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Friday, 21 November 2008
03:49:40 PM (GMT)
Average: 82%
Option Class
Complete. So... I'm guessing I get 100%? LOL. IUNNO. Fine Arts (Drama/Art Class) - Mr. Campbell, our vice principal. Meh, I'm really stubborn in this class. Rofl. 97% Information Process (Infopro/Computer Class) - Ms. Armbruster Lolol, I should sersly get 100% sometime. XD But actyally, I know why I'm 3 marks less. It's basically because we had this quizzes and there was 2 or 1 quiz that I got one wrong. Rofl. XD But since, I don't really expected anything much from here. I was pretty proud.
Core Subjects
84% Language Arts - Ms. Armbruster Lol, I'm really bad at LA. XD I'm glad that I didn't get 70 something. But I'm sort of disappointed because, it's just one mark more for an A. D: XD 83% Mathematics - Ms. Fricker XD I always get 80s in Math no matter how much I'm good at it, or how much I'm understanding the topic. 62% Science- Ms. Ingersoll I SWEAR, I CAN'T LEARN ANYTHING FROM HER. She's basically just a terrible teacher. The first test she gave us, everyone had like around 30. WE ALL FAILED. LIKE THE WHOLE GRADE 8. SERSLY. She basically sucks. And when I didn't go to school for like 5 days. But it was kinda like one and a half week, because of the long weekend. But anyway, they had a test during those days. And when I came back, she made me write the test that hour. WHEN I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT. The class got information about it and I didn't. I GOT LIKE 56% AND IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE AN EASY TEST. Thanks a lot, Ms. Ingersoll. And then now, we have this project where there's 3 groups and each group have to learn one topic and teach it to the class for one hour. WE HAVE TO LEARN IT WITHOUT HER TEACHING US AT ALL. AND WE HAVE TO TEACH THE CLASS ALSO. NOW HOW THE HELL CAN WE MAKE THE CLAS LEARN FROM US WHEN WE CAN'T EVEN LEARN FROM HER? Again, thanks A LOT, Miss Ingersoll. I don't learn anything from your class at ALL. 62 is the lowest mark, I've ever time, you shit. 89% Social Studies - Mr. Easton Hehe, I'm pretty proud raight here. 8D Social is one of my favourite class. And not because of what it teaches. But because of how relax I feel being in that class. And I know, if it's not Mr. Easton teaching us in Social. It wouldn't be the same. I can yell at him and everything. C: Not like anyone else. But lol. He picks on me. But not only me though. XD
Extra Subjects
81% Physical Education - Mr. Easton I expected like 60-70. And that's being generous. 83 That just proves that Mr. Easton has a heart for my stubborness in Gym. LOL. XD 72% Religion - Ms. Armbruster. LOL. Not so surprised here. But.. I really should get at least 80, since... yeh. LOL WHERE'S HEALTH? Oh and btw. Grade 8. Ms. Armbruster - 8A (My homeroom) Mr. Easton - 8E Grade 7. Ms. Fricker - 7F Ms. Ingersoll - 7I
Last edited: 21 November 2008

‹The~Labryinth› says:   21 November 2008   148948  
5 b's 
2 a's XD
AerithLight says:   21 November 2008   222384  
D- on Science. D:
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   22 November 2008   379754  
Science sucks. 
I'm in 6th grade, and out teacher makes us do 8th grade work! D:
‹MusicDefinesLove› says :   22 November 2008   538654  
Haha, sorry. 
Double post. :|


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