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What avitar carictor are you??Category: (general)
Tuesday, 15 July 2008
11:55:11 AM (GMT)
My brother loves the show Avatar and since theres the whole show finaly thingy, i've
been watching a marathon with him. So i got an idea to make a quiz to see what avatar
carictor you are! So just keep track of the letters you select, and use the key at
the bottom!!! No cheetsies!!

1. Your dream (or what you think is in your future) is to...

a) Save the world
b) Help someone save the world
c) Become a great warrior
d) meh...
e) Own a quiet shop (preferably for tea)
f) Take over the world

2. You'r most memorable moment probably inculdes...

a) Fighting with a huge army and somehow against all odds getting away
b) Fighting a huge army and helping someone on your side who is probably unconcious
get away
c) Seeing a huge army and then blackout.... when you wake, you are on a flying bison
d) meh...
e) Watching your nephew fight
f) Trying to kill some arrow-headed freak, but then he gets away... Again.

3. Are Aang and Katara ment to be?

a) YES!!!!!!
b) Maby. Its kind of like JD and Elliot on Scrubs
c) No!! Who would want someone realy close to them dating your best friend??
d) meh...
e) Who and who??
f) Who cares about there pitty little drama?

4. What is your favoriot animal?

a) Either a flying bison or a lemur.
b) A fish.
c) Flying bison. Lemurs steel food, and thats not right!!
d) meh...
e) The ones that drink tea
f) Dead ones.

5. You'r group is being threatened. What do you do?

a) I usualy fight, but dont stay for long.
b) Usualy leave, after all, I have bigger fish to fry.
c) Stay and fight! Becoming a great warrior is my destiny(i hope)
d) meh...
e) Stay on the sidelines
f) Stand my ground and fight

and last....
6. What is your favoriot thing to enjoy at mealtime?

a) Whatever is available
b) Anything but nuts
c) Anything, as long as its food!!
d) meh...
e) Ginsing tea
f) Whatever I can get

Calculation time!!

If you chose mostly A, you are...

If you chose mostly B, you are...

If you chose mostly C, you are...
Sokka!! (why do spelling these names have so much guesswork??)

If you chose mostly D, you are...

If you chose mostly E, you are...

If you chose mostly F, you are...

If you forgot what you chose...
Take a nap!!

If you chose a mix...
Make up your mind!!

Please post your answers and we can find out what charictor is most common!!

Aang: 0
Katara: 1
Sokka: 0
Momo: 1
Uncle: 0
Zuko: 0
Last edited: 18 July 2008

alpheric says :   18 July 2008   746661  
I'm Katara, I'm a woman :S


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