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A girl name Yuki Chapter 1 Part 4: Taco WackoCategory: A girl named Yuki
Sunday, 11 November 2007
06:24:38 PM (GMT)
uhhhh okay! last time you left off while Yuki and Raina were eating lunch and there
was this whole twist with Neko and Yuki....Yuki actually expiriences her first
butterflies!!!!!! but she doesnt really know that they are
butterflies....anywho..Neko has arranged a date with Yuki at the taco place and its
happening right.............after school....here we go...oh and here's a pic of neko
and yuki.....nah its too good...i'll give you it during the skit/story!

*Yuki and raina are finishing lunch as yuki glances over at Neko and smiles*
Yuki: I wonder why his name is Neko.....It doesnt go well......i mean.......it does
Raina: Why....what does Neko mean?
Yuki : It means wild cat.....or just cat....or something.....
Raina: That totally describes him!
Yuki: Im not following.....
Raina: You dont need to....
*Neko walks over*
Neko: dont forget tonight.....6:00pm
Yuki: I am way far from forgetting!
*Bell rings and Yuki DOESNT jump up*
Raina: wow thats the first bell you didnt jump up to......
Yuki: uh huh *still staring into Neko's eyes*.....
Raina: Yuki?....the bell?
Yuki: Of course it is Ms. Raina!...*realizes* Oh goodness! THE BELL!!!! *runs out of
the cafeteria*
Raina: Wait! Yuki! Nice seeing you Neko....*walks out into the hall*
Yuki: *runs back in* Goodbye Mr. Neko. Until tonight....*runs away*
Neko: no hug......? thats okay.......i still got it....*swoops his hair back*

Later at 5:50pm
Yuki: Father, I'm going out until 7:30pm tonight.
Juro: Where might you be going?
Yuki: With a friend I met at school today!
Juro: Im glad you're making new friends......Have fun*hugs Yuki*
Yuki: Thank you.....*goes outside and sits on the porch as Neko comes up*
Neko: Ready to go?
Yuki: *shakes head* Definately...*secretly pounds herself in the stomach to still

At Wacko's Tacos...
Neko: are you enjoying it?
Yuki: Oh yessssssssss it is soooooooooo wonderfully illuminating! *people stare at
Yuki from afar*
Neko: Im glad you like it! Slow down.......i want to give you something.....
*Neko reaches in his pocket and pulls out a rose shaped box*
Yuki: Is this a trick or something silly?
Neko: OH, definately not......
Yuki: *stares in amazement as he opens the box.....* It's

YOU'LL HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN: A girl named Yuki Chapter 1 Part 5: Neko's

cherrystrawberry says:   11 November 2007   824476  
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! >:O why must you make me suffer!!!!!!????? i
want more!!!!write more write more!!!!!
‹CuzImNiceLykeDat<3› says:   11 November 2007   796411  
i_silverdragon94 says:   16 November 2007   173686  
‹CuzImNiceLykeDat<3› says :   26 March 2011   426326  
LOL i was like NOOOOO!!!!


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