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Captured By Fear: Part 3-The Final FightCategory: (general)
Thursday, 19 February 2009
06:01:52 PM (GMT)
Part 3: The Final Fight

 I stood inside the closet wondering what was going to happen next, as Jake tried to
pick the closet door lock. After a few more minutes of trying to pry the door open,
it was swung free from the lock. Jake stuck his head outside the door to make sure
the cost was clear, then he grabbed my hand and began running down the hallway,
guiding me along with him. 
 We came to an abrubt hault when Jake saw the clock in the main hallway. We both
stared at the time. It read 7:45 P.M., but how could that be? A thought accurred to
me, so I began walking to the closest classroom. I peered through the glass and saw
no one. As if they had all disappeared. 
 "They must've let them go home." said Jake, "If they kept them here, the parents
would get suspicious." I looked at him and asked, "Then why haven't our parents
come?" He looked down at the floor and didn't respond to my question. 
 "Hey you!" yelled a voice from down the hall. Jake looked up and saw a man with a
gun pointed at us. He looked at me with worry in his eyes. Jake jumped at me just as
the man fired two bullets.One hitting my knee and the other hitting my shoulder. Jake
got up quickly and picked me up with one swift motion. 
 He ran to the next nearest hallway and flew down it, his feet pounding on the floor,
his heart racing, and his hair flying out of his face. He made another turn and came
to a door. Two men were standing there with large black guns. 
 Before they could try to stop him, he rampaged through them, knocking them to the
ground. They appearded to be knocked out from hitting there heads on the wall. Jake
set me down for a second while he grabbed their two handguns. After he hid them in
his jacket, he picked me back up and headed for the door. 
 He looked outside and only white could be seen. Snow whirled through the air
covering the ground and all other surroundings. Jake looked at me. We both knew what
was going to happen if we went out there. We would freeze to death. So then and there
we had to make the decision of whether to freeze to death, or, possibly get shot. 
 "Don't move!" came a voice from behind us, "Slowly turn around, and set her on the
ground." Jake turned around, but didn't set me on the ground. The man didn't really
seem to care, he just said, "Follow me." As Jake was about to move, the man added,
"Don't try anything...or I will be forced to shoot." 
 Jake continued to walk forward with me in his arms. I felt stupid just lying in his
arms, but I couldn't walk, so, him carrying me was my only choice. In a way, I liked
it, but in another way, it made me feel powerless. As if I was useless, with no point
in being here. 
 A few minutes later we were back at the art room, awaiting the punishment the others
had endured. The man opened the door and pushed Jake and I in. After he closed it,
Jake's father looked up and saw us. "Sit." he said trying to keep from raising his
voice. Jake went to the nearest chair and sat me down, then he sat down on the
nearest chair to mine. 
 The man paced back and forth, going from right to left in front of us. He continued
pacing for a couple of minutes, but then stopped and looked at Jake. "So," he said,
"I see you have found her." Jake looked at him with a confused look upon his face.
"Wait," he said in a half amused and half mocking voice, "you don't even know who she
is." I looked at Jake, then at his father. "What are you talking about?" I asked. 
 Jake's father began chuckling softly to himself. After he gained control, he asked
me, "Do you know who I am?" I thought about saying a deranged psycopath bent on world
destuction, but I held my tongue and said instead, "Jake's father." Jake turned his
head sharply towards me. "Well, well, well, aren't we smart. You figure that out on
your own?" he asked me in a mocking tone. I nodded my head yes. 
 Jake's father slowly walked towards me and asked, "What else do you know?" I looked
at Jake who had a shocked look on his face and replied, "Your name is Joseph Mundane.
You were accused of first degree murder, but the case was aqquited because the judge
mysteriously vanished. You left your son when he was 3 and moved to Las Vegas to
gamble, but when your debt reached $3,000,000 you  ran away and became a fugitive.
You've secretly been looking for someone to hack into the governments data base to
wipe your records clean and steal money for your escape to Mexico. In those years of
being a fugitive you killed three teachers, four kids under the age of 18, and burned
three banks down." 
 Jake looked as though he was going to pass out. Joseph grabbed me by the neck and
whispered in my ear, "You missed something...I'm your father to." I kicked him in the
stomache with my good leg and screamed at him, "I am not your friggin daughter! I
have a dad!" When Joseph got up rage flamed in his eyes. Jake got up quickly and
stood between us. 
 After a few minutes of silence, Jake asked, "What do you mean she's your daughter?"
he paused, "Wait, if she's your daughter, and I'm your son, then that means..."
Joseph nodded his head. I felt as if I had just been slapped across my face with a
piece of wood. "I have one more question." I said, "Why are you trying to kill us?" 
 Joseph began laughing in a cynical manner. "I'm not trying to kill you," he said, "I
just want what I came for." He looked at me with a deadly smirk on his face. Jake
looked at me. He could see the fear in my eyes and the color draining from my face. 
 The door suddenly swung open and three men walked in. They grabbed Jake by his arms
and pulled him back. Jake tried to fight back, but his efforts were useless against
the men. Joseph grabbed me by the neck again and said to Jake, "I want you to see
what happens when people won't give me what I want." 
 He yanked me out of the chair, and a shot of pain swam through my body as I was
forced to stand on my leg, which had a bullet attached to my knee cap. He flung me to
the ground in rage and kicked me repeatedly.  My stomache, my arms, my legs, and my
head ached as he continued to kick me. 
 Jake yelled for him to stop, but he didn't. As my head was getting kicked, the room
began to dim, but I fought with all my might to stay awake. Finally Jake broke free.
As rage consumed him, he fought with all the power he had left. He thrashed at every
human being in sight. The look of anger and hate shone in his eyes. 
 I had never seen him like this before, so I was amazed and at awe. When he finished
with the other men, he turned to face his dad and said only three words, "I hate
you." He said it with such a stern, staight voice, even his dad gave a twitch. They
stared at eachother for a couple of minutes, but suddenly Jake lunged at his father.

