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I'm Being Watched . . . .Category: My Social Life
Wednesday, 13 May 2009
03:20:33 PM (GMT)
Ok, I am now sitting in the library.
I am at one of the computer tables, and opposite me there are more. On the one
directly opposite me, there is a guy who keeps flicking his eyes up at me,
like he's studying me for something or other. I have decided to study him, so I will
now give you a detailed description of him.
He looks about my age - 16 or 17 -  and looks quite tall. I can't tell of course, as
he's sitting down. He has kind of dark blond hair, you know, the kind that just flops
down over his eyes. I can't tell exactly, but I think that he has a kind of green in
his eyes. The rest of his features on his face are kind of, well, average. He's
wearing a white t-shirt, with a kind of design on it, like somebody has been writing
out lines from detention on it. It looks kind of cool, actually.
He just looked at me the same time I looked at him. I raised my eyebrows at him, but
he just smiled. I'm going onto my other window aswell now, the one with my school
work on. I'm just typing up my report, when suddenly a small scrap of paper is
landing on my lap. I've just read it, and this is what it said . . . 

Hey, I'm Kyle.
Who're you?

And then at the bottom was his email address. I don't see why he's so interested in
me, but I'm actually really curious. I go onto my account on msn, and type him an
email, using his address. I just ask why does he need to know, and stuff along those
lines. I can tell that he's recieved it, because a few moments later, I see his
eyebrows shoot up his forehead, but then he smiles. I get an email back, asking my
why I'm so worried. It also asks how old am I, anyway. I smiply reply that I'm Storm,
and that I'm 16. Once he's read it, he instantly smiles and says tht he's 16 too. I
email him a reply, asking why he wants to know everything, and why he kept looking at
me earlier. He says that his friend told him to tell them if anybody ese came in, and
since they didn't have a webcam, they needed to be told a description. To this, I
retort, asking why the friend wanted to know in the first place. He emails back,
saying that the friend only wanted to know about girls, dot dot dot. I roll my eyes
behind my computer screen, and I'm sure that he notices. I reply, asking him why he
wants to know this kind of thing. All I get is another dot dot dot. I smile to
myself, and write that he can tell me. He seems to ignore it, and asks if my real
name is Storm. I sigh, and say that yes it is. My mum is the kind of person who would
call me that. Trust her.
He steps up out of his chair, and walks over to a bookcase. He picks up a book, but I
can't make out the title or the author. I was just about to read the spine, when he
sits down and starts typing at his computer again. It comes up with instant
messanger, and I know that it's him, as at the bottom it tells me that it's Kyle.
Kyle: So, how're you?
Storm: Yeah, I'm fine. What book did you just get off the shelf?
Kyle: You hypocrite.
Storm: How? I'm only asking . . .
Kyle: You kept getting all annoyed at me asking you questions, and now you're doing
Storm: Ooops, my bad. Well, will you tell me?
There's a long pause, but I think that it's because he's heard from his friend. He
screws his face up, then frowns, and then smiles slightly. He catches my eye, and
smiles at me. I widen my eyes, and flick my gaze back at my screen. 
Kyle: Sorry about that. My friend was emailng me.
Storm: Ok, I'm over being a hypocrite. What was he saying?
Kyle: . . . . You wouldn't like it if I told you.
Storm: Pretty please? The worst that could happen is what? I get irratated by your
Kyle: He says that you sound cute.
Storm: There, that wasn't so bad now, was it?
Kyle: I guess not . . .
Storm: How could he know . . . Oh, your descriptions! You didn't send him photos of
me, did you?
Kyle: No, but he wants me to. SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!
I'm confused, and look up at Kyle for any hints. I smile at him, but then there's a
small flash. He tricked me. Ugh, why did he do that?
Storm: Why did you do that? At least let me see it!
Kyle: Ok . . . 
I look at the picture he sent, and I have to admit, it's a really good photo of me. I
have some of my hair falling down over my eyes, and a small smile across my face. My
eyes seem to glimmer - none of that red eye rubbish - and I smile. He sees this, and
lets out a small sigh.
Storm: Fine. Just hurry up and send it before I change my mind.
Kyle: Ok, done. Wait, he's replying. He says that you are super cute. 
Storm: . . . . . Umm, tell him I said thanks. 
Kyle: Ok, I will. He also said that he should be coming through here in about 2
Storm: What, really? Ok, so what does that mean for me?
Kyle: You haven't talked to me, ok? Or, messaged, whatever.
Storm: Why?
Kyle: Because. Just trust me. He might come up to you, and ask you to go outside with
Storm: What if I want to stay here? Ok, don't tell me, I don't get a choice.
Kyle: It's not that . . . it's just . . . 
I look at him over my monitor, and looks back. I raise my eyebrows at him, and he
smiles. I tilt my head slightly, and he sighs.
Storm: I'm staying here. I don't care about this mystery friend . . .
Kyle: Dave.
Storm: Dave then. I don't know who this DAVE thinks he is, but I didn't come here to
find a date.
Kyle: Ok, ok, but you're not allowed to say that you talked to me. Ok?
Storm: Did I ever tell you that I hate rules? That just MAKES me want to tell him . .
. .
Kyle: D:
Storm: ^-^
Kyle: Please? Fine then, have it your way.
