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Thursday, 9 April 2009
05:44:59 PM (GMT)
If none of you knew, and I know none of you did, I'm researching about color psychology. Before it was psychic abilities (clairvoyance, telekinesis, ESP, divination, etc.), then fruits in Japanese, and now color psychology. My Existing Situation "Very emotional and artistic, enjoys being surrounded by beauty and art. Looking for a partner who always has an eye for beauty and who enjoys close, loving relationships." Wow. That's so true. My Stress Sources "Needs to meet people who have the same high principals and values as himself, but finds the need unfulfilled. her need to feel dominate and superior leaves her feeling isolated and does not allow for her to give freely of himself. she would like to surrender and let go, but sees that as a weakness she must not give in to. Holding back will allow her to stand out for the crowd and earn a higher status, recognized by others as unique and important." So true! :D My Restrained Characteristics "Feels she is getting less than she deserves for all her hard work; however, she makes no effort to change things and tries to make the best of the situation." Shut up. I know I'm lazy. His confidence is low but she is unable to admit that is the reason for her avoidance of conflict. Feels it is a situation out of her control and she is making the best of it. Shut up. u_u Feels as if too many walls and obstacles are standing in her way and that she is being forced to make compromises. she needs to put her own needs on hold for the time being. 4thesrs! Get out of my way. My Desired Objective "Highly optimistic and outgoing personality. Loves to learn new and exciting things, and craves new interests. Looking for a well-rounded life full of success and new experiences. Does not allow herself to be overcome with negative thoughts or self-doubt. Takes life head on, with enthusiasm. " Except for the underlined portion, not really. My Actual Problem "Enjoys making new plans and goals, but needs to be respected and admired for the things she accomplishes." 4thesrs. And I'd like to add to that- I need to be respected and admired for the things I create, such as words. I don't need to be copied. I made it just for me. I don't want you to copy it. EVER. ~ Take it [here]. Compare results with me. ;] Legend Reya's Notes Title of Section/Category Things That Apply to Me -Reya-
Last edited: 9 April 2009

‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› says:   10 April 2009   469979  
Did you get this from my kupipage? If not, this is super ironic. I
have a kupipage dedicated to it. It got me pretty good.
‹B r o f i s t ♥ Shanaynay!› says:   10 April 2009   553797  

M-mine sucked, and I don't want to copy it here.

‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› says:   10 April 2009   269979  

Ashlee's Existing Situation

"Looking for a way to overcome her current problems and issues, but
finds it difficult to find solutions or choose the best course of
Ashlee's Stress Sources

"Unhappy in her current situation or relationship, but is unwilling to
change things due to her need for acceptance and belonging. Refuses to
be seen as weak and although she is resistant to give too much to the
relationship, she stays committed in order to feel the attachment. The
situation depresses and irritates him, causing restlessness and
impatience. she is seeking some sort of escape from the situation
either physically or mentally, which affects her ability to
Ashlee's Restrained Characteristics

"Current situation makes her feel unable to prove himself, but tries
to make the best of things."

Is feeling emotionally drained from stressful and tense situations.
she is in need of peace and quiet in order to overcome her lack of
energy and may become irritable if she does not recover.

Conceited and is easily insulted. Holds back emotionally but is able
to find satisfaction through sexual activity.

Feels as if too many walls and obstacles are standing in her way and
that she is being forced to make compromises. she needs to put her own
needs on hold for the time being.

Ashlee's Desired Objective

Feels trapped in a helpless situation and wishes to escape her current
burdens which are bringing her down. Constantly tries to protect
herself from becoming involved in the arguments and conflict around
Ashlee's Actual Problem

"Current situation leaves her feeling anxious and restless, producing
large amounts of stress and tension. Attempts to escape by appearing
at peace and refusing to appear involved or interested."

Honestly, pretty much all that is true.
Conspiring says :   11 April 2009   958524  
@Morgan; Are you for real? I didn't! That's weird. Sorry if you
assumed I copied. :|
@Skylar; Well, that's your opinion and descision.
@MorganII; Cool. C: 


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