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Katie Chapter 7Category: horror story
Sunday, 27 January 2008
11:41:16 AM (GMT)
She ahd spent most of her time in her room. Sam began to get worried.
"Are you okay?" He asked, knocking on her door.
"Would you care?" Katie shouted at him. She flew to the door and opened it sharply.
Her eyes were nearly pure black and her lips were swollen.
"It's your mother's funeral tomorrow. Are you going?"
"What type of question is that, of course i'm going! It's my fault she's dead in the
first place." Katie sobbed again, Sam tried to put his arm around her. "NO!" She
screamed and the whole house shook. "You're nothing to me." And she slammed the door
"I'm sorry!" Sam shouted through the door.
"I couldn't care less!" Katie screamed and stared at her computer. She ahd recieved
an e-mail from Kent yesterday and had read over 15 times...  A smell of cooked
chicken wafted through the room. Katie forgot she ahs angry at her dad, especially if
he was making cooked chicken, she opened her door and bounced down the stairs, only
Sam wasn't making cooked chicken, he was making prawn sweet and sour. Katie inhaled
the smell. Definatly cooked chicken. "Can you smell that?" She asked Sam.
"The prawns? Yeah, delicious, aren't they?"
"No! Cooked chicken!" Katie shreiked and stormed off and slammed her bedroom door.
"Wait a minute... Sammii and Sanya have really tanned legs... Cooked chicken..." The
next clue! "But how?" Katie asked, pacing up and down her room.
"Hey Katie..."
"What? Adam?" Katie asked spinning round and screamed.
"Braaaaiiiiinnnnssss." Adam said walking up to her.
"Jesus! You scared the life outta me!" Katie shouted throwing a cushion at Adam.
"Wait a minute." Katie jumped all of a sudden.This startled Adam. "Cooked chicken."
She wrote down cooked chicken. "Sammii and Sanya! Zombies! Adam? When did they open
that Zombie farm down south?"
"Last week."
"Do they like cooked chicken?"
"Hell yeah! But why?"
"I think my friends are in danger." Katie said. The zombie farm was a genetically
modified person farm, they had being trying to clone humans for week,s but they
always came up blood-thirsty or meat-hungry. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Why
didn't I see it before! First it was mum, the Selena then Lobo! They all died with
something to do with love...."
"Eh?" Adam asked.
"Mum, killed by you, thank you very much! Selena, had a crush on the boy with the
blue t-shirt, Lobo, modeling- sorry-" She began to laugh. "A red silk dress for his
sister. Love! Who does Sammii and Sanya love?"
"Themselves." Adam joked.
"What!?" Katie asked.
"Themsleves and thier legs, have you seen them it looks like they've-"
"Been cooked! Of course Adam! You're a genius!" She kissed him on the cheek and ran
towards the Zombie Farm. Adam lightly touched his cheek.
"Gross!" He said, disgustedly, and walked out.

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