Storm: What exactly is this "DAVE" guy like, then? Like, you know.
Kyle: He looks kind of like that guy who just came in. Is.
Storm: See you later then.
I close off my messenger, and go back to my report. I see Dave going over to Kyle,
and I can faintly hear some hushed whispers. I know that they're talking about me, I
can tell. He looks at me, Dave I mean, and then Kyle too. I keep my head down, but I
still sit up straight. I can still hear murmurs, and then Dave stands up straight,
and starts walking around the desk. He comes to where I am, and I look up from my
"Hey, can I help you with something, or are you busy trying to annoy me," I ask, my
voice filled with annoyance. Dave has similar hair to Kyle, but it's black. His eyes
are a bright blue, and kind of sparkly. There is only one thing from making him cute,
and that is the fact that his eyes are nowhere near my own. They are looking at Kyle.
I turn back in my chair, and continue with my report. I'm almost done, but I try to
make it longer, just so that maybe he would go away and I could chat to Kyle again.
"Nah, sorry. Is that "Alexander III" you're doing that on?" he asks, looking at my
screen. I roll my eyes, and answer wearily.
"Yes, well done, it is. I'm nearly done, actually. Now, can I help you with
something?" He looks at my eyes, and for one second, it's like we're sharing a
telepathic conversation. Then he looks away, blushing slightly.
"Uh, yeah. Umm, could I show you something outside?" I roll my eyes, and glance at
Kyle. He sees this, and hunches down behind his computer. I smile slightly to myself,
but then turn back to Dave.
"No. I'm fine here, actually. Now if you don't mind, I'm trying to do my report." I
say this a little bit louder than what I intended, and the librarian comes over.
"Is this boy annoying you, Storm?" Ms. Gren asks. I give her a small smile.
"Ever so slightly. But don't worry about it, he's just leaving." I look at him, and
defeated, he walks out of the building. I sigh, and bring up messenger again.
Storm: That went quite well, I think.
Kyle: . . . . . Wow.
Storm: Thanks. I did say that I didn't come here for a date.
Kyle: Yeah, but that was great! You showed him!
Storm: Showed him what?
Kyle: So far, no girl has turned him down. Ha! Just shows you.
Storm: Well, it's not my problem. I haven't talked with him for two minutes, and he
wants to show me something outside? It sounds quite dodgy, if you ask me.
Kyle: Yeah, I guess so. What did you think of him?
Storm: ^.~ never you mind!
Kyle: -.- Come on! You can tell your best friend Kyle!
Storm: . . . . Best friend? And no. You would just go and tell him.
Kyle: Well, aqquaintance. And no, I wouldn't. This is confidential stuff.
Storm: Well, it's my business, not yours. Ok? 
Kyle: Well, I don't know about that, but ok.
Storm: Good. What do you want to talk about?
Kyle: You and your feelings for Dave . . .
Storm: >
Kyle: Ok, well, idk.
Storm: Well, my report was done a while ago. You and Dave are the only reasons that
this seat is still occupied.
Kyle: lol. Well, umm, what now? Can I show you something outside? ^-^
Storm: > what?
Kyle: Secret. Please?
Storm: What is it with you guys?
Kyle: . . . . . Your natural charms and good looks?
Storm: Seriously.
Kyle: I have no idea. Seriously. We are guys, what do you expect?
Storm: I suppose. I don't know, a friend, someone who DOESN'T keep secrets . . . .
Kyle: Ok, point taken.
Storm: Thank you.
Kyle: -.- I am getting bored.
Storm: Me too, see you later . . .
Kyle: NO, NO, NO! Please don't go, seriously.
Storm: Or what? Remember, you can tell your BF Storm . . .
Kyle: You're a better conversationist than Dave.
Storm: Am I? Fascinating. Off I pop.
Kyle: Storm . . . .
Storm: Yes? I am here, Storm's my name, yes?
Kyle: Don't go. Please. 
Storm: *raises eyebrow* Why? I have your email here, I can email you when I get
Kyle: I want to talk to you. 
Storm: You could message me . . .
Kyle: But we haven't actually talked yet. Please? 
Storm: *rolls eyes* meet you outside in 5? I just need to print this off.
Kyle: Ok, see you there. ^^
He gets up out of his seat, and checks his book out. He steps outside, and sits on a
bench. I print my report off, and log off the computer. I thank Ms. Gren, and make my
way outside. I realise that I haven't actually talked to him yet, not really.
"Storm, nice to meet you in person at last," he smiles at me. His voice is quite
deep, and pretty typical for someone his age. I smile back.
"Yeah, you too." I sit down on the bench, and so does he. We look each other in the
eye for a moment, but then switch our gaze to the ground. Neither of us say anything
for a while, but then I see Dave coming up the track. Well, wish me luck. "Dave's
just over there, and getting closer." I say to Kyle.
"Ah," he replies. "This could be bad news." We just sit in silent for a minute, while
he comes up the track. I can see a scowl on his face through my hair, but my eyes
look back to the ground. I change back to my normal self.
"Well, hello. You again. You know, I never caught your name." I smile at him, and he
raises his eyebrows. "I didn't ask, I'm merely stating a fact," I say, while he turns
to Kyle. I can tell what's coming for Kyle, and I'm sure that he knows too. I'm
thinking, PLEASE, KYLE, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!! but I don't know if it will work. 
"Kyle, could I talk to you?" I was just about to stand up and leave, when a scrap of
paper fell out of my bag. I bend down to pick it up, but Dave gets there first. I
glance at Kyle, trying to warn him. He sees my signal, but he can't do anything. Dave
spins arund the piece of paper, for us both to see.

