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Olette's Last Day of Freedom Part 2Category: sex stories
Sunday, 10 August 2008
07:55:52 PM (GMT)
Olette was sitting all alone in her cage, living off of her table scraps, which were
usually bread crusts or old veggies. She hadn't been home in weeks. Too bad that
nobody knew it. I mean, she was gone a lot, so her neighbors didn't notice, and she
owned her house, so no one came to collect any rent. Of course, her power and water
was probably turned off, but at least she didn't have any pets. 

Being her usual self, lost in thought, she didn't even realize that Tifa came down to
the basement. Oddly enough, she had another girl on the sex machine.

"Who's she?" asked Olette.

This girl was blonde, she was about an inch shorter than Olette. So that made Olette
guess she was about the same age too. 

"Hahaha, you're a good slave, I think I'll keep you," said Tifa to the blonde girl.
All the blonde girl did was rub her pussy and look scared.

Tifa opened an empty cage next to Olette, threw the poor scared blonde girl inside
then locked it behind her. After that, Tifa walked up the stairs, turned the light
off and left. 

"LET ME OUT!" yelled the blonde girl.

"It won't do you any good to yell, I've been here for weeks," said Olette calmly. She
knew what the blonde girl was going through.

"Okay," said the blonde girl. "I'm Namine by the way."

"Oh, I'm Olette. I'm kinda glad you're here, I was getting lonely all alone down
here," said Olette.

"That lady is horrible," said Namine. "And I actually thought I loved her!"

"Yea, I know how that feels. She did the same thing to me," said Olette feeling sorry
for Namine.

The two heard the door open. It was Tifa. "Did you see your new playmate Olette?"
said Tifa grinning.

"No, you wouldn't!" Said Namine and Olette at the same time. 

"Oh, but I sure would!" said Tifa with a big smile.

She let the two out of their cages and cuffed them. She forced them both to sit on
the floor. Face to face. She then stuck a long dildo in Namine's pussy and stuck the
other end into Olette's pussy.

"Now go closer to each other! I don't want to see that dildo at all you whores!" said

Now, the dildo was about 12 inches long, so that was going to hurt and the two knew
that. But they didn't have a choice. So they began to go closer to each other. Then
they started to moan in pain.

Tifa saw that they were as close to each other as they could go so she tied them
together so they couldn't move away from each other. 

"NOW MAKE OUT!" said Tifa.

The two began to make out. And actually started to like it. 

"Mmmmm..." the two moaned, in pleasure from making out and pain from the dildo
inserted into both of their cunts.

"Too bad you didn't know that’s a vibrator!" said Tifa as she flipped a remote
control. "I turned it on high just for you two!"

"OOOOhhhh!!!" moaned the two. They had a couple of orgasms before Tifa finally turned
it off.

"Now, I'm going to undo you two and you're going to taste each other’s juices."

After the two were undone they were more than willing to taste each other. They did
the 69 and were licking each other like crazy.

"Very good my little slaves!" said Tifa. "Since you two are getting along so well, I
guess you can share a cage."

"But first, I want a ride!" continued Tifa. "Namine, get on your hands and knees, I
want to ride you!"

Namine got on all 4's, and Tifa chained Olette to the floor so she couldn't
interfere. Then, she began to ride on Namine. After she got some pleasure out of
riding her. She got off and put her in her cage. Then she unhooked Olette and threw
her in the same cage. 

"Well, since you two had so much fun together, you can share one cage, and one plate
of food from now on. Oh, and you two are getting a little on the fat side, so no food
for a week!" Tifa finished her speech, locked the cage and left.

The two too uncomfortable to move (or too squished to move) were setting very close
to each other. Waiting for the light to come on and to get some nasty table scraps...

kiba_lover123 says:   13 August 2008   432816  
u used kingdom hearts characters just don't put Kairi or Arith in it
Cristina_Dear says:   13 August 2008   851686  
wow that was a good story is that the end? u should continue the
sex_storie_Writer says:   14 August 2008   172679  
I'm going to send an item free to the one who finishs the story
‹xox-rawrbabii-xox› says:   18 August 2008   341147  
holy shit wut a gud story i got horney
‹Just;Amazing› says:   19 August 2008   943342  
Same here =X
Om_Goshes_Bi says:   19 August 2008   863843  
(I just realized, I have almost the same character as the person
above me.. Kinda scary)

I say the same as 'playboybunny4life' o.o
‹GOINGINSANE› says :   6 November 2008   258511  
keep this story going its interesting.

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