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Tuesday, 30 December 2008
02:41:39 AM (GMT)
Welcome back to good old Forks! Chapter ONE! "Calm down, Bella." I told my sister as we were landing. "I can't, I hate the weather here and it will be so akward talking to Charlie, scine we....I mean me, hadn't seen him for years," she said, looking out the window again. "I love the weather here, I like that the rain can wash away your pain and the cloudly days can leave you to your thoughts, even the snow can inlightent your day," I said while giggling. "You would say that," said Bella laughing a bit. We stopped talking as we aproched Folks, Washington. I did indend love my sister, Bella, but sometimes she gets alittle down and doesn't see life the way I see it. She's boring in my eyes, that's why I was the one who told mom to send us to washington, so I could get Bella to see the world like I do. I smiled, I couldn't wait to see Charlie. I called him Charlie, a habit I picked up from Bella saying it all the time. I could just see it Charlie with his cruser, parked in front of the airport, having a bunch of people talking to him about stuff on the news or how are you. Bella didn't like taking rides in his cruser, but I liked them, because it always gave me attenion. I also liked Charlie, a little better than mom, cause mom always want to hang out with her "little angels." But Charlie wanted us to have a good time with friends and be alone when we wanted. Bella didn't really like our parents, it made me sad that she thought that way. When we seen Charlie and I ran to hug him, he just gave Bella a one arm hug. When we got to the house, we unpacked and heard a honk from outside. Charlie was already out there, talking to Billy Black and behind him was Bella's childhood crush, Jacob Black. She probably wouldn't remember though, see how boring she is. I walked out as Bella walked behind me. "Elle! Bella! It's been a long time, well Bella anyway," said Mr. Black. It's true even though Bella stopped coming here in the summers and breaks, I never stopped, As I said before I loved the weather and besides I hated the weather in CA, way to much sun."Hey Billy, Jake, How you've been?" I asked. "Fine," both of them repleyed. I smiled. "Well anyway, Bells, Here's an early grad. present," said Charlie. "Really? Ohh my gosh, I love it," she said opening the door of the truck and hitting Jake, I laughed, while Jake glarred at me. I couldn't drive, I wasn't legal yet, even though Charlie sometimes let me take the wheel out in the country. "That's good to hear," said Billy. "When are you going to start driving, Elle?" asked Charlie, probably forgot my age. "I should start in a few months, got my liclins last week, but I have to wait, cause my doctor said it was dangeous for me, with my illness in all." It's true, I have an illness, diabetes, to be sure, I have to prick my figgers and stomage every friggin' day, cause I drank to much soda when I was younger, blame mommy dearist. "Ohh yahh," said Billy. What kind of car you want again? asked Charlie, looking worried, cause they always are to much money, when I pick one out. "A teal Volvo," I said proudly. It would make Bella's ugly truck look even more bad, I mentally gigglied in my head. "Wow," said Billy, "Great taste," he also added. I smiled and said thank you. ________________________ The next morning I woke up and got ready, right away. I was happy to be starting school, the fact that I can make more friends and see cute guys, but one things for sure I hated homework. I signed as I got dressed in some fated blue skinnies and a plain black top with a black and pink scarf. I also applyed some eyeliner, mascara, and black with mixed pink eye shadow. I had a thing for make-up, another thing Bella hated. I never put to much on so I would look like a slut, I usually put mediam or little make-up on. I put my pink converse on, that I loved and would protect with my life! Okay, that's a little obsessed, but I did love them alot! I love to be old fashion and have a vinage look also. When I got down stares Bella was waiting, listening to her ipod. I signed, I would have to ride in that stupid truck of hers. I'd rather ride in the cruser to school. I grabbed my messager bad, that had alot of buttons on like music artist and cute little characters like Gir and Hello Kitty. I guess you could call me punk or scene, but I didn't care. Bella and I ran to the truck and hopped in, I growned. "Stop wincing, its not that bad," she said turning it on, It gave me a heart attack when it started. I stared at her, "It's not that bad," I said quoting her. She signed, giving up already. I could probably go all day disagreeing with her. As we got to school and got our classes in stuff, which is almost the same by the way. We found a parking space, right across from a shinny, silver Volvo. I stared, almost drooling when I spotted it. "Stop staring, Elle, It's just a car!" said Bella. I frowned "It's not just a car, It's a Volvo! The most awesomeness and sexynest car ever to be seen!" I said blushing, cause the owner was just across the way probably listening to us bicker. Once we got inside I took a look at my and Bella's classes again. HA! I said. People probably staring at me, but I didn't care. We have PE together, Bells. I said laughing. It was Bella's turn to grown. She sucked at sports and anything involing walking or running. "Partin me m'ladies," said a voice behind me. I turned to see some guy, "I'm