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Thursday, 7 May 2009
05:29:36 PM (GMT)
The next day was the day before there first day of college. They had figured out
what the date of there wedding was going to be. It was going to be over Christmas
break so that Katie could fly out and be here for it. Claire had to call her and tell
her so she did. "Hello?" Katie asked picking up her cell phone. "Hey girl! Its me!"
Claire said. "Oh my god HI!" Katie said and laughed. "We have figured out the date of
the wedding, its going to be over Christmas break so you can fly out." Claire said
happily. "Oh my god! When?" Katie asked anxiously. "December 18" Claire said. "Since
iits going to be a weekend and we get out the friday before that." "YAY! Im so
happy,I have already got my maid of honor dress and it looks Fab-U-lous!" Katie
cried. "Good I went shoppign for my dress to and we figured out that my little cousin
Jade,from my moms side is going to be the flower girl since there isn't anyone else
shes soooo cute!" Claire exclamied. "Awwh! What about the little ring barrer or
whatver?" Katie asked wanting to know every detail. "Oh thats going to be Chris's
little cousin...I think his name is Scott but im ot sure." Claire replied. "Oh cute!"
Katie said "I cannot believe we start college tomorrow!" "I know im a little nervous
but really excited I have always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher my WHOLE life
and now its going to happen!" Claire exclamied. "I know well, I gotta go me and a
couple of the girls I met are going to go hang out at the mall near campus but I'll
call you later K?" Katie said. "Oh ok bye" Claire said a little jealous. Katie hung
up. She couldn't believe katie already made friends and shes onyl been there for 2
days! Just then she remembered Katie was brave and would walk up to anyone. She
remeberd a time when they were 8 and they were at the park and they were suppose to
be home by 4 and they dodnt have a clock near them or with them so Katie went up to a
starnger and asked for the time. Claire thought to herslef Thats somehting I would
never be able to do. But I guesss thts why I like Katie shes different then other
girls I know. She then realized she missed Katie. And they way they would hang out
after school and in school everyday. "Boy things are going to be be different" she
mumbled. She was right. The next week or so, she thought they were drifting away.
Sehe mailed Katie but she never wrote bnack. She hasn't talk to her in a week and she
claled her they talked for like 5 minutes they Katie had to go. When Claire told her
that they seemed to be drifting away, Katie agreed. "Im so sorry Claire!" Katei said
crying. "I have been so busy and I don't want you to ahte me!" "Katie" Claire said.
"I would never hate you,your my one and only best friend." She said crying. After
that they statred communitcating better. Now its was the day of her wedding.

HAHAHAHA!!! XD I left you on a cliffhanger.....! Hahaha read the next chapter when it
comes out! :D

amethyst21 says:   7 May 2009   295452  
LOL. I still love it. :D
‹[Kaylie;;The;;Dangerous;;DinosaurRAWR]› says :   8 May 2009   332376  
Tank you!


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