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Religion such a very touchy subject!Category: (general)
Sunday, 3 May 2009
06:17:19 AM (GMT)
I admit to be an athiest and continue to respect christians but I seem to find such
a hostile egotistic persona coming from these so called "True christian" ect. I have
to question what is your standard of morality? What ever happened to "Love Your
Neighbor" I don't seem to see that anymore.  I see christianity growing into a
militia with a goal to destroy non believers. So if someone were to convert me I
would have to question What is gods standard of morality. He happens to change his
mind alot. They say but "we no longer follow the old testament" isn't that still the
word of god. Honestly you wouldn't trust this man if he was on the street. I seem so
to sense  bipolar disorder in his psyche?

I say put down your sword and talk like a civilized person not a warrior! 
Stop athiest bashing we have a right to express our thoughts and ideas just as you do
I never intend to offend nor argue, I just want to rant and you can to.
Please no stupid comments like "your going to hell" 
I have christian friends and realitives and we get along like civilized human

P.S  Homophobia SUCKS!!!!!

Lyncheh says:   3 May 2009   494329  
They say but "we no longer follow the old testament" isn't that still the word of god.
Oh, Christians don't follow the Old Testament rules because most believe that they were created for the Jews at the time. For example, nobody follows "build your house again if it gets mildew", because houses are very elaborate these days and healthcare is very good, so you won't get sick - so it would be stupid to destroy your house because of mildew. But in those days, it was important. People could die from letting nasty things grow in their little houses. Mind you, there are some crazy branches of Judaism which believe that all the laws should be interpreted literally. Those are mainly the batshit insane people who stone your car if you drive on a Saturday and stuff, though. :P I just looked up at your username, haha. The topic doesn't seem too trollworthy though, so I thought I'd add~
tiggerlemon101 says:   1 September 2009   769795  
Atheists are more stuck up than Christians, actually.

but the truth is, everyone who defines their beliefs by a name is
stuck up - Mormons,  Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Atheists... that's
why I don't label my faith, thank you very much.
YouActLikeICare says :   10 February 2010   185133  
P.S  Homophobia SUCKS!!!!!

Seriously, GTFO!


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