 He grabbed him by the neck and strangled him to the floor. Joseph tried to brake
free of the chokehold, but Jake's rage overpowered him. I had never seen Jake so
angry before then, and I didn't like it. He was different, like something was in
control of him, but not himself. If it wasn't for Jake having ahold of his dad's
neck, I would have gladly strangled him, but when Jake did it, I actually felt sorry
for his dad. 
 As guilt overwhelmed me, I began screaming at Jake to get off him. I ran towards
Jake and started trying to disconnect his hands from his father's neck. After a
couple of seconds of prying his fingers and yelling at him to stop, he let go. As he
backed away, he stared at his hands like they were monsters. 
 The look of regret in his eyes made me stop and stare at him. I could tell what he
was thinking; that it was all his fault. I wanted to tell him it wasn't, but the
words seemed to get caught in my throat. Before I could tell him, I heard a click. 
 I turned around and saw Jake's father pointing one gun at Jake, and another gun at
me. Jake looked at me and mouthed only two words..."I'm sorry." He lunged at his
father with such force that he dropped the gun that was pointed at me, but he shot a
bullet with the other gun. Jake was wrestling with his father, so I grabbed the
nearest weapon, which was the knife. Blood was stained upon it, but I plunged it into
Joseph's heart anyways. 
 As I pulled it out of his body, blood dripped down it. I dropped it to the ground
and stood still for a moment, until I saw Jake laying on the ground. His hand was
over his stomache and he was breathing heavily. I knelt beside him and hugged him
with all my strength. As he took his last breath he said to me, "Goodbye." 
 With a bloody hand print on his face, he died. His eyes closed shut and he remained
motionless. It looked like he was sleeping, but without breathing. I clutched him in
my arms as tight as I could and began sobbing. I didn't even bother being quiet,
since I had lost Jake, I didn't really care if the other men found me and killed me.
Any thing was better than this. 
 Minutes had passed, but no evil henchmen arrived. Suddenly the door burst open and
policemen filed in the room. The looked at the seen in front of them and stopped dead
in their tracks. The art room looked like a war zone. Blood leaked upon the floor and
two dead bodies along with it. 
 The police took away the bodies and asked me a couple of questions and then I was
allowed to go clean up. Although I washed the blood off my face and put on clean
clothes, I was never fully cleansed. The pain from learning the truth about my family
and losing my best friend still, to this day, lingers in my heart as a symbol of what
true horror is. It's not supernatural or other worldly, it's losing what matters the
most to you, and for me, I didn't know what mattered the most...until I lost it for

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