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My theories on lifeCategory: I'm ranting... again.
Thursday, 26 March 2009
12:19:04 AM (GMT)
When I'm stressed, I think about stupid things.

-Time does not exist.
-There could be another universe, because if the universe is always expanding it has
to end somehwere. If it never ends, it can't expand.
-The world could be upside down and we'd never know.
-Fortune cookies are cruel and unusual punishment. 

If you'd like to prove me wrong here, go ahead. I kinda hope you can, so I can stop
arguing with myself about this.
However, the fortune cookie one will never be disproved in my mind.

neoeno says:   26 March 2009   454419  
They all have elements of truth, but it seems like you're looking at
it from an unhelpful perspective.

Hold a ruler up in front of you. What are you measuring? You could
pick a point on the ruler and say that the starting point of the ruler
is x cm from point Y, but you're not really measuring anything.
Measure the length of your finger and you're considering how far your
finger spans in that dimension. Time is similar, considering it as
another dimension (the first three being height, width, and breadth).
A stopwatch measures the distance between two points in time (the
point at which the stopwatch was started, and now, or the point when
it was stopped). If you're measuring how long something takes to do,
you're measuring how long that event spans in time.

Time doesn't 'exist' as such, it is something that things exist in, or
in terms of.

Contemplating two universes existing alongside eachother is a similar
mistake. Consider that the universe consists of space (as in
dimensional space, the-space-between-my-hands kind of space). Outside
of the universe, you cannot measure width. Width, along with height,
breadth, time, etc is a property that exists within the universe. We
cannot comprehend what exists outside of the universe any more than we
can comprehend what a four or five dimensional object might look like.
There could be infinite universes existing all mushed up with
eachother, or maybe this is all that exists. Maybe outside the
universe is just strawberry icecream, we don't really know. Maybe the
inside of the universe is just strawberry icecream XD In fact, we
can't even say that the universe really exists, because... well,
consider the attributes you might consider means that something
exists. You can see it? Nope. You can sense it in any way? Well, you
can sense the matter/energy within the universe, but take that away
and what is there left? Nothingness, the very absence of existence.
It's complicated XD We come back to the idea that we cannot say width
or height or breadth or time or the universe actually exist, they are
just what other things exist in terms of.

For the world to be upside down there would have to be some conception
of an objective 'up' and 'down' in the universe. There isn't :P

I'm going to make some custom fortune cookies! :P
‹Maria   ;♥› says:   26 March 2009   545529  
Mm, theories on life, being a while since thought about this.
I always thought we are a 5 minute dream, we wake up; and we're a
completley different person. All that life we had; we're just a dream.
All those memories; false.

Or another thing; we are all germs in this big test-tube, we are
nothing but just that. People who tried to go to space came back as
robots. XD to stop us from knowing the truth. D:

saralyn247 says :   26 March 2009   128454  
Wow, Steve. XD
Good points, and I look forward to seeing those custom fortune

Plushi: :/ I've thought that too, actually.
The second one is a little out there, but POSSIBLE. XD


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