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The letter he won't get.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 4 November 2008
11:41:35 PM (GMT)
Dear Daddy,
So here we are again, back at the battlegrounds.
You'd think by now you would know you will not win this fight.
I have too many things against you.
Ha! You say you know where I'm headed, you say you know what'll happen to me and that
the badass God is gonna strike me down.
But you know lately I think hell would be more fun than sitting around listening to
you yell at me.
So perhaps I'm not the perfect daughter- the ideal image. 
At least I'm not dumb-witted and brainwashed like your freaking son that I can barely
call my brother.
You try and suffocate us all, me, my mother and my brother- and you try to turn us
into these zombie like Christians who when you ask jump we ask how high, and then
thank you for telling us.
You know what, my mom and brother may have fallen to that idiotic shit but I
absolutely will not do that.
If I was to blame anyone for the was I "turned out" it would be you.
You know, you're the one who made me turn from God.
And the way you made kissing the same sex sound- very temptatious and fun, but evil
in the end- made me want to do it even more.
The way you told me my friends were not people I could trust in the long run- made me
want to prove you wrong.
So really it's your fault.
In fact I'm to the point where I really don't care what you think about me anymore
because I won't change for you and I have no intentions of even TRYING to change for
If you think about it, so far I'm turning out to be an okay kid. Frankly it's you
whose blind to that- everyone else has started to see it. One day I'll prove you so
fucking wrong you won't know what to do with yourself.
I'm not hoping you kill yourself- if you die, I want it to be less pathetic and
I want you to die in your sleep if anything- so I don't have to deal with your
fucking whining.
God it's annoying.
I know you'll never ever get this letter. So that's why I'm writing it. To make me
feel better. Since right now I'm pretty damn pissed off at you.

Love me Or Hate me
(Since you never can decide),
Shelby Zooey

‹Alyssha_Aesthete™› says:   4 November 2008   271252  
Another fight with your dad again I'm guessing?
‹Shelby[Porcelain]<3› says:   4 November 2008   516996  
And I'm in a rant mood.
‹Alyssha_Aesthete™› says:   4 November 2008   544184  
Shagrath says:   5 November 2008   983782  
YEA!!!!!! NOW thats what i call spirited!!!! HELL YEA!!!! 

hehe wanna kick his ass? cuz i sure do!!!! (fuckin hate opresive
religious people)
‹Shelby[Porcelain]<3› says:   5 November 2008   244815  

Yesh I do want to kick his ass. But I want to do it went I don't have
to live in his house.
‹shii-chan♥› says:   5 November 2008   797418  
.i don't like those kind of people, if you don't mind me saying.
.yeah, don't try kicking his ass until you don't have to live in his
.lol.. just a bit of patience! XD
‹Shelby[Porcelain]<3› says :   5 November 2008   557291  
Haha, I don't like my dad at all so say what you want.

Heh, thanks.

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