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With Fire Back On Your Tongue (A Madara One-Shot)Category: one shots and stuff
Sunday, 15 March 2009
06:48:59 PM (GMT)
The golden brown and deep red leaves floated to the ground on the gentle breeze. 
People moved to and fro, like a never-ending sea, shopping for this and that; moving
slowly in some places, fast in others, like a small brook.  I watched them for a
while through my window, my head in my hands.  My mother called to me, but I didn’t
respond quickly enough before she burst in, wielding a wooden spoon and threatening
me to go downstairs.  
   “You have a visitor, girl.”  She spat in disgust, so it must’ve been my
   “Hey, Kisa.”  He said, nonchalantly slipping his hand into mine.  I replied
with a nod; my parents hated it when I spoke in public, it always drew a crowd.  Once
we were safely in one of the endless parks, I finally said, “What going on with the
clan matters, Madara-kun?”  He sighed, shaking his head in despair.
   “I’ve tried everything I can, but nothing seems to be working – they all
imagine me a traitor because of my brother.”  I cocked my head to the side
inquisitively as he started to tell me the story from his point of view. 
   “I’ll be back, Dara-kun.  I need to see what the others say… this is all a
big misunderstanding on their part, anyway.”  I muttered the last part to myself,
leaving the forested area for the Uchiha clans’ district.  We lived outside it with
my parents, at my mother’s wishes. I never was up-to-date on most of the important
stuff, but Madara had me curious as to what was happening.
   “Excuse me, but about Madara….” The ninja stared at me as I explained my
   “Never mind that lying traitor, he just wants the Uchiha clan to reign supreme. 
He murdered his brother for his eyes, murdered his best friend, among other
crimes.”  “Like what?”  I asked, not believing a word he said was true.
   “Nothing for you to worry about.  Run along home, Kisa-Chan, I bet your
mother’s furious that you stayed out so long.  She was always one of the violent
ones….”  He said thoughtfully, pushing me back toward the gate that marked the
entrance to the district.  
   He was right, but I skipped dinner to think over what I heard, and who I chose to
believe – the cocky, loveable Madara Uchiha, or the clever, charming Retsuzu
Uchiha.  It wasn’t hard to choose. 
   He knocked on my window, knowing both my parents were asleep.  I opened it for him
and hugged him tightly.  His voice came out in a hoarse whisper, asking me who I’d
chosen to believe.  I replied, “Do you think I would’ve let you in if I didn’t
believe you, Dara-kun?”  He chuckled lightly, kissing my forehead. 
   “Let’s get going then; they’ve come to kill me tonight.”  My eyes went
wide in surprise, making him smile and hug me tighter.  
   “Come on, now, Kisa-Chan.  Let’s move before your parents wake up, which they
will when you laugh on the way down.”  He tugged my arm toward the window.  I
followed, after grabbing the bag I’d packed for a mission tomorrow.  I did laugh on
the way down, and, running through the village, with light flickering on behind us,
we laughed and ran, never to be seen by the village again… well, sort-of.  I took
great pleasure in haunting the house I’d lived in before I ran.  Madara of course,
was still alive, but I’d never activated the sharringan.  I was close to him in
death, closer than in life.  
   I still liked to wander about the village by moonlight, by which I experienced
unusually things, his love just being one of them.   Until that kid moved in…
Last edited: 15 March 2009

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