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Amg Annoying girl in my Homeroom.Category: School issues
Thursday, 13 March 2008
08:08:48 PM (GMT)
K'so if your gonna read this DONT get angry at me x_x 

There is this girl named Bob (made up name) and she Really Anoys me cause she does
things just to be called "emo" she cute her arm and then showed everyone like "Look
what i did" and then when people call her emo she laughs and says shut up. She has
like 5 boyfriends EVERY week and dumps them all and then 2 days later she goes back
out with them preteding to be depressed and One day she came on Msn and started
calling my best friend  dipsh*t so i got REALLY annoyed and asked my friend if i
could join the conversation and well we had a whole fight where i said It doesnt
matter how popular you are it only matters if your friends are really loyal and her
response was that me and my friend were "Dirty Skank Fags who should take showers."
which made no sense. Then 2 days lter she said "ar you mad at me?" and i said no
because i didnt want to be rude. And then like she asked me why i BLOCKED her i said
i dunno. I dont really know what to do because now that im in Industrial Arts me and
her have to clean the same room when its near over as our job and its gonna be REALLY
awkward! also.. I dont know how to break up with my boyfriend and i REALLY dont want
to be the one who breaks up with HIM because i dont want to seem like a bad person
and its his birthday today. Also i like some other person which makes it VERY
difficult.. i just wrote a VERY long Diary entry e_e im not used to doing this..

Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   13 March 2008   223273  
That sounds like a girl I know...
And she does the exact same things.
Except she doesn't have a Msn XD
All she does is go 'I cut!!' even though we all know it's her cat.
And then she'll be like 'I'm emo!' then next second she'll be all like
'I'm not emo!'...
Ugh, it's just really annoying!!
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   13 March 2008   492226  
So to the point, I know your pain.
‹♠♠› says:   13 March 2008   965677  
hey at least you know that she isnt your friend
i know a girl lik that........she used to be my bff -_-
good thing you  caught her early on.....just dont become her friend
Hannah_12 says :   14 March 2008   954612  
i was her friend for a bit o__o and she kept asking me over and over
again who i liked and then when i finally told her she told another
one of her annyoing friends.


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