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Thursday, 29 May 2008
05:15:32 PM (GMT)
Demonicangeltwin made a test thing, and I thought I should give it a go. :3

- About You
Eye Color: lightish brown
Hair Color: dark brown (almost black when wet :D)
Height: 5'5".. or maybe 5'6"? ^^;
Favorite Color: Lavander, red, white, grey, green. 
Screen Name: Aiki on here, and either Julie-Su, AikiMiharu, or AikiMaiAkane-Su on
other sites. :D
Favorite Band: Um, right not it's MSI and SoaD. <3
Favorite Movie: the FMA movie :D
Favorite Show: Counting anime? =_= Um. I've been obessesed with Higurashi and Lucky
Star, so yeah. :D
Your Car: an ugly old Cherokee. D8 (it's my moms)
Your Hometown: *******, Ohio. ;D
Your Present Town: Same place. D8
Your Crushes First Name: >_____>
Your Grade: 9th (almost!)
Your Style: Eh. Whatever you think I am. I don't really know what stereotype I'd be,
and when someone says "you're emo/prep/etc." I ignore it anyhow. XD

- Have You Ever
Sat on your rooftop: I basically live up there! XD Yes!
Kissed someone in the rain: Not yet, but I'm hopeful... <d>_> Yes.
Made out in a theatre: once agian @_@ Stop making me feel useless, you fucking test.
Gone roller skating since 5th grade: Yush!
Been in love: Yeah. >_>

- Who was the last person to...
Say HI to you: Marina XD
On phone: Telemarketer. DDD8
Tell you, I love you: Josh. (XD! Josh is a made up character..)
Kiss you: .... A real kiss? Like, not a *kisses you* kind of kiss? >_< Either Cory or
More 'kiss' Kiss: STFU. 
Hug you: my sister. 
Tell you BYE: my sister also. 
Write you a note: Desi
Take your photo: Erin's mom! XDD At the Wax Museum.
Call your cell phone: Cellphones suck. :P
Buy you something: my mom, she bought some pencils for me. ._.
Go with you to the movies: Ashleigh. :D
Sing to you: Desi (she was singing What's Up People?! at school XD)
Write a poem about you: o_o I don't know..
Text message you: FUCK YOU. XD
Touch you: AH! PEDO. Um! Probably.. I don't know. A random person I brushed into on
the way off the bus..? o_O

- What's the last...
Time you laughed: when Chloe got home from the zoo. (appearently, some kid fell into
the kangaroo exhibit XDD)
Time you cried: hmm.. Last night?
Movie you watched: The Incredibles (same thing as Marina, we were watching it at
Joke you told: I no-no tell jokes, I just spout out random. 
Song you've sang: Stories by Trapt. I was going to record myself singing, but the mic
won't work. ._.
Drink you've had: cold coffee from this morning. (yummy!)
Number you've dialed: Eh. Dun remember.
Book you've read: Kingdom Hearts volume 4. :D
Food you've eaten: graham crackers. =w=
Flavor of gum chewed: I think it was mint with the vanilla blast in the middle. :D
Shoes you've worn: plain old sneakers. :P
Store you've been in: eh. Walden Books maybe?
Thing you've said: WTF!!! XDDD (I blame YouTube)

- Can You...
Write with both hands: No way jose.
Whistle: Yes.
Blow a bubble: Yup.
Roll your tounge in a circle: Yeppers.
Cross your eyes: Only sometimes.
Touch your tounge to your nose: Nope, my tongue doesn't pwn enough. D':
Dance: Pssh, no way. :D
Gleek: ... gleek..?
Stay up a whole night without sleep: More than you know.. @_o
Speak a different language: Spanish, and some French.
Impersonate someone: XD;; YES!
Prank call people: I could, but I don't.
Make a card pyramid: No! I'd get frustrated with it. :P
Cook anything: Anything? No. Most things? Yes.
Burp anything: mostly. XD

- Finish The Line
I wish... I could **** ******* *** ****** ***** ** *** *** * ****** **. ;D It
actually says something, i just don't feel like telling the whole internet. ._.
So many people don't know that.... I wish I lived in emperial China. o.o
My heart is... longing. >_<

‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   29 May 2008   544959  
OMG YOU LIKE MSI TOO COOL!!!!! want to be friends?
‹In♥His♥Shadow› says :   29 May 2008   568238  
:D Sure, we can be friends. MSI completely rocks. 8D

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