Hey, I'm Kyle.
Who're you?

His email was just below the message. I can see the two boys glaring at each other,
and I don't know what to say. I can see them both arguing, but my mind is working
away. I'm gazing into the sky, thinking about random things. Will I ever be able to
get my report done? Have I finished it properly? Has my brother ransacked my room? Is
it pizza for tea? As you can see, I was totally unaware of Dave and Kyle staring at
me. I shake my head, and I reurn to planet Earth.
"Sorry, what did I miss?" I smile, but soon that smile fades. They are both talking
to me at the same time, Dave angrily, and Kyle, well, in a Kyle sort of way. I sloch
down on the bench, and sigh. They both fall silent, and look at me. I give a weak
smile, and turn to them.
"Look, are you going to tell me what's going on? If it's to do with me, I should have
a right to know." They both look at me, then at each other, and at the ground. They
both blush slightly, and shrug.
"It's . . . it's not really anything, Storm," Kyle says, with a glare from Dave in
return. Dave shoots a fake smile in my direction.
"What he means to say is that we both fancy you." I just stare at him, and roll my
eyes. Boys just let their mouths work quicker than their brains.
"Yeah, but neither of you know me, like, at all. How could you say that? I could be
an axe-murderer for all you know, and yet you like me? That's just not right, if you
ask me. Yeah, Kyle I could understand, because I've been talking to him. But you,
Dave? You've only just met me!"He scerws up his face, and I realise that I said the
wrong thing.
"How did you know my name? I mean, I didn't tell you it." It's my turn to look at the
ground now. "And I'm persuming that Kyle told you his," he says, showing us the bit
of paper.
"Why does it matter, Dave?" Kyle asks. "It's only a name. As she said, it's not as if
she's an axe-murderer." Dave just glares at him, and Kyle shuts up. It's almost as if
Dave has a hold over him.
"Anyway, as I said to Kyle, I didn't come here to find a date, ok? I certainly didn't
come here, to find a date who was rude, totally uncivil, who will just barge in and
irratate me, and also someone who is certainly, NOT good loooking, ok Dave?" And with
that, I walk off, leaving the two boys to argue behind me.

