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May Be the Coolest Survery EverCategory: Survey/Tests/Fill-Me-Outs
Sunday, 16 March 2008
10:12:45 PM (GMT)
Name: R*****pearl * ****** but people just call me R*****
Nickname: Kikki, Peach
Present Town: Secret!
Screenname: PeachPearlPudding

 .:Do you :.

Own your house: Nope
Have any pets: My fishie died. D;
Have any siblings: One little sis!
Have a Boyfriend: No...o_0
Have a crush: Used second grade. I'm in fifth grade now. XD
Have a Best Friend: Yesh
Own a TV: Sorta, yeah. ^^
Have Boobs: Erm..Pass!
Sleep naked: No...I'd get cold. DX
Sleep walk/talk: I sleep fall. xD

.: Have you ever :.

Sat in gum: No.
Been kissed in the rain: By my mom..?
Danced in public: Nope.
Smiled for no reason: Sorta.
Laughed so hard you cried: A few times...
Pee'd your pants: Yeah. xD
Written a song: Almost.
Sung in the shower: Yup!! XD
Performed on stage: Sorta..
Looked in the mirror every time you passed it: Depends. *arches eyebrow*
Kissed your mum in public: Erm...Yah.
Held your dad's hand when you were scared: I...can't remember..
Tripped someone right after you helped them off of the floor: Heheh....

.: Who was the last person who :.

Said hi to you: I don't think anyone's ever said hi to me.
Kissed you: My sister. xD Cute wittle ittle baby waby!
Hugged you: Sister..
Told you they loved you: Erm......
Said +F word+ You, +B word+: Never. I've said F word before.
Wrote you a note:....I can't remember. XD
Took your picture: Myself, with my cell. ^^"
You called: Mom, I think.
Called you: Mom, but I didn't answer. Phone didn't ring. XD
Went to the cinema with you: I zunno.
Sang to you: My mom, when I was a little baby. I think.
IMed you: Nunya.
You wrote a poem to: No one..
.: What's the last... :.

Time you cried: A few days ago when I watched this YouTube video...DON'T MAKE ME
Time you laughed: I dunno know.
Book you read: Either manga or The Outsiders
Food you ate: Fruit.
Flavour of gum you chewed: Sour...Very, oh so...Sour.
Shoes your wore: Puma.
Store you went in: Walgreens.
Thing you said: "I dunno."
Time you looked at the time: I dunno. Jeez, now I'm tempted, thanks a lot!
Film you watched: Erm....Can't remember.
Joke you told: Last month.
Song you sang: A Naked Brothers Band song...Something with "I don't wanna go to
.: Can you :.

Write with both hands: Nooo.
Whistle: Sorta...
Blow a bubble with gum: Yah.
Cross your eyes: Yes. ^^
Touch your tongue to your nose: Nope.
Dance: Nope.
Stay up all night without any sleep: Yes!
Speak a different language: Sorta..
Impersonate someone: sister?
Prank call people: Tried to.
Make a card house: Nope. I'm untalented.
Cook: Nope. xD
Sing: Noooooooooooooo.
Love: Besides pumping blood, what's my heart's purpose?
Say your ABC's backwards: Z...That's all.
Hop on one foot & keep your balance: Yes!

.: Finish the line :.

If I were a/n: bird
-- I'd: be freeeeee~
My Best Friend is: I have two.
So many people don't know that: my real name has 11 letters.
My Boyfriend is: no one.
Stolen from: Miki-chama


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