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Sunday, 18 May 2008
11:07:50 PM (GMT)
"Watch out, freak coming through!" Was the first thing I heard when I entered the
bus. I had chosen to tae the deathly chariot over a ride with my brother, which I
ultimately regretted.  The kids on that thing looked like they all came from Hannah
Montana or whatever that show is. Their matching scarves and shoes made me want to
puke. As I passed by, looking for a seat, they stared. Maybe at my outfit, which was
quite different from what they might see there. Jeans, a The Nightmare Before
Christmas tee and converse shoes must be a very rare outfit here. I finally found an
empty seat, far away from anyone else. I sat down and pulled out my Ipod, ignoring
the looks I was still getting from everyone else. Finally, I looked into the eyes of
a fake blond prep. "I suppose you aren't usd to normal human activity around here,
are you?" I said sarcastically. She frowned at me and turned to her friends. I rolled
my eyes and lost myself within the magic of The Cab. 

"I can hear it in your voice,
 You care
 Let me run my fingers through your hair.
 I'll keep you company at night
 And baby I'm here to make things right!
 Becaue sometimes baby you fall on your back
 And girl you're three times the lady, I'll ever have-"


Damn the person who caused that sound while Alex Delon was complimenting me!There
will be winter for a thousand years, all because of the friggin girl who dropped her
book bag by my seat-Wait, huh? I glanced down and found a girl picking her stuff up
and dumping them back into her bag. Her The Hush Sound bag. The one that I've been
looking for for years but then got tired and stopped giving a crap. She pulled
herself off the floor and looked up at me. "Umm, mind if I sit?" I was too busy
admiring her bag that I didn't notice that she was speaking. She noticed that.
"Umm...I'll take that as a no.." She began to walk away. "No, wait!" I called aftr
her. She turned around and almost fell over as the bus came to a stop. "You can sit
here" I said. She sighed in relief and returned to sit. She gave me a shy smiled and
held out her hand. "I'm Chelsea." he said. I returned the smile. "Yeah, cool. I'm
Becky. But you can call me Steve." She raised an eyebrow. Steve?" I shrugged. "Long
story. I worked at MacDonalds for like, a day before I got fired. The only name tags
they had left were "Ashlee" and "Steve". I've never been a fan of Ashlee Simpson."
Chelsea laughed and began to tell me about school. She told me about the art, and how
she was horrible at painting. She told me about science and how she was horrible at
experimenting. She told me about Drama and how she was a horrible actress. And then
she told me about Math, and how she was fantastic in that subject. "I want to b an
accountant one day." She said proudly. My eyes widened. "Wow. I suck at Math. You
should toootally do my homework for me!" I said. She gave me a serious look, then

Saint Joseph Highschool was definately the largest school I have ever seen. And I've
been to 4 high schools in total. Huge, red bricked, with all the cussing teenagers
surrounding it, it's also the strangest. I think I definately would have got lost if
Chelsea hadn't been there, guiding me. "Okay, so this is basically like every other
High School on the planet." She said. She pointed to a group of girls in mini skirts.
"Those are the Cheerleaders, who rule the school along with the Jocks." she
explained. I nodded. "Then there are the Goths, Science Club and Artsy Group." She
pointed to the three other groups on the school lawn. The Goths looked dangerous, the
Science Club looked freakily smart and  the Artsy Group looked...happy. I sense some
drugs in their group. Better keep away. I nodded and sighed. "Soo...where do we fit
in?" "Nowhere," She replied. "We're too normal to join the CheerLeaders, not stupid
enough to join the Jocks, never had a criminal record so there goes Goths, noone can
keep up with anything the Science Club says, and the Artsys scare me. That leaves the
Losers, but even their too cool for us." "We should start a new Clique. The "Mac n
Cheese ass kickers" it'll be legendary" I said. "I don't think anyone will want to
join a food club," Chelsea said. She opened the door for me and lead me into the
halls. "That's okay. I've also got "Gimme a friggen lollipopers," and "The Sneakers".
Both are very catchy" She shook her head. We walked by people, ignoring the extremely
loud noises they were making. On the bus, we discovered that our lockers were five
lockers apart, but two of them weren't being used. We ditched our stuff inside and
made our way to the first class we had together, Geography. We got in ten seconds
before the bell rang and found two empty seats in the back of the room. "So, does
anything interesting ever happen in hear?" I asked. "We can make something
interesting if you want, babe." A voice said from behind me. I turned and found a guy
with spiky blond hair standing dangerously close to me. He winked and gave my bum a
slap. I was about to tear his face off and use it as a napkin, when Chelsea sighed.
"Quit pissing Becky off, Dillon. Do you really have to do that with all my friends?"
The boy smirked and pulled away. "Let me have some fun, Chelly. None of the girls
have been very pretty lately." He said. Chelsea rolled her eyes. "No, none of the
girls that had were insane enough to come near you and your fab three have been very
pretty. Becky is sane." I glanced between te two, confused. "You two...know each
other?" I asked. The boy, Dillon, nodded. "Wittle Chelsea is my cousin. She's the
luckiest girl on earth" He said and turned to walk away. Chelsea shook her head.
"We've been trying to convince him to take his pills, but he just won't"
Last edited: 19 May 2008

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