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American Witch lV: The Unwanted VisitorCategory: Hogwarts
Sunday, 7 September 2008
08:22:42 PM (GMT)
	The Weasleys and I had gotten on the train in the nick of time. Fred, George, and I
cut away from the Golden Trio making our way to the last compartment, our privately
saved booth. The twins placed a hex on it a few years back to ensure the door
wouldn’t open for anyone else.
	We planned future pranks and joked until it started to get dark outside. I closed my
eyes and leaned my head back, Norman in my lap, telling them I need to concentrate on
future activities. Really, I just wanted a break from reality.
	"One more time, Lizzie! You have to get this right! The fate of Harry’s life
could depend on this!"

	The train lurched forward, waking me from my dream. I opened my eyes to utter
darkness. As my eyes slightly adjusted, I could see silhouettes of the students in
the next compartment scurried about in panic. Norman had jumped to the other bench,
hissing like crazy at the door. The twins were squashed against the window, which had
turned to a glistening gray. They wiped a spot clean over and over.
	“Good, you’re awake,” George looked away from his hole, it glazing gray
	“You’re not gonna believe this,” Fred began.
	“There something moving out there. And it’s coming on board!” George added
quickly, with a twinge of excitement, always up for an adventure, no matter how
dangerous it could end up. “Wait a moment; I think I have a light in here…”
	“No, I have it,” Fred corrected him, pulling out a flashlight. Must be
powered by magic. But where would they get such a…?
	“You stole that from Percy, didn’t you?” I accused them. They didn’t deny
it, either. They merely grinned as they assembled it.
	Just as they got it to work, a cloaked figure past the door. Suddenly, all my
happiness felt like it was being sucked away, leaving me in an ice cold environment.
All I could think of was my leaving my friends and my parents neglecting me once they
were informed I was a witch. I needed my care-free world back.
	I ripped open the door, wanting to get the character that stole my perfect world.
Instead, a freaked out Draco Malfoy ran into me, pushing me back into the booth. He
shut the door instantly, cowering in the corner farthest from it.
	I fell to the floor. As soon as my head hit the hard ground, it involuntarily raised
itself again; my pupils dilated. These are the symptoms when I divination awake.
Visions ran through my head instantly. A silvery light blurred out the pictures,
bringing me back to the real world. The train was moving again and the lights had
come back on. Warmth filled me again, leaving just a pinch of unfeeling. 
	Speaking of unfeeling, the urchin, Dorko, was stopped cowering in the corner, asking
if the phantom was gone. Fred was “comforting” the frightened boy, naïve that a
robed George was sneaking up on him. I turned my back, and started for the door,
wanting to find that creature. I heard Dorko scream, and he ran past me, knocking me
down… Again. This is time, I fell into a seat.
	“You had a vision, didn’t you,” Fred asked, fully distracted from their prank
on Malfoy. They knew the whole involuntary raised head and eyes dilated routine. I
nodded, wanting to talk about the hooded phantom, not a fortune. 
	“Wicked! I love when that happens!” The two chorused.
	“Please, great Madame Langer! Tell us our futures!” George kiddingly bowed. Of
course they wanted a fill-in. I sighed, and agreed. We discussed it until the train
came to another stop.

Tad bit shorter, but you get the idea :D
It's better than the last one :U

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