Eric, you ladies must be Ellen and Isabella," he said. "Elle, Bella." We both said at the same time. Eric seem to like that, weird kid, I metally laughed in my head again. "That was awesome, you both as on qu talked at the same time," Eric had said. I just laughed and began on my way to the first class. Lunch soon came and I met a very nice, yet shy girl, named Lisa. Lisa had long, wavey, brown hair and amazing brown eyes too, Alice, which I met with Lisa. Alice had this awesome, random side, that I loved. She was like my twin. Besides the short brownish black hair that stuck out inawesome spike like action. She also had amazing gold/yellowish eyes. They said I could sit with them and they're friends at lunch. We entered the lunch room and all the kids looked at me and then to Alice. It was weird, but once again I didn't care. We sat down and Lisa started introducing everyone. "This is Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward." "Guys this is Elle," said Alice. I smiled and said hi. They said hi or hey or whatever according to the blond female. Alice began talking to Jasper, probably going out and Rosalie and Emmeit were fighting about make-up or something like that. Edward....Wow, I didn't really look at him before, but now that I' am, He was gorgeous and I reconzied him being the Volvo owner from this morning. Wow, Hot guy, Hot car, totally my luckly day. Lisa started talking to me, but another guy came and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Hey Lisa, can we talk for a minute? he asked, Oh-Uh I thought usually when guys say that they want to break up or don't want to hang out. Lisa got up and followed him, it was basically Edward and me sitting in awkwardness. Until he desided to break it, which was find with me. "Thank you for sticking up for my car this morning," he said laughing a little. I also laughed, "It's no problem at all, I love cars, mostly Volvos though," I said. He smiled, "Well, at least I'm not the only one to like them." "Nobody else likes them?" I asked, shocked. "Yeah, Can you believe it?" he said signing. "Nope, but then again this is forks, old fashion cars were born here basically." I said. He smiled. "So. Are you liking it here, at Forks?" he had asked "I love it here, I really don't know why, but I love the rain and coldness," I said "Really? Most girls hate it here, they'd rather be in calliforna," Edward said. "Probably, but I hated the sun and warmth everyday, thats why I came down here in the summers and the breaks," I said. "Ahh I see," he said. "Do you know her?" he asked randomly, pointing behind me. I turned around and surely enough Bella was staring. "Yeah, she's my sister and one of the girls who still wishes they were in CA" I said turning back to look at him. "Not a fan of the weather?" he said "Yup" I said. Lisa finally came back with a frown. "He wants to see this big game with his friends, instead of hanging out with his own girlfriend," she said, looking down. "It's just a guy think, Lisa. If you want we could do something tonight, maybe watch a movie or get to know eachotehr better," I said. She looked back up atme and had a really big smile on, I was scared at how big it was and looked back at Edward, he seemed to be a little weirded out also. "That would be awesome, hopefully my parents will let me though, they have this thing about meeting new people," Lisa said just as he bell rang. Lisa disappared and so did the Cullens. It was just me and Edward. We both stood up and grabbed our stuff. "So. What class you have next?" he asked walking over to me. Um..Science, I said looking back at him, I notice his eyes were like Alices, amazing would be one word to stay about them. He laughed for some odd reason, I was clueless until he stopped. "I got science too, come on, before we're late," he said starting walk, I signed and ran to catch up. Their was one thing I already liked about science and Ididn't even have to step foot in the door yet. I smiled. _______________________________ That night we got home, I was tired, but I stayed a wake to finish my homework and read. Bella already fell alseep in her room. Bella's was brighter than mine, probably cause I was all about vinage and kind of punkish. I had dark red walls with black carpeting. My bed was black with a bunch of pillows, my main pillow was black and the other little pillows were black and red. I had my own bathroom that was black, red, and white. Posters were everywhere, some were bands, cute boys, and pictures of my best friends and I, when we were still in Calli. Charlie also bought me a laptop a few summers ago and a some computer desk, that was also black and red. I guess you could say black and red were my favorite colors. But when it came to my waredrobe, I had all kinds of colors like, reds, greens, purples, blues, and even more colors. After Charlie said good night to me and went to sleep, I desided to slip outside for awhile. Watching the stars and the moon, It was something I did even when was a child. It wasn't raining anymore, but I could still feel the cold mist. I must have been out there for almost an hour already, but I got this weird feeling someone was watching me. I strugged it off and went back inside, getting into my bed, after changing and putting my homework back in my bag. I soon fell into a deep sleep hearding only, my ipod, that had alot of piano solos and songs, and dreaming of Edward Cullen. ~Comment please?~

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