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Hitlers Baby Jesus! (?!)Category: (general)
Sunday, 11 January 2009
08:15:02 PM (GMT)
I was watching the Science channel show How It's Made and this episode
featured "how figurines are made". So there example was this Baby Jesus figurine. So
the lady making Baby Jesus starts out with this light tanish pink paint.

first problem: didn't Jesus live in the desert? I mean I'm not neccisarily saying he
was brown or anything but this figurine was really pale! He must have been
darker then that or he would have had a perpetual sun burn. 

So the Lady then cleans up the extra wax and makes the face.

Second problem: She used caucasian style eyes. The reason people from differnt
regions of the world have differntly shaped eyes is because it helps them! People of
Europian decent have rounder eyes because it rains and snows alot there, but in
Isreal they tend to be thinner because of all the sun. I doubt the real Jesus spent
life squinting.

Third problem: He was smiling. Scientific fact; babies don't have the muscular
control to smile for at least a week, and more often it's several months. they may be
able to grab your fingure but they simply aren't fine tuned enough to move the
corners of their mouths.

Then the lady starts doing his hair. And they explain how she uses knitting needles
covered in cloth to make it curly, which was intresting and all but...

fourth problem: Since when is Jesus blonde??? I don't think Jesus had curly blonde
hair, and I've seen plenty of portraits.

Then the lady begins painting his face. So theres the basics you know, inside the
nose is a bit darker, the lips are pink, she makes the pupils but then she gives him
blue eyes! then she dresses him in a lacey white dress, they kind they use at
baptism. (They were in a stable. Where'd they get the dress?)

overall problem: What is this, Hitler's baby Jesus??? It makes no sense for Jesus to
have pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes! In fact many people have argued that
Jesus was black! (normally I say African American but he was born in the Middle East
and so wasn't African or American) But this little wax kid looked kinda Polish (I
don't mean that offensivly, I just mean that he has the sort of features often seen
in that area of the world.)

I'm all for artistic license and room for creativity but if your going to be making
figurines like that just don't say that they're Jesus! I mean I don't think anyone
would beleive that that kid was Jesus anyway...

xxxKaitiexxx says:   11 January 2009   844616  
I totally know what you mean. He didn't look like he was from where
he was from. but then again he was in a stable and he was just born
sooo he was probably pale~ish and you're right the doll did look like
hitler's baby jesus.
Conspiring says:   11 January 2009   788677  
._. Different people picture Jesus differently. At school, my
religion books have pictures of Jesus with blonde hair. My Spanish
teacher showed the class a picture of Jesus- he was dark-skinned and
Oh, and I saw that episode before! 8D
‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   11 January 2009   368591  
I've seen that too, and I'm like
'..wait, what?? This makes no sense!'
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   11 January 2009   522329  
I thought the whole point of it was just to show How Its Made...Not
to be perfect with every little thing they do. It was just an example,
for crying out loud. And like Conspiring said, everyone pictures Jesus
differently. I mean come on, they even say he was born somewhere in
the summer, not on the 25th of December.
Kirti says:   11 January 2009   927268  
Yes I know, and know three leged sheep were involved. Mrs.Salad my
only point was that she shouldn't call it a baby Jesus figurine,. it
should just be a baby figurine.
Kirti says:   11 January 2009   312733  
and it was Spring when the "wise men" 9other wise know as Sheperds)
were out watching sheep. They noticed that a couple stars were
alligned or something. No shooting stars.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   11 January 2009   257126  
Exactly. I believe in the bible, it says Jesus was black....
Blond hair and blue eyes are not something you find on a black eprson.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   12 January 2009   692734  
I haven't seen that episode...
Whoa, wait, what? I won't say that Baby Jesus looks ugly with those
features, but it sort of strays away from most of the portraits of
Jesus. Wouldn't they at least keep some of the features?
And I don't remember in the bible ever saying that Jesus was black.
‹ruthie .› says:   12 January 2009   726617  
Jesus would look like someone born in the middle east looks now,
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   12 January 2009   983723  
Um, He's from Bethlehem, and that's in Israel, and from what I've
seen on the news recently, they really don't have black skin. Israel
is right by country's like Greece, Rome and the like.
‹ruthie .› says:   12 January 2009   424747  
Yeah thats what I mean XD
Christianity is a western religion, a load of Christians I'm sure
would love to think of him as white, I suppose. 
Plus, he was Jewish. So he would look ... Jewish.
Lyncheh says:   13 January 2009   457773  
Jews have a certain look now?
Nekkyo says:   13 January 2009   588681  
hhahahahah! Hitler's baby jesus! HAAHAHAH! *holds gut*
Kirti says:   13 January 2009   755174  
Some people have stereotyped Jews to look a certain way Lyncheh but
as with all stereotypes it doesn't alwways hold true.

I haven't finished reading the bible (In fact I just kinda skim) so I
don't know.
the people of Greece and Rome aren't "black" (they don't have brown
skin per si) but they are usually a bit darker then most "white"
people. And the wax child was abnormally pale even for a caucasian.
MeepingMeep says:   15 January 2009   434252  
Alright, I had this disscusion with my social studies teacher.
K, so Jesus should have had olive colored skin, closer to greek then
african, bt definatly not pale. It should be slightly greenish, like
thee greeks. But perhaps more tan. His eyes were BROWN. As common in
Isreal, brown and charcoal is the normal color of eyes. His hair
should have been brown or black. But everyone sees him different. And
a baby isn't really born with that much hair, is it now? LOL, but
yeah, could points!
‹♥ ~ Alex ~ ♥› says:   16 January 2009   836359  
I seen that one and you are rihgt.
tiggerlemon101 says:   24 January 2009   245586  
You want to know a weird thing?  Obviously everybody's seen Jesus
with brown hair and a brwon beard, but I've seen  A LOT of blond baby
Jesuses, come to think of it.  

Anyway, the whole thing is kinda stupid.  Evidently Jesus wasn't
European, so why would people make him look like that?  And for
goodness sake, why put him in a baptismal gown?  What the heck is

Haha... Hitler Baby Jesus... I'm laughing so hard at this. 
tiggerlemon101 says:   1 September 2009   262377  
I saw this episode on Monday at my aunts house.  As soon as I saw the
little plastic models, I screamed out "Hitler Baby Jesus!"
Kirti says:   2 September 2009   691349  
Ahaha, I've infected your brain.
tiggerlemon101 says:   3 September 2009   678188  
Yeah, well... PFFT!  
Kirti says :   3 September 2009   516985  

I'm in a good mood now.


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