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Valentine's Dancee :DCategory: Mehlifee
Friday, 13 February 2009
11:57:19 PM (GMT)
MOST of the songs that I can remember. There was a LOT more.

Music Playlist at

2/13/09 Arrived;; 6:30 p.m. People were like OMG I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES xD CASSIE CAME! So like I showed Viki the eyeshadow I had. She told me to go blue. So yeah she put it on for me. We made fun of how the populars came into the gym. They were like OH YEAH WE'RE ALL THAT. That's how it seemed like when they came in. So all us girls took a group picture. :D 'Cause my camera was a piece of shit. Aha. But yeah. So the first slow song was Love Remains The Same. And guess what. The EX asked me to dance. <3 Sure made me happy as hell. We talked. He said we're still friends. He'll tell me sometime why. So pretty much we talked while dancing. And I said thanks. I went to get a drink because I was thirsty and then when they saw me they're like "Oh it's Johnny's girlfriend" And I was like "I'm his EX!" Gosh. Then the song Don't Forget played and Stephen asked me to dance. Psh I am not that short. Aha. So I told Viki something and then apparently I have to tell all my friends. Even though I was suppose to keep it from people. So then it got into a big dilema and killed our one hour. So Jackie got sad because I told her Mike was taken. And she locked herself in the stall. Then she came out and went to the place where we put our jackets and all the populars went there. And um Mrs. James went out to see what happened. Cassie, Viki, Taylor, and I were like OH SHIT RUN BACK IN. And Cassie and I were like DAMN!!!! So we talked about stuff. And we wasted ONE HOUR on that whole conflict. Cause we checked the time and it was 8 o'clock. And we were like damn. We danced to a lot of songs. Cupid Shuffle!! Cha Cha Slidee :D Last years was interesting. This year was like eh. Anyway Danie was sad too and I don't know why. I know that Chrissy was sad because of Korta. And she like cussed at him and he had body guards. He deserved that too. So nothing intereting really happened we just sat down on the bleachers. And the like the 8th graders and boys from our class asked people to dance. And yeah we sat near populars so yeah every popular danced. :/ So then they had the raffle. Like when it was 8:44 or something. And yeah whatever. Then some more slow songs. 1,2,3,4 played. Mike told me that Johnny wanted to dance with me because it use to be our song or whatever. And then he was like pulling me towards Johnny and Johnny like kept avoiding me. But like Viki asked him if he wanted to dance with me and then Sam came up and told me that Johnny did and we did. And then Haley came around saying "The Holy Spirit be with you" -Chastity thing- Yeah. I refrained from crying. This one we didn't talk a lot on. I pretty much looked at the ground. So after that was done. I went to sit down. Trust me I did almost cry. Song I like gave him this Monday. And ya know. Weird dancing with him. But yeah. Then some song I didn't know played. And then Hey There Delilah. And yeah Cassie asked Joe to dance with me. He was fucking tall. Taller than Johnny. So um made me feel like a midget Dx I yelled at Cassie saying if I had to go on my tippy toes I'd kill her. And Joe laughed. Cassie danced with Ira. But like oh yeah got a dance with an 8th grader. We talked and he said that Cassie said Johnny and Mikey were like jerks or something. And I was like "Mikey's an ass. And Johnny's a bigger ass. He's a jerk" He laughed and stuff. He was like from now on call Cassie Cassle. Aha. He put on a LOT of axe. Aha but it smelled good :O So that's my story of the dance. But my friends got some others. Viki cried. Anyway I'm pissed that they didn't invite Cassie, Jackie, Taylor, and me to Culvers and everyone else was invited. God. YEAH MOTHERFUCKERS YOU'RE JEALOUS OF MY FRIEND >:D I look fugly in this one Cassie had her first dance with Stephen! I video taped it :D .....And I don't know if he knows how much it killed me inside just to be dancing with him but knowing he does not like me back. STUPID CRAPPASS CAMERA! Dx Too dark but stilll I FORGOT Mr. J wasn't there but he still managed to kill our time. The shit ass song Matilda played. THAT'S THE GAYWAD SONG I HATE The one where the guys add hoogachuga
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