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Sunday, 14 December 2008
11:39:06 PM (GMT)
Ok! Today, I think, was fantastic. Well, at least parts of it. So it's the end of
this acting class, and Micheal calls me Phyllus. Phyllus is the character I had got
called back for, I did not even know what he was called back for! And then in my next
class, when I'm talking to this one guy, Tyler, about Spring Awakening, and then
Micheal joins the conversation and changes it to which song of Spring Awakeing am I
going to sing for the next grade for that cass. And I had choisen, Mama Who Bore Me,
my other choise was Whispering, but I did not deside to do that. And I did not
remember telling him that, but I guess I did, and he remembered! I then figured out
he was called for the leading male roles. I was only called back for a stage mother,
oh, well, guess its better than nothing, or ensamble. But maybe the reason is 'cause
most of the dancing is tap. AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAP. But I was waking around with
my friend Shayla, and Micheal punches me! Not like an angry punch, but a playful
punch in the shoulder. I haven't got him back though, I will tommorow! And then, at
my audition, on of the kids from my first conservatory was called back for the same
part of me, the same class that Michea had called me Phyllus. And it was really odd,
and I was starting to put together a puzzle, all the random times I had seen him look
at me, al the times that we looked at each other, all the times that he talk to me,
maybe they weren't just a cowincedence. But then I aborted the idea. It is highly
impossable that I guy like him would EVER like a girl like me, that stuff only
happens in movies. I then realized one of his friends was called for the same part as
me too. Though after I sucked at my call back, I walked out, and Micheal was outside,
sitting. And he gets-up, and starts asking me about how my call back went, and if I
did good. And he stood infrount of me, kind of blocking my way to go home. And he is
tall, so it's a tad bit scary, and I'm tired! So I forgot to ask him about his
audition. And he tells me that I probably did great. GREAT! WHAT THE HECK! I TOLD HIM
ever. I think I also forgot to tell him break a leg. And when he saw I was flustered
he moved out of the way. *sigh* on my way home, all I could think of was him.

. . . 
Then the next day . . . 
OMG! Today was more fantastic than yesturday. But first, I must tell you about me
falling of a stool! Ok so I was sitting in Science, before the class started. And my
flash cards were starting to fall of the table. So I try to catch them, but that
maked me unbalenced, so I fell on my butt, with all the cards around me. Victoria,
one of my friends there, described it as, "One moment I saw your legs up in the air,
and I wondered how you did it. Then I heard a thud, and I knew you fell." lol! It was
pritty funny. Though I did not see the expression on Micheal's face. 

Ok, so about Micheal. During the begining of lunch I was just talking with some
friends. Then Micheal walks to me. One thing, I did not know that he knew were I
usually sit during lunch, but he did. He told me what part I had got and told me the
cast list was up. I was about to hug him, but I resticted myself to do so. Then I
asked what he got, and he said he got Gus. And I jumped up and down, clapping for
him. Of course he would get a great part! He is fantastic! I just did not expect to
get Phyllis, being that I had not even been at OCHSA for even a semister. Then for
the whole day I was thinking about him. Then when I saw him again in my MT Audition's
class, I did not notice what he was doing, but I noticed that this guy named Landen
was looking at me alot, and it kinda stared me. But then in the next class, Pop
Vocals, we talked a bit to each other, but mostly in this one group. But then at the
almost end of class, Micheal asks if he can have my Spring Awakening Bracelete, and I
know he loves Spring Awakening as much as I do, and I would have given it to him, if
I had not been bitting it in the class before. So I say that no, and he asked if I
got it from the show, and how much it was, and I told him I did get it at the show
but my mom bought it and I had no clue how much it was. And then we talk awhile
longer about something else as I'm packing becuase I have to leave for the train. And
then he asks agian if he can have it, and I say, "No. You don't want it, I kept
bitting it and my saliva is all over it." And then he says, in the most serious voice
and the most serious expression I have ever seen him in, "I know, I saw you suck it,
and that's why I want it even more." Ok, so my reaction is OMG in by head, and my
blood pressure raises and I can't think and I'm just staring at him. And all I can
say is, " . . . I, I have to go . . . I I'm confused." And I leave before he can
speak one more word. And when I'm outside of the building, I start running yelling,
"Shayla!!!!!" Because somewhere she is in head of me, and I needed to tell somebody.
And so one the bus I told her. Yah, OMG! Do you think he ment it? I mean, that would
explain somethings. And I mean, he knows my last name! Not even my friends there know
my name. And he would have to be staring at me to know I was chewing my bracelet. And
that would explain for him staring at me. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN everything! But I have a
feeling that it's not true. He is Prince Charming! I'm just one of those people in
the background. He is freakin' hot! And, well, I'm not. I don't know what to do. I
don't know if I should talk to him. I'm just soo confused. But I could not calm down
for at least two hours before my body was some what back to normal. I just can't
believe it. But he was so serious. And he said his sentance, his face became more
serious. I just want it to be true! And don't want it to be some prank! I want, I
want it to be true. Do you think he ment it? Do you think he likes me? 
Shayla said that Micheal and I should go to winter formal together. But if his words
where true, then that could happen. 

((I was speaking to my bff during these messages, alright?))

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