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uh-oh, im a "leave britney alone" girl!!!!! eeeeppppCategory: Random
Wednesday, 18 June 2008
12:35:31 AM (GMT)
please visit this page:  
then you will know what this diary entry is in response to ^_^

I dont mean to be an all "Leave brittny alone" chick here but "fuck miley"..."kill
miley"? "Miley is a fucking whore"? 
I feel like you guys are going just a tinsie bit overboard. You cant expect a teenage
girl to be a perfect role model. And please, nobody start a fight with my, im simply
trying to point out something:

Take a look at yourselves, im sure most of you have cybered and or sent someone a
revealing picture, done stuff with your friends (same sex or not) that may fall under
the pretense of not being a good role model's behavior such as skinny dipping,
kissing the same sex, sleeping in the same bed with someone (same sex or not), taking
a shower with a friend, looking at porn (even only once) and being turned on by
various things. 

Again, im not trying to start a fight and im not trying to protect Miley Cyrus. I am
only trying to point out that the things she is getting bashed for, are things most
teenagers do. The only reason you hate her is because she is a celebrity. If she
wasnt, i bet most of you guys would be friends with her in an instant, because all
the things she has done, proves that she is just as normal at  heart as you or me.
Again, please do not take this the wrong way. 

Last thought: 
If you bash her for being a bad rolemodel, then you better look yourselves in the
mirror and say the same things to yourself. Because everyone is a rolemodel to
someone. Your sibling, the kids you babysit, even a kid in a grade younger than you.
You ARE the rolemodel. And by bashing someone like this, your making it seem alright
for the people who look up to you to say terrible things about someone that hold no
water against the truth. Its being a hipocrite. So please think before you hurt
people in such ways.
Last edited: 28 August 2008

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