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Chapter One- The Road To GoldCategory: (general)
Sunday, 15 March 2009
10:51:12 AM (GMT)
“This is going to be the most painful moment of your life. You'll breathe like a
dog, your legs will feel as if they are being amputated, some of you will vomit and
every second you'll be wishing it was over, but it won't be.” Carol said. I could
tell Carol loved watching us in pain, and I wasn't sure it was going to help me. “I
don't care what you feel like, you've just got to finish it. If you gotta throw up,
do it, and then up and at 'em. If you stop, you're out of here.” Carol said. “I
will let you out, one by one, and I am timing you. You have an hour to do as many
kilometers as you can; uphill.” A shiver went down my spine. If I can't do it, my
olympic dream is over. Done, thats it. “Natalie, you're last today.” I frowned. I
watched as 27  girls waited, their stomachs probably doing the craziest things, and
then boom- a whistle. “Come over here, Natalie.” I waited by the line. I waited,
and waited...and waited...and waited.... oh yeah, and I waited. “Natalie, I have to
speak to you.” I guess I was surprised by this, since the only person Carol ever
really spoke to privately was abigail because she wanted her to work harder.
"Natalie, I got an email from the USA womans mountain biking league, and they picked
a few girls from our program to start going to the olympics in 2012 already, and one
of them was you." I wasn't sure what was going on in my stomach, but it was pretty
good. "They also picked Abigail-" "Well, duh!" I sort of blurted. "...and Maria-Lynn,
but I think I want to work on you the hardest, because I think you really have the
real potential." Carol told me. I was very shocked. I was never told such a thing
from any of the coaches, because Abigail was the top star. "What about Abigail?" I
asked Carol, not trying to sound to curious. "Well, the truth is, I don't really like
her personality, and..." I waited after that and for a while. "...I think she takes
steroids." She said after a couple of minutes. I was utterly surprised. I thought
that too, but I would never mention it, because I was scared Carol would kick me off
the team. "So, I want you to be dead: no energy at all when we are done. I want you
to use every last drop of it." I waited by the spray- painted line on the ground.
"" Carols whistle blew, and I felt like a bullet being shot
out of a gun. I got to the hill, pushing myself to the top- at least what I thought
the top was. The second I got to the "top" I found that another long 2 miles of hill
was waiting for me, but this was no piece of cake.
                    "Great job, Natalie, just keep on going, you only have 5 minutes
left." Carol yelled out to me. I was huffing and puffing, and I knew that I probably
wouldn't finish the 10th lap in only 5 minutes. Nausea swept over me, and my water
bottle was empty. Almost all of the girls were done, and almost all of them were
chearing me on, except Abigail. "You think you're so great,  Natalie. Well, you
aren't." She ran behind my bike until I got to the hill, and then she kicked it. that
kicked helped me a little, it made me feel even more competitive. Linda was off her
bike by the tree, her hand resting on a branch. She didn't look to great. "Come on
Linda! You still have some time" Maria- Lynn called to her. Linda was hopeless. 
                    "Amazing Natalie! You finished 10 laps in 1 hour and 2 seconds."
Everyone stared, I ignored. "Good job everyone! Linda, Natalie, Maria-Lynn and
Abigail, please stay for a minute." I watched the rest of the group leaving, but I
looked sorrily at Linda, because I knew what was happening.

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