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MidnightRain (Chapter one)Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 April 2008
11:28:39 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1

	I'm dreaming the same dream i always dream the one were I'm a little girl running
with my uncle while im asking "uncle were are we going why is mama and papa not
coming..why were they not waking up? Uncle UNCLE!" just then hear people yelling then
i black out.
	As a wake up in a cold sweat once again, i look at the clock as it says 6:30 in bid
red blinking letters."Ugh..i have to go to my first day of my new school".Then only
bad thing about being a 16 year old that lives alone is that its very lonely. Walking
to school sucks but just in a few more days that will stop when i turn 17 and get my
license. Walking onto the school ground was horrible. Everybody was staring at
me..like i was a new toy,new meat. I started to feel claustrophobic so i ran into the
main office,and asked for my schedule. When i got into the office a pale pudgy woman
was the re she had red what seem to be a wig hair..and wore a sea foam green dress
dress."whats the matter dear?" the old pudgy woman said."Um I'm new here and i was
wondering if i could get my schedule." 
"Oh you must be Rain Lyric, you know everybody has been talking about you." What is
she talking about i am new to this town and school why would people be waiting for
"Um how do people know about me already...i just came to this school." i said in
"well you see dear this is a very small town and a very small school of only 364 kids
so news about something or someone new gets around quite quickly." she said in a
truthful smiling tone.
"oh.." well this is just fucking lovely it should be interesting to hide my "special
differences" in a small town like this...ugh this is just brilliant.
she handed me the schedual and said "have a good first day" in a hopeful voice. i
left the office looking over my schedule...."hmmm lets see"
*American history
*environmental science
*French III
*algebra II
*drawing II
well..at least my to favorite classes are at the en- "ooph... who the hell" thats
when i saw him in all his terrifying beauty his flawless skin his jet black hair
silver almost glowing eyes and his full lips with two lip piercings....he looked at
me for quite awhile with a vexed yet bewildered look in his eyes.."watch were your
going ..if you bump into the person you could get your self in trouble" he said with
a smile like he knew something i didn't but he said it in a bitter tone like i did
something horrible to him. But what i noticed the most was his British accent.

Page 2

"I'll try not to" i said in a venomous tint to my voice which he caught and just
smiled and walked away.
As i walked into first period everyone just stared at me i started to feel
claustrophobic again and broke out into a cold sweat so i just sat in the back in
hopes that they wouldn't be able to see me yet they all still managed to. Just to my
amazing fucking luck the teacher Mr.Heatous wanted me to introduce my self.
"Go on tell s about your self and your name."he said interested to know about me like
i was a shiny new toy they wanted to figure out. "sigh."
"my name is Rain Lyric....I am an only child and live alone."i said in a monotone
voice. They all gasped at the 'i live alone part' then one brave student asked
"um..not to be rude but why do you live alone...?" he said in a curious tone.
"sigh" again."I live alone be cause my adopted parents..yes i was adopted ,died when
i was in school over the summer and my only care taker which you all know to be my
uncle mustang is over seas right know and wont be back for a few years." i hope that
satisfied  there curiosity.
"oh....I'm sorry ..i didn't know..." the student said in a apologetic tone.
"its ok...u were just curious dont feel bad" poor kid he probably feels horrible
right now.
As i made my way back to my seat i gave the kid a smile and sat behind him.
i tried to slyly pass him a note that said 'Hi ..don't feel bad about it by the way
whats your name?' i waited for the response ..when then he was tapping on my knee
with the paper as i opened it i noticed he had drawen a picture of a stick figure
bowing down saying hes not worthy and was sorry ....hehe this kids funny," im really
really sorry i made you bring up your parents really really sorry, oh and im Bruce
nice to meet you Rain." Just then the bell rang and i went off into my next
class...the day went by in a blur until lunch when i saw two asshole jocks messing
with Bruce and poured milk on him. Who does that bastard think he is?! Just then a
chair flew threw the air and hit the jock in the back...."oh god what did i just do"
i said to myself. This is wonderful my first day here and my powers are already
acting up. 
"WHO THE FUCK THREW THAT CHAIR?!?!" the jock said outraged.
No one dared to answer so he just started to torment Bruce again so before my anger
made my powers go off i went over to the jock."Why the fuck are you messing with
"Hey sexy don't worry about this loser why don't me and you get a room and you can
suck my dick." he said in a cocky voice 
"I'm sorry but my mother always told me never to put small things in my mouth and
besides if hes the loser then why am i helping him and horribly rejecting you?" i
said with venom in my voice
when out of no were all the girls cheered me on and went ohhhhhh!!!!!
his face started to turn blood red and he became pissed. 
"Oh whats the matter big bad jock are you speechless cause its true?" i said smiling
"Seems like someones ego just got smaller then his package." He just walked away
angered and bewildered.
“Thanks Rain...God I feel like such a loser.” he said ashamed

page 3

“No problem its what friends do for each other.” I winked at him and smiled
“Really no ones has ever wanted to be my friend before cause I'm the freaky genius
kid.” he said smiling. 
“No Bruce I'm lying because i just want to crash your hopes then laugh after wards.”
i said very sarcastically.
“Oh... Ok I understand..” he sad dejected
“Wow for a boy genius your an idiot... hehe I was being sarcastic.” i said laughing
“Oh...OH ..WOW I feel stupid right now.” he sad embarrassed
Just then a blonde girl came up to me “Your Rain right..the new girl?”
“Ummmm... Yes?....Why?” i asked curiously
“Well you see i think your pretty cool telling off Rob like that..and i was wondering
if you'd want to come to my party this weekend.” she said happily.
“Um...Sure but only if Bruce can come to.” 
She looked at him and grimaced.  Then fake smiled back at me.“ Really?...Um ok ...”
“Alright well be there.” i said smiling. She walked away disgusted i think at the
fact Bruce was going to her party, but oh well she'd deal with it.
“Wanna go sit with me?” i said to him. “ Of course.” He said happily.

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