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Olette's Last Day of FreedomCategory: sex stories
Sunday, 10 August 2008
07:49:23 PM (GMT)
It was just a normal day. Olette was walking to her house, when she passed a new

"Hmmm. This must be the new sex toy store," said Olette to herself. 

She decided that she would go in. 

"What could it hurt?" she asked herself as she heard the jingle on the door as she
walked in. "I mean, I'm sure a whole bunch of people come in here and buy toys all
the time. And it’s not like I'm too young. I am 21 after all..."

"Welcome to Erotic Toys, how may I help you?" asked a women about Olette's age. 

"I'm just browsing."
"Okay, tell me if you need any help."

"Oh yea, and if you want to try anything out, you can use the “fitting” room in
the back," said the sales lady.

Olette began to look around. She saw sex toys of all shapes and sizes, bondage ropes,
nipple clamps. Anything you could possibly want for the perfect sex.

"Have you decided?" 
"Well, everything is so great, but I have no partner. I just broke up with my girl,"
said Olette sadly. 
"Who needs a partner? A girl like you doesn't need anyone..."

"Well okay," said Olette in a very flattered way.

She picked a very nice (and expensive) silver, high voltage vibrator. 

"A hardcore kinda girl I see. Very Hot!" said the sales lady. 

"Thanks. If you ever want to come over, we can play with my new toy," said Olette who
was beginning to fall in love with the sales lady.

"Okay, here’s my number, and my name is Tifa by the way."

"Alright, and I'm Olette."

A few days later, Olette called Tifa. She answered, and came over an hour later. "Hey
sexy," said Tifa. 

"Please come in."
Tifa was wearing a black dress, mid thigh. It was beautiful; it looked awesome with
her raven black hair and her size DD chest. 

Olette was wearing tan capris, and a lovely orange shirt. 

"Wanna get this started? I took some toys from the shop."

"Totally!" said Olette excitedly. 

The two undressed and went to Olette's room. 

They lay on her king sized bed. "Don't worry about a thing Olette, You just lay there
and relax, I'll handle the rest."

"Um, okay," said Olette a little confused.

Tifa grabbed a black ribbon out of her purse. "Put this around your eyes." Olette
obeyed and put the blindfold on. 

"Okay, now spread your arms and legs apart."

Again Olette did as she was told. Before she knew it, she was in bondage. Tied up to
her own bed.

"Hey what are you doing?"

“I'm going to play with you. I was waiting in my store for a lonely lesbian to come
along and fall in love with me. I needed someone I could play with.” 

Tifa then took out a long strap on and began to push it into Olette’s pussy. 

"OOOOOHHHH...." Moaned Olette and the strap on was going in and out of her.

"Now, I'm going to untie you, then I'm going to cuff you and we're going to go to my
place. Then we will have even more fun," said Tifa. "If you have a problem with that,
I will make this as painful as possible."

"No, I have no problem,” said the scared Olette.

"Good girl"
Tifa untied Olette, then cuffed her. Just as she said she would. Then she took her
out to her car, naked, where people were watching,and forced her to get into the

As soon as they got to Tifa's house, she took Olette to the basement. 

"No one can help you now slut! Now, I am going to uncuff you and put you on the sex

Olette was too scared to do anything, so she obeyed like the good whore that she was.
She got on the machine and let Tifa chain her hands above her head and chain her feet
apart. Then she tied up Olette’s breasts in her silk ropes. Then she rigged up a
big and high voltage vibrator to her sensitive pussy. 

Tifa then turned the vibrator on as high as it would go. She pulled up a chair and
watched Olette cum all over the machine. After 15 minutes of watching Olette cum,
Tifa got bored. She took the vibrator out. Olette was so shaken up she couldn't make
any noise, or move. 

"Awww... poor whore!" said Tifa while having a huge grin on her face.

Tifa got some of the pussy juice in her mouth.

"Open your mouth whore!"

Olette opened her mouth and watched as Tifa spit Olette's juices into her own mouth.

Tifa then untied Olette and threw her in a cage just big enough for her to fit in
without being comfortable.

"I will come down here later and feed you some table scraps. I will also come down
and play with you daily. I promise," said Tifa with a grin.

She then locked the cage door, walked up the basement stairs turned the light off and
left. Leaving Olette covered in cum, naked, cold, and all alone in the dark.

Cristina_Dear says:   13 August 2008   487454  
poor Olette
‹Just;Amazing› says:   19 August 2008   664811  
I agree, poor Olette =/

It's a really good story =]
Om_Goshes_Bi says:   19 August 2008   546795  
=X Cool story..  Poor Olette, though
sex_storie_Writer says :   22 August 2008   411321  

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