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Sunday, 26 April 2009
08:15:40 PM (GMT)
Connecting to server... Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: weezy. Stranger: WEEZY BABY You: WHAT'S YOUR NAME. Stranger: KASINA NIKTION. Stranger: CASSAYEEE. You: I'm Kayne East. :D Stranger: APPLE FUCKING PIE :D You: I LOVE YOU, BBY. :D Stranger: I LOVE YOU TOO <3 You: MY BEST FRIENNDD<3 Stranger: MY LOVERPANTS <3 You: MY SEXFACE<3 Stranger: How epic is this? xD You: This is incredibly epic. xD Stranger: xD Stranger: We found eachother without trying. You: I love my new brother, lover, loverpants, and little boyfriend. :D You: LOL, i know.x D Stranger: :D You: They make me happy, wheter they know it or not. :D Stranger: CHARMEE BATIN WANTS OSCIEES BABY. You: LOLOLOL. OH GOD. You: sammywantsbrandan'sbabyBUTHE'SWANTSTOBEMOTHERFUCKINGSTRAIGHTEDGE-- oh i'm sorrry. i have random outbursts. Stranger: xD You: HE WON'T LAST. HE. WON'T. You: Do you like fishsticks, stranger? Stranger: GAY FISH. You: ;D Stranger: If you are Sammy, what is the name of the one I love? You: SAMMY. >:D Stranger: XD You: I WIN. :D You: If this is Cassie, who is my little boyfriend? Stranger: AUSTIN ZACHARY CHAPMAN. You: YES! :D You: The next time Brandan, and if I know for sure it's Brandan, I'm gonna mesage him saying 'GET THE HELL OFF THE COMPUTER AND GET YOUR LITTLE BROTHER ONLINE. HE'S NICER' XD Stranger: xD You: I wonder what he'd say, though. OH WHO CARES, HE DOESN'T REPLY AT ALL. Stranger: brb You: kayy. Stranger: I banged Micheal Jackson. You: I know you did. Stranger: There's a tape You: And Angelika owns it. Stranger: yes ma'am You: OhHoHo. You: POP QUIZ. Who do I wanna yell at right now? Stranger: ME? You: NO. You: TRICK QUESTION. Stranger: NO ONE You: ANYONE, EXCEPT CASSIE. You: AND CAMMY. You: AND MY LITTLE BOYFRIEND. You: BUT MY BIG BOYFRIEND. HE'S AT THE TOP OF THE LIST. Stranger: xD You: Yo need to tell Brandan that Austin is my little boyfriend, and tell me what he says. xD Stranger: xD You: It's almost a garunteed thing that I'll be laughing at his reaction. x] Stranger: xD You: IT'S TRUE. You: IF HE WANTS TO KILL AUSTIN, I WILL LAUGH SO MUCH. Stranger: xD You: AND THEN I'LL SAY 'JUST KIDDING. DON'T KILL AUSTIN. HE'S TOO ADORABLEEE' Stranger: Gabe is ignoring me, AGAIN :D You: Oh joy! :D Stranger: I love it, you know? You: It's weird, because at times, I don't think you're Cassie. But a stranger who knows Cassie really well. .___. You: Oh, I know. Stranger: What? You: Being ignored is one of the best feelings ever. You: wait what. You: on here, because the name is stranger, and yeah. Stranger: Oh xD You: xD Stranger: Oh xD You: OH MY GOD. AHAHAHAHA. PEDOMOMENTSFORASTRAIGHTEDGEBOY. LOLOL. oh god, i have the weirdest thoughts ever. Stranger: xD You: it's because i'm listening to 'love game' by lady gaga, and the first words are 'let's have some fun this beat is sick, i wanna take a ride on your disco stick' XD You: i am trying so hard to find a pedo on hereee. D; Stranger: xD You: JUST IMAGINE. HE WOUD HAVE PEDO THOUGHTS, THOUGH. I'M SERIOUSSS. You: it's weird to talk to cassie on a site for strangers. xD Stranger: xD Stranger: MSN? You: Yes plz. xD I FOUND CASSIE. XD

‹Maria   ;♥› says :   27 April 2009   879977  

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