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A Twist of Fate Chapter 7 Corruption and ConfusionCategory: The Prequel to "Heart & Soul"
Tuesday, 28 April 2009
07:24:42 PM (GMT)
It was 11:00 pm and Katie was just finishing her homework. 
She'd been on the phone with Leslie for a while.
"So... what's new?" Leslie asked.
"Not much...I think"
"What is it?"
"I-it's nothing, Leslie."
"COME ON...SPIT IT OUT!, I can keep a secret."
"I'm not sure..."
"Okay fine! Um... what if I told you that Scott and I like... uh..."
"That's what i meant Katherine!"
"What did you think I meant?"
"I don't know..."
"Okay! Spill! I want every detail!"
"You know it started off with him at my locker you know he was making stupid jokes
about you..."
"As always..."
"...and you know we found out that we live next door to each other and he decided to
walk me home and..."
"and then he asked me to show him around and then we got to my bedroom and that's
when he decided to surprise me"
"Then he kept pulling me closer and closer to him until I couldn't break free. And
then I knew i had to get out but I kept falling in."
"EWW! I MEANT AFTER THAT! How did you react? Did you like it? Did you say anything?
What did he say?"
"I slapped him if that's what you mean..."
"and you my friend have served justice."
"and well then we started fighting and I started chasing him down the stairs telling
him to get out and then it happened again."
"well...that means you liked it eww..."
"I don't know if i liked it or not."
"YOU LIKED IT!" called a voice from outside the window. And then Katie walked over to
the window and opened the curtains and there was Scott standing in a ladder. 
"Eavesdropper..." was Katie's only remark.
"You know I'm right" he replied.
"What i know is that you are an eavesdropper, a stalker, and a CORRUPT BUTTHOLE!"
"YOU GO GIRL! SPEAK THE TRUTH!" Leslie shouted.
"shut up Leslie" Scott had told her.
"make me butthole..." she laughed.
"Leslie, I'll talk to you tomorrow" Katie hung up 
"either way..." he continued " you know you enjoyed it."
"Just like I'll enjoy this..." leaning in to a kiss. Just as their lips were about to
meet she tipped the ladder, and threw her cellphone at Scott.
"I want that back!" she yelled to him.
"I see, you're making excuses to see me again!"
6:00 am.
Katie's alarm clock went off.
She got up, and went to brush her hair.
It was a tangled up brunette rat's nest.
She washed her face and went to the kitchen to eat her breakfast. 
Brushed her teeth and began her walk to school. 
When she arrived it was 7:45 am leaving her fifteen minutes to chat and get to
She sat at the table again to read as she did yesterday.
She heard a huge BANG on the table.
"Hey babe."
"Oh great..." she said to herself. She put down her book.
"I believe this belongs to you."
"Oh! So you took it! i thought I lost it."
"You threw it at me when you pushed the ladder down. and you call me a butthole. You
could've killed me!"
"Hey! You landed on the trampoline."
"Lucky me."
"Well that's what you get." 
"Oh yeah! I try to be a nice guy by giving you something that you like, and that
makes me a jerk."
"I never said I liked it."
"But you never said you didn't!"
"You and your comebacks!"
"So did you?"
"Did I what?"
"Did you enjoy it?"
"You know... the kiss?"
"Okay! Okay! I'll admit I liked it a little!
"So you finally admit it!"
"only a little..."
"oh yeah..." he pressured, moving closer to her face. "would you enjoy it a second
This time she moved her face closer to his,
"Only in your wildest dreams..."
"Was if this is my wildest dream?"
"Then it's my worst nightmare."
"So you liked it then."
"Only a little"
"That makes me special then doesn't it?"
"Everybody is special."
"Which is another way of saying I'm special."
"What is this to you huh..."
"Corruption, and confusion"
"That's just one of the side effects..."
"what is?"
"your mind is confused because the kiss threw you off, and thinking I'm corrupt, is
part of the confusion."
"You're not gonna drop this are you?"
"the fact that for the slightest second our lips just happened to touch."
"Oh... you mean the kiss, no, not until you admit that you might just love me as much
as I have always loved you."
Katie stood, her face still close to Scott's.
"Never" she whispered.

‹α|!~♫~ ṫℌℯ~♫~Ḡαṫ☮ґ› says:   28 April 2009   212591  
Hey Peoples! 
If you enjoyed reading this story, feel free to comment!
‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   2 May 2009   245197  
Awesome! Can't wait for the 8th chapter!
‹α|!~♫~ ṫℌℯ~♫~Ḡαṫ☮ґ› says :   2 May 2009   585187  
It's so nice to hear from people 
who say stuff like that! 
Thank You!


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