18 May 2009   719776  
Realy good story courtney,

Good job^.^
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   18 May 2009   439272  
The legend was written by hand. xD
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   18 May 2009   873149  
I LOVE it.
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   19 May 2009   793614  
(: Thanks.It means alot.
‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   20 May 2009   378929  
LOVE IT!!!!!!!! *SQUEEL*
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   20 May 2009   328853  
Thanks so much. :D

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