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Belated ; Twilight Review =]Category: Movie Review T_T
Wednesday, 4 February 2009
08:50:14 PM (GMT)
Whooo, may first movie review through bloggage! I'm going to start off a with the much hyped about movie Twilight. I've heard many odd tales about how awesome Twilight is and i've been getting many recommendations from various randoms to go see it over the past few weeks. Today I finally got a chance too. Now initially, I thought that Twilight would be overated and a bad movie. Later on I began to think that maybe i'm being a bit hard on Twilight (what judgeing it before watching it) and I figured, it's a VAMPIRE story it shouldn't be that bad right? However not only was I right about it being a terrible overrated movie, but it was WORSE then what I expected it to be. The first hour was like torture, basically all at that happened was Bella got a highschool crush on Edward and wanted to "figure him out" by staring at him/thinking about him 24/7. The 2nd hour was slightly more tolerable with the action sequences. But still extremely medicore The dialog was the worst I think i've ever heard in a movie. I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at it's sheer stupidity of what these characters were saying many times throughout this film. Espically at the scenes that were attempting to "humor" me. The two lead actors (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) had good chemisty. But did not play into there characters personas (Kristen often appering indifferent/bored in the entirety of the movie) In addition, there was very little plot to the movie itself. The climax being when the "Nomadic" vamps try and hunt down Bella because she has this somehow amazing herion-like blood and is somehow special in ways that are completey unexplained in this movie. Oh and of course Bella and Edward get there happy little ending...or do they? Damn this chick fell for this dude hard and fast. I'm just like "wtf?" through all of it. They hardly bonded yet suddenly there smitten in love with eachother? The character devolpment was poor...piss poor. The only character that any depth at all/didn't annoy the fuck outta me was that blonde Cullen chick who didn't want Bella in her "family"- she's the only one who didn't seem to have a one-dimensional personallity like the rest of them (I could 2 sworn to of the Cullen lads were pretty much Props. They got very little/no dialog whatsoever. Not that i'd care about them anyways) In conculsion: What they did was suck everything that was cool about vampires and pussed it up. There was no deep seated "mystery" to the Cullens. Right from the beginning you could tell they were vampires. The movie was pure cheese. It could of had potential to be a very dark deep seated romantic movie (something I could enjoy) but instead of moving/entertaining me. I sat there the whole time thinking: "i'm gonna walk out, any minute now. I'm gonna do it" but, out of courtesy for my cousin I sat firmly (but umcomfortably seated) watching this disaster of a film.
Last edited: 4 February 2009

‹AshleyNicoleIsGangsterNigga(:› says:   5 February 2009   218155  
i love twilight
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   8 February 2009   595386  
I agree- One hundred percent. Horrible movie. They skipped through parts and played through them too fast. [:
_MarMar_ says :   18 February 2009   761545  
I read the book several times, and yes,
the movie was nowhere near as good.
Of course, that's typical.

But if someone were to see the movie, without
reading the book, I think they would be pleased
with it. :] It wasn't a really a bad movie at all. I
think the sparkles were a bit over-done. 8D But

Everyone has their own opinion~

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