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MY SCREWED UP LIFECategory: (general)
Monday, 26 January 2009
08:43:42 PM (GMT)
well i am very screwed up. i like really love my boyfriend. but i really like
my best friend jose. well i went to this dance wit my best friend jose. we danced
together and we had a lot of fun. we talked and danced. we danced and we were so
close that i felt like we were  going to kiss. jose was like near me and it was like
he was breathing down my neck. i really felt happy. so i waited for monday to see wat
he would tell me and then it happened he brought up the dance but  it was only that
we had a good time. well then he got my backpack and put a note in it. he told me
that i should not rad it until i got out of the class. the note said would u go
out wit me. i havent answered wat should i answer him yes or no

‹<3Shesaidwhat<3› says:   26 January 2009   775258  
yes he sounds sweet
‹4 3v3r In My LiFe DaTz Y i L♥V3 U› says:   26 January 2009   981886  
yea he is
medium_21 says:   27 January 2009   662181  
but you love your boyfriend!!!!

hell be crushed !!!!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   27 January 2009   942592  
well you have a boyfriend.... soo just follow your heart
‹4 3v3r In My LiFe DaTz Y i L♥V3 U› says:   27 January 2009   256795  
well i know my boyfriend will be crushed but now i am not feelin like
i did before
‹4 3v3r In My LiFe DaTz Y i L♥V3 U› says:   27 January 2009   519628  
i dont know wat my heart wants
‹OMG ITS TEE BEE!!!!› says:   27 January 2009   915327  
well girl i know the boy u are going ot wit but if your not really
feelin him ou just tell him  and follow your heart but like if u now
that song by parmore  thats wat u get.u should listen to it.but also
follow ypou heart
‹4 3v3r In My LiFe DaTz Y i L♥V3 U› says:   28 January 2009   411387  
ok thanx crazy person
SuperSparkle says:   28 January 2009   238428  
OOh! I know how you feel, you're like me you demand ann answer, but
everyone says "IDK, or follow your heart" I would go out with this
Jose, you like him ,he's your friend you know him, but it may make
things awkward, if you don't feel the specialness with your beau, it's
not what your heart wants. I vote for Jose.
‹4 3v3r In My LiFe DaTz Y i L♥V3 U› says:   29 January 2009   941127  
yea i think i like him more
The_Juggla says:   30 January 2009   398378  
jose sounds like a good guy...its all about connection, if you like
him go for it
‹4 3v3r In My LiFe DaTz Y i L♥V3 U› says:   31 January 2009   823826  
thanx i mite go for jose
‹Prosperity› says:   18 February 2009   224494  
Oroborus21 says:   18 February 2009   796363  
of course you aren't the chemisty in the brain changes and we come
off of a high of new love...  and now you have that emotional high at
the prospect of being with jose.

the BEST thing you could do is declare yourself SINGLE and let one guy
take you out one week and another the next week..and date any guy you
want..theres nothing wrong with that and it applies to them too

....but you probably wont be smart and do that.... need to decide what you want at this point in your life.
excitement and the high of new romance....(which wll eventually wear
off) or to find new ways to build the excitement and romance with the
guy you are with.
before you decide you should talk it over with him as you may save
yourself some trouble....he might be feeling off the high of you too!
and thinking youre relationship has gotten a little then
you can decide mutually break up or to work to put some sparks back
into the relationship
‹4 3v3r In My LiFe DaTz Y i L♥V3 U› says :   18 February 2009   615448  
hey thanx yea i am going to choose neither i like this other guy and
i think that he likes me so i mite just let it see how it goes pulse
he is older then me so i am very excited for myslef


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