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Just For Mydie. Pt 3. ;-;Category: Kun.
Thursday, 11 December 2008
07:11:36 PM (GMT)
Mend's Story: Chapter 2. There was a soft breeze in the castle. Everything was so quiet, so lonely like. Shariza was sleeping next to Mend, hugging him for warmth. Mend was clinging onto the covers as he slept deeply. Voices were in his head, scaring him. He whimpered and rolled onto Shariza."H-Help.." He said softly in his sleep, frailing his arms a little. Shariza pushed him off of her gently and watched him."Just like his father.." She said softly. Shariza shook him gently. In Mend's mind, it was as if Kun had put his memories in him. Mend screamed and woke up, crying hard. His butterflies fluttered over to him, glowing a gentle silver in the warm sunlight. He looked around, his discolored eyes full of fear."M-Mama..." He sobbed on Shariza, clinging to her.'Mama?' She thought. Mend looked at her, wiping his tears away. Shariza kissed his cheek."If thats what Kun wants me to be for you, then yes, I am your mother." Shariza said smiling a little. Mend squealed happily, feling a little safer and hugged her. A few months back, when Mend was still about 7, the same people who did horrid things to Kun came for Mend and tortured him to his near death. Mend hopped out of bed, going down the old, broken stairs to go eat something. Shariza followed him down, almost tripping still drowsy."What will we do today Mend?" Shariza asked going to see if they needed to go hunting again or shopping. Med thought for a little bit."We can go exploring?" He said thoughtfully to her. Shariza smiled and nodded okay. She looked through the cuboards and the refrigerater."Hmm, all out of food.." She mused. Mend heard her."Aww, can we skip shopping?" He said sadly, he didn't like being around people, not after the suffering he went through."We are going hunting tonight." Shariza said to him."No people?" He asked trembling. Shariza nodded and went to go sharpen her sword she had got to protect Kun long ago. Mend sighed and ran outside the castle to lay down in the same spot his father died in, and thought till night fell over the castle and the forest that surrounded it. Shariza walked outside, looking at the full moon."Are you ready?" She asked him. He nodded and got up. Mend's butterflies rested on his ribbons, wrapped on him just like Kun's were. They walked into the dark, eerie woods in search of maybe some deers. As they went deeper into the woods, with Mend's buterflies glowing for light, there was a sharp crack from behind them. SNAP! Shariza and Mend turned to the sound, startled from the break of silence."Was that you Mend?" She asked hoping it was him. He nodded no slowly, getting scared. Mend looked blindly as his butterflies flew off then, he heard voices."People are coming!" He hissed quietly, pulling Shariza into a bush. There were a few loud gun shots and Mend whimpered softly. The foot steps got closer to them and he clutched onto Shariza, mouthing that he was scared. The scent of blood filled the air and made them both gag a little."Did you hear that?" A gruff voice asked. A calm mans voice answered, "They are here. The boy really." Mend gasped and Shariza got up."Whos there?!" She shouted. Mend shushed her but a stong hand pulled Mend away. He shrieked and trashed madly, scared that they were the men who did all the horrible things to him and his father. The man who had Mend punched him and threw him into a tree, making it topple down into a circle clearing in the forest were the moon lit the circle up. Shariza looked back and the other man pulled out a long, sharp sword and brang it down on Shariza. She blocked and jumped onto a tree, trying to spot Mend in the darkness. Mend groaned and his eyes changed to a deep crimson. The man who had punched Mend into the tree, jerked him up and held him close to his face."You little asshole... I'm not done with you. You still need fifty more shots before we can kill you off, your father never was suposed to live you runt." He growled at Mend. Mend nodded his head no in the moon light and in his mouth grew long sharp fangs. The man smirked."The transformations are taking over you Mend... You must kill the ones you love or I should say, hate." He chuckled darkly. Mend looked at the man, with the most meanest look a fighter would have. He took his shirt off and waited for a second. From Mend's back, two beautiful pairs of angel wings sprang from his slender, soft back. The man huffed an pulled out his shurdikens. Back with Shariza and the other man, they were in a tight brawl."Come on now, you know he's going to die, just like you!!" The man screamed at Shariza, thrashing his sword. She got cut deeply on her mid torso but ignored the stinging pain. She threw her sword blindly at the man and struck his heart. He gasped and slid down, bleeding to death. Shariza fell to the ground, hoping that Mend was alight."P-Please.. be okay.." She whispered falling asleep. In the moonlit circle, Mend summoned a scythe like Kun's and glared at the man, baring his fangs. The man threw his weapons all at Mend at once and in a flash of light, they were gone."The hell...?!" The man grumbled. A swirl of light and feathers appeared in front of Mend and Kun's spirit appeared to them both."F-Father?" Mend said shocked. Kun nodded firmly at Mend and his soft gray eyes looked deep past the mans."You pest, you should not be alive to see another day, people like you should rot in hell.." He said calmly, holding his pale, transperrent hand out to the man, making him choke and bleed to death. Mend feel to his knees, shokced, fightened, and just in awe that he was seeing this."W-Why?" Mend said softly crying. His angel wings unfolded to the rays of the moon, making them glitter. Kun patted his head and left to tend to Sharzia. He healed her and left a note under her."Take care of him.." Kun whispered fading with his butterflies. shariza woke up groaning and ran to go find Mend. She found him in the state he was in and looked in complete fear of what he was."Mama... Kun... he..." He studdered. Shariza walked to him, reaching to touch his wings."What did they do to you...?" She cried holding him. Mend cried with her and fainted in her arms."Here we go again.." She thought sadly and held him, looking at the sky with him in her shaky, weak arms. They laid there, hand in hand, sleeping together, waiting for the next day. 'This is going to be a sad beggining..' Shariza thought, holding Mend's blood covered hand.
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sexichick says:   11 December 2008   797538  
That was really good! And kinda sad... BUT GOOD!! 
‹Wallflowers♥› says :   13 December 2008   531455  
Thank you. :D


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