I hear from Kyle that evening. He popped up on Instant Messenger again. 
Kyle: Hey . . . If you want to you can talk to me, but I kind of figured that you
wouldn't . . . 
Storm: Nah, it wasn't you, just Dave.
Kyle (private): Just to say, he's looking in from his computer.
Storm (private): Ah.
Kyle: Well, sorry anyway.
Storm: Hey, don't worry. You can't help it if you're friends are jerks!!
Kyle: He's ok underneath the skin . . . . trust me.
Storm: That sounds seriously dodgy.
Kyle: D:
Storm: ^.^ 
Kyle: You know what I mean . . .
Storm: I know, yeah, I'm just messing with you.
Kyle(private): Please, say something nice about Dave . . . trust me.
Storm(private): Fine . . . .
Kyle: But you must like Dave, I mean, everyone likes him.
Storm: Yeah, I guess he's nice and all. 
Kyle: And . . . . . ?
Storm: I guess he's quite cute.
Kyle: You think?
Storm: Yeah, and I'm going to the park tomorrow.
Kyle: So . . . What, you want to meet him there?
Storm: If you would . . . .
Kyle: Yeah . . . so . . . whereabouts?
Storm: On the bench, next to the pond, at say about . . . . 11 o'clock ish?
Kyle: Sure, I'll let him know.
Storm: Thx ^-^
Kyle(private): We're safe now, he's gone for a shower.
Storm (private): Ok.
Kyle: Are you serisouly going to?
Storm: What?
Kyle: Go to the park?
Storm: Yeah! It will be fun.
Kyle: Just . . . . .
Storm: ? What ?
Kyle: Nothing . . . .
Storm: Please???????? ^o^ 
Kyle: . . . . . . . . . O_o
Strom: If you're that despersate, you can come too.
Kyle: Really??!! O.O
Storm: Sure.
Kyle: Thank you . . . . . I will be a good boy.
Srorm: Aye right. Now off to bed with you, you need a good kip.
Kyle: I didn't understand half of those words, but ok!

The next morning, I shower, and do all of those nessescary things that one needs to
do to prepare. I fling on some blue tops, and I look really like a hippy.I put some
old dangly necklaces on, plait a strand of my hair, just to look the part. I switch
on my computer one last time before heading downstairs. Instant messanger pops up
almost as soon as I go on, showing my Kyle.
Storm: Hey, Kyle, shouldn't you be getting ready?
Kyle: Nope.
Storm: What are you on about? ARE YOU LONERING ME??
Kyle: No, don't worry. Dave told me to tell you that he called it off for some footy
game or something.
Storm: Well, I guess that that's good. My day should be pretty normal then.
Kyle: Well, lucky me, I get to go to this match. This should be fun . . . .
Storm: :D 
Kyle: Not funny. I mean, you're not the one who has to watch Dave kicking some
infernal ball about. 
Storm: I apologise. I meant to say,  Kyle, I am so so so sorry. I feel your inner
pain . . . .
Kyle:  . . . . . . okay???
Storm: I know what I mean.
Kyle: Just as well . . . .
Kyle has signed off.

I stared blankly at my screen. One second he was there, and the next he went POOF!
Last edited: 28 August 2009

Naro says:   6 June 2009   538468  
oh, that weird Kyle guy you met? 
I remember you told us about him . . . . .
‹*~№шλΨÐ˚ι└˚ˇεΨ˚˘тЂя˚˘ģЂεˇ› sings :   6 June 2009   768247  
i laugh
i cry
i no
i remember
i think
i no 
i ponder
good bye


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