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Birthday upsides and downsides.Category: (general)
Friday, 20 March 2009
03:49:31 PM (GMT)
-I got a good report card yesterday.
-I received a random ass hug from some guy I barely know.It made me feel a little bit
-I had a really nice conversation with my English teacher,but she's kind of
dissapointed in me and my brainstorming sessions.

-I think I'm actually friends with my mother. <--- ODD!
-I'm really sick on my birthday. xD
-This morning my mom put balloons like all around my house and outside too,and my bus
stop is right in front of my house,so yeah.EMBARASSING.
-Apparently my best guy friend and I are going out.I heard some guys talking about
it.Sad that I don't know about my own life.


So today in Social Studies,my pervert ass teacher was talking about cultures and
stuff.He was going off about how cultures can be based upon the way people
He was like "So,you know those goth kids?Well,there's one person in this class that's
pretty close to goth.You know who you are.Wanna raise your hand?" And nobody raised
their hand,because aside from one or two people,my class is made up of hockey jocks
and volleyball skanks."Nobody?" THEN MR.CATFISH(Actually,it's Catling,but he looks
like a catfish) looks at ME and says "Ellis?" and I kept shaking my head because I'M
NOT FUCKING GOTH.I think the only goth thing I was wearing that day was a studded
belt and possibly my shoes.
Catfish: Ellis,you're pretty goth,dontcha think?
Catfish: I mean,your style is pretty out there with all those bracelets and
stuff.I mean,look at your shoes.Pretty goth. (I was wearing fucking vans.What kid
doesn't have vans?Even some of the preps have them.)
Me: Uh,not really?
Catfish: No?Well,okay.Let's just say your style is different,then.Ellis,I like
you,because you have guts to wear that and you don't care what people think.

I went up to him after class and was like "That was embarrasing!" and he was just
like "Sorry,Courtney.I apologize.I just thought you liked that style."
I mean,sure I like the style I wear,but I wouldn't consider it goth?And he had no god
damn right to pinpoint me in front of the whole class.Fucking bastard.

brainwashed says:   20 March 2009   662868  
Happy Birthday, loverr.
As far as that Mr.Bastard dude he can go rot in a hole.
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   20 March 2009   337691  
Agreeeed homie :D
And thanks. <3
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   21 March 2009   196482  
oh gawsh....thts so mean. and perverted??? hes perverted???

Happy belated CourtneaDear! ^_^
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   21 March 2009   684558  
Yeah,very perverted.
He's like 60 and has a newborn child with some really young